Innocent Bystander Attacked by Police K9 In Fresno, CA

Fresno K9 Attached Innocent Bystander

The Fresno Police Department has a tough time staying out of the news these days. Today, they have once again made headlines after one of their K9 units attacked an innocent bystander. ABC30 Action News reports: A police chase ended at an East Central Fresno intersection Tuesday night. Curious people came out of their homes […]

Justice for Charles Burns

Justice For Charles Burns

Charles Burns was killed in a hail of bullet fire by police in Antioch, California; a killing his family say was unwarranted, and they are demanding justice. The story provided by his families lawyer differs vastly from that being given by officials, prompting the family to seek damages for the wrongful death, as well collusion […]

Breaking: Bakersfield Police Shoot Man in Church Parking Lot

fresno police shooting

A man shot by the Bakersfield PD in a church parking lot after allegedly trying to hit officers with his car, is expected to live. Bakersfield Police Sgt. Jeff Saso said officers were called out to the Believers in Jesus church in the 600 block of Planz Road just after 7 p.m. Sunday to investigate […]

Fresno CopBlocker, Brian Sumner, Appears in Local News Segment

Brian Sumner

CBS 47 recently did an investigative pieces on filming the police and the growing trend of police accountability  in the Fresno area, see video below. Brian Sumner, Fresno CopBlocker, was one of two people in the segment that highlights those who film police. From CBS47: Skepticism of law enforcement has received high-profile attention across the country, […]

Clovis, California Police Accused of Excessive Force

Clovis Police Excessive Force

Police in Clovis, California are facing a lawsuit stemming from accusations of excessive force during a public drunkenness arrest. Video of the incident appears to corroborate the accusations made by arrestees Travis and Justin Smith and their lawyer, Jeff Hammerschmidt. According to KFSN TV Fresno: [Police delivered] A shot to the head and a knee […]

LAPD “Justify” Shooting Unarmed Man Despite Chiefs Doubts

Brendon Glenn Memorial

Los Angeles, CA – Brendon Glenn, a very well known and well liked man in the Venice Beach area, is now dead after an encounter with LAPD officers on Cinde De Mayo. Brendon was described by friends as a “peace maker” who “talked about peace and love all the time” Known as ‘Drizzle’ to his friends, he had […]

Jose Ceja-Villa Killed By Police On January 15, 2015


Jose Ceja-Villa was killed by police on January 15, 2015 in Fairfield, CA. Mr. Ceja-Villa had previously been living with his wife Alicia Ceja-Avila and their two children, ages 3 and 4, in Lakeport, CA, for some 6 years. However, in January of 2015, Mr. Ceja-Villa was temporarily separated from Ms. Ceja-Avila and was staying with his […]

Police Tackle, Pepper Spray Man Attempting To Charge Electric Car

Justin Palmer

A Santa Monica, CA man arrested by city police while attempting to charge his electric car has filed an excessive force lawsuit alleging he was tackled and pepper-sprayed after refusing to show his ID. Video recorded by a concerned bystander shows the tail end of the April 21 interaction in which 36-year-old father of four, Justin […]

“Fresno Police Focus on Building Relationships, not Making Arrests” – Fact or Fiction?


“In Fresno, police focus on building relationships, not making arrests“, is the original headline of an article published by Washington Post on May 7, accompanied with cheesy photos of the chief of police posing for selfies and laughing with children. The first paragraph reads: The toddler had just finished having his face painted bright red […]

Brendon Glenn: Even Black Cops are Getting in on the Fun of Killing Unarmed Black Men Now


Brendon Glenn is the most recent unarmed black man to be shot dead by the police. A peace loving and well liked homeless black man, Glenn was doing his thing in Venice California near the boardwalk when someone decided to call the police on him for panhandling. When the police came and started bullying him, […]