$12,000 Goes Missing From Dead Man After Police Wellness Check


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating the Millington Police Department after more than $12,000 in cash came up missing from the property of a dead man. According to court records, $19,962 was found in the Brinkley Street home of Jimmy Wayne Smith in Millington on April 28 after police had been called to the […]

I Am Free To Go! Man Sentenced to 8 Months for “Fleeing” Border Checkpoint

screen shot

Last spring, Florida resident Michael Sophin was traveling through the Texas stretch of a country wide road trip, when he crossed through a border patrol checkpoint on the I-10 just about 20 miles from the Texas/Mexico border. His dash cam, as well as surveillance cameras captured the interaction between Sophin, and border patrol agents. After […]

Civil Asset Seizure Restrictions Now in Effect in Montana and New Mexico


On Wednesday, laws enacted earlier in the year in Montana and New Mexico went into effect, limiting the ability of police and other law enforcement agencies to use civil asset seizure laws within those states. Civil asset seizures, also commonly known as forfeiture laws, have been some of the biggest drivers of police abuses since […]

Civil-Asset-Forfeiture Builds $4.1M Police Station In Town Of 7000

MS police station

A small Mississippi town of just around 7,033 residents, has built a new $4.1 million police station, equipped with a top-level training center and a fleet of Dodge Charger patrol cars. Funded solely from civil forfeitures of property and cash seized during traffic stops, officials in the town of Richland, located south of Jackson on I-20 […]

Police Seize Life Savings From Man Because He Had It In A Shopping Bag


*Originally posted at OffTheGridNews.com by Daniel Jennings* Simply carrying a large amount of cash in a grocery sack in your car is now sufficient grounds for a police officer to seize your money, a US circuit court has ruled. A panel of the Eighth US Circuit Court of Appeals found that all a deputy has […]

Des Moines Register Suggests Iowa Asset Forfeiture System Is A ‘System of Legal Thievery’

Iowa Civil Asset Forfeiture

In a recent investigation into the asset forfeiture laws of Iowa and how they are being applied, the Des Moines Register has uncovered some very disturbing facts. These are some of the Registers findings: • Law enforcement agencies in all but seven of Iowa’s 99 counties have used the state’s civil forfeiture law since 2009. They […]

When Police Abuse and Kill People, Whose Fault Is It?


When police unjustifiably abuse or kill people, Americans tend side with the police. Occasionally, when the abuse is horribly egregious (such as violence against children or the mentally disabled), Americans are partially awakened to some vague sense of injustice. For instance, most would probably agree Aiyana Jones, a 7-year old, did not deserve to be […]

Police State Monday: School Police Get Grenade Launcher, Cops Beat Terminally Ill Man In Front Of His Children, And MORE


Every Monday, the Angel Clark Show is dedicated to highlighting police abuses. Today Angel discussed: [spreaker type=standard width=100% autoplay=false episode_id=4970264]   Cops Fatally Shoot Man Carrying A Sword, But They Won’t Say Why Police shot and killed a man Wednesday morning who was carrying a samurai sword, but they’re not offering many details about what happened.   Cops Claim […]

Police State Monday: Comprehensive Ferguson Timeline, Mentally-Ill Woman Shot By Police While Holding Cordless Drill, LAPD Beat Another Man To Death, And MUCH MORE


  Every Monday, the Angel Clark Show is dedicated to highlighting police abuses. Today Angel discussed:   [spreaker type=standard width=100% autoplay=false episode_id=4866443]   SCROLL DOWN FOR A COMPLETE FERGUSON TIMELINE        Three Teenagers Created An App To Document Police Abuse Five-O lets users submit the details of any incident of police abuse and rate the specific officer. […]