Cop Crashes Cruiser in to Parked Car Tackles Citizen from Behind

Old Man Fight

This gem of a video popped up a few hours ago on Facebook where the poster tagged us here at Cop Block. They don’t get much better than this! Picture the scene: a beautiful summer day in Portland Maine, jazz music in the background, you’re walking along and suddenly you hear “I’m fixin’ to knock your […]

Nevada Medical Marijuana Patient Freed by Jury Nullification

Steven Ficano Jury Nullification

After nearly three years of legal limbo, Steven Ficano, a 65 year old medical marijuana patient, was finally set free by an act of jury nullification last month. On May 29, Ficano was found not guilty of two felony counts for possessing too much marijuana. He faced over ten years in prison if he had […]

What To Do When Encountering a DUI Checkpoint


Submitted by Guest Writer Arkady Bukh  When many people are stopped by the police, common sense flies out the window. They do, and say, things that only give law enforcement an excuse to question them more. Learning the law and knowing your rights can make the difference between going home at night or spending the night in jail […]

R.I.P. James “Jimmy” Higgins of Virginia Cop Block – By Nathan Cox

Jimmy Higgins

Note: This is a crosspost, which was originally published at, about the tragic and untimely death of James “Jimmy” Higgins, a longtime member of Virginia Cop Block. Toward the bottom, there is information for a vigil being held in his honor, which is scheduled for March 23. In addition, there is also a link […]

Drama Ensues after Binghamton Officer Flees Scene of Accident


On February 5th 2015, Officer Kristi Sager of The Binghamton Police Department crashed into a parked car and fled the scene of the accident, allegedly smelling of alcohol.  She was subsequently suspended on February 11th, and is fighting to get her job back. Sager claims that she did not drink that night and simply slid off […]

THP: Trooper deliberately drove past fatal wreck after chase by Matt Lakin

The trooper grabbed his gear and ran to the blazing car — not to save a life, but to put on a show. “I got out and got my fire extinguisher just to make it look good,” Trooper Charles Van Morgan told Tennessee Highway Patrol investigators. “I knew he was dead, but you, you got […]