California Cops Attempt To Bar Video Release Of Unarmed Man Killing

Bike killing

Police organizations in L.A. County and elsewhere in California are attempting to thwart the release of dash-cam footage showing Gardena officers seriously wounding an unarmed man and killing another in 2013. According to court records, the Los Angeles County Police Chief’s Association, California Police Chiefs’ Association, California State Sheriffs’ Association and California Peace Officers’ Association, […]

Fresno Police Exhibit Lack Of Transparency with Cop Block

fresno cops display lack of transparncy

In-between court appearances for allegedly vandalizing the Fresno Peace Officers Memorial, I noticed a city bus stopped with flashers, and an FPD cruiser pulling up behind it. I ran through a quick set of scenarios in my head before turning around. Most traffic stops, Ill drive right by. If my mission is to film the […]

ALERT! Fresno Police to Conduct Realistic Training Drill on June 29th


An image circulating social media sites shows that Fresno Police will be conducting a realistic training drill on Monday June 29, 2015. During the training, uniformed officers, and realistic gunfire may be seen and heard. Members of Cop Block Fresno, and the Fresno Liberty Movement will be in the area to observe and report on the police […]

Oklahoma Cop Arrested in Connection with California Teen Disappearance


A 15 year old girl was was found in Las Vegas, NV after a 22 hour investigation involving a California teen, and an Oklahoma police officer. It is believed that Alex Odisha left voluntarily with Danniel Boone Morgan. The authorities searched for the teen, and the cop for 22 hours, believing Morgan to armed. Morgan […]

Man Experiencing Issues Shot to Death by Azusa Police

adrian simental azusa police shooting

On Saturday afternoon Azusa, CA police were called to respond to the bizarre behavior of Adrian Simental, 24, by family members who were concerned for his well-being. He had injured himself and become bloody during his rampage. Before police could arrive the man became even more agitated, possibly becoming a threat to others, and finally braking […]

Cop Block Fresno, CA Cruise Night Outreach


  I hit the streets with another Cop Block Fresno affiliate in our weekly mission to watch and record Blackstone Ave.  We passed out a few flyers to the cruise participants who were available, and even gave some to the police. I am relatively new as a contributor to the Cop Block website, yet I […]

DUI Checkpoints: A Fine Line Between Asserting Your Rights And Non-Compliance

The Checkpoint Contest in One Minute

The following article is brought to us via the submit tab at  Southern California DUI Attorney Matthew Wallin of Wallin & Klarich, discusses a citizen’s rights when he or she is involved in a DUI checkpoint.  He also discusses the rights that the police have and do not have while conducting a stop at […]

South Lake Tahoe Cop Shoots & Kills Unarmed Man At Motel


Earlier this week, on Monday, a South Lake Tahoe, California Police Officer killed an unarmed man at the Tahoe Hacienda Inn. The unnamed officer reported to the hotel to investigate after police had received a call of a woman screaming in her room. Kris Jackson, 22, was with the woman in the room when police […]

Two Fresno Police Officers Found Not Guilty in Excessive Force Case

2 Fresno police officers trial In 2010, two Fresno police officers were dispatched to disperse non paying customers at Big Mamas restaurant in Fresno CA. When they came across high school student Idalia Morgutia-Johnson a dispute over whether she had ordered anything ensued, and the situation escalated. The partial video of the incident shows one of the officers on top […]

Santa Ana Cops Show Their True Colors In Dispensary Raid


Cops in Santa Ana California showed their true colors, recently, when they attempted to destroy evidence of their crimes. Police raided a dispensary and, when they were finished humiliating the business and it’s customers, destroyed the security system that captured their disgusting behavior. Being the idiots they are, they forgot to destroy ALL the cameras […]