Meddling Kids: And They Would Have Gotten Away With It … 8/3/15


Every week at we bookmark many stories of police abuse, corruption and brutality; as well as other stories of an entire justice system gone awry. Unfortunately we do not get to write about all of them in detail due to time constraints. Yet we often feel like we forgot something at the end of […]

Rohnert Park [CA] Cop Pulls Gun On Man for Filming Him (Video)

rohnert park california police

A man sees a cop meandering near his home. He has already had problems with these people before. So he does the rational thing and pulls out his phone and starts recording. The cop, on the other hand, does not do the rational thing. After a few minutes he exits his car, demanding that the […]

National City Police Officer Slams Disabled Man to Ground & Punches Him

National City Police Abuse Disabled

*The following post was submitted using’s Submission tab by Sergio Rodriguez.* On 2/13/2015 I was in National City in San Diego County. I was traveling south on Hoover, trying to cross over, but the intersection was blocked due to a DUI/drivers license checkpoint a couple blocks away. The police department blocked the street to stop […]

SFPD Shoot Unarmed Man, Invent New Excuse ‘Turned On Me’

SFPD Shoot Unarmed Man 'turned on me'

As the oft-repeated and increasingly evidence-refuted claim that police shooting victims ‘had a gun‘ or some other weapon is losing credibility with the public, police seem to be coming up with new justifications for use of excessive force. Earlier this year in Des Moines, Iowa police shot and killed Ryan Bolinger for ‘walking with a […]

Fresno Police Officer is Straight UP Pimpin!


Robert Knight, a Fresno Police Officer, has resigned after an investigation into his relationship with Bunny Ranch Sex worker was launched based on a craigslist ad. Officer Knight was answering emails, and setting up Alicia Stapleton, or “Allie Marie” with clients here in Fresno. Stapleton worked at the world famous Bunny Ranch, and appeared on the […]

LAPD Uses Questionable Tactics on Wheelchair-Bound Man (VIDEO)


The LAPD is once again in the spotlight with the release of a recent video showing nearly a dozen officers using tasers, bean bag shots (fired from a shotgun), and physical force on a wheelchair-bound man late last week. It’s unclear which officers used what means of ‘non-lethal’ force, but the question being asked now is, […]

CopBlocking LA with Tom Zebra

cop blocking

While I was in LA for an Immortal Technique concert, I was lucky enough to meet up with Tom Zebra and Cop Block the LA area with a local legend. I think it’s crazy that Tom Zebra has been filming the police since the early 2000’s. He started with a Sony camcorder and it wasn’t long […]

Santa Maria Police Tackle, Cuff and Detain Innocent Civilian

detain innocent civilian

The following video and story were submitted to us via the Submission Page by Waylon Sweat Date of Incident: 7-18-2015 Law Enforcement Agency: Santa Maria (CA) PD Contact Agency: 805 928-3781 I am reporting a crime: Today at around 3:00pm I witnessed an SMPD officer tackle a man from behind in front of the Santa […]

California Cop Terrorizes Multiple Cyclists On Narrow Road (Video)

CA Cop Terrorizes Cyclists

On Saturday, July 11th, multiple cyclists were nearly struck by a California Highway Patrol officer on a narrow, country road. Two of those cyclists were Ken Adams and Curtis McPherson. They were able to capture their encounter with the officer on video. According to McPherson, he and Adams were traveling on the right side of the road […]

New Gun Control Proposal Would Require Videotaping of Sales, Tracking of Ammo


A new gun control proposal in San Francisco would force all sales of guns and ammo to be videotaped. In addition, it would force permit holders to submit detailed records of any ammunition they sell to the San Francisco Police Department. Supervisor Mark Farrell submitted the proposal calling for legislation to be drawn up by […]