Chicago Police Detain, Assault, Release Innocent Man

police detain innocent man

Too frequently we are faced with dealing with overzealous, egotistical cops that have no regard for the safety of citizens or the oath to the Constitution that they are sworn to uphold. In a video released on Sunday July 5th, an incident is shown in which a Chicago Police officer attempts to intimidate a man […]

Pregnant Bystander: Officer Punched Me In Stomach, Called Me “Black Bitch”

pregnant punch

An eight months pregnant Chicago woman says an unidentified city police officer punched her in the stomach after she laughed at him for letting a suspect get away. Nicola Robinson said she was standing outside with neighbors on Friday evening when three officers ran past in pursuit of a suspected drug dealer. After the officers […]

Police State Monday: Cops Shoot Bystander Charge Suspect With Her Murder, Police Checkpoints To See If You’re Holding Your Cellphone, And Much More


  Every Monday, the Angel Clark Show is dedicated to highlighting police abuses. Today Angel discussed:   [spreaker type=standard width=100% autoplay=false episode_id=4917381]   Cops Kill Innocent Bystander, But Charge Suspect They Were Trying To Shoot With Her Murder A Florida man is facing charges of First Degree Murder after police in Orlando tried to shoot him but killed an […]

Chicago Police


Victor Taglia shared this post for the second portion of the Bitcoin-Fueled Content Contest. The Chicago Police department has decided to stop responding to select 911 calls. Apparently, they will not be responding to calls such as “criminal damage to property, vehicle thefts, garage burglaries, or other crimes in which the suspect is no longer on […]

Man Alleging Police Torture Released From Prison


This article was written by Don Babwin of Associated Press and published on on December 11,  2013. Stanley Wrice’s release from the prison came a day after Judge Richard Walsh overturned his conviction, saying officers lied about how they had treated Wrice. CHICAGO — A man who for decades insisted that Chicago police tortured him until he confessed to […]

Chicago Police Corruption and Their Enablers: Prosecutors and Judges


Rick Pandolfi writes, via’s submit page: On April 2, 2010 Chicago Police Officers Lisa Eitel and David Syfczak broke into a home on the north side of Chicago with the declared intention of robbing the home. Eitel and Syfczak found the home owners in the dwelling and arrested the man of the house, they […]

‘Snatch’ that ID back? That’s an assault and a ride to jail. All on film.

Some poor Joe Citizen, getting ticketed for being outside in the dark, or some similar offense, ‘snatched’ his ID back from the thug-in-blue. Joe then found himself slammed into the shuttered storefront and handcuffed on his way to jail. Imagine the violence if it hadn’t been filmed. Submitted by Gordon Freeman via’s submission tab. […]

Turning the tables on the cops

I am happy to see a pro 2nd amendment group was able to fund a great event with the help of gun buy back program. The name itself gunbuyback is a misnomer. The guns neevr belonged to the city of chicago, they belonged to the CITIZENS, and were meant to protect the citizens from the thugs (the […]

Driven By Drug War Incentives, Cops Target Pot Smokers, Brush Off Victims Of Violent Crime

By Radley Balko via Huffington PostCHICAGO — As Jessica Shaver and I chat at a coffee shop in Chicago’s north-side Andersonville neighborhood, a police car pulls into the parking lot across the street. Then another. Two cops get out, lean up against their cars, and appear to gaze across traffic into the store. At times, […]