Zanesville Police Continue Harassment of CopBlocker (UPDATE/VIDEO)

Herb Newton

The regular readers of probably recall Herb Newton, a Zanesville (OH) CopBlocker, who’s controversial method of CopBlocking and arrest for filming police have been blogged about here in the past. It seems that the Zanesville Police department, particularly Officer Tignor, has decided to keep up its harassment of Herb, despite the pending accusations of tampering […]

Columbus OH Cop Shoots Toddler


Yesterday, June 19, 2015 a Columbus OH officer, Jonathan Thomas, went to a home in Whitehall OH (a city within Columbus) to take a report about an incident involving a traffic incident that occurred in the city of Columbus. This is how it went, as we currently know: CPD officer arrived at a home on […]

Update: Whitehall Cop and Pregnant Shoplifter Abuse Video


In a recent story,  we reported that a pregnant woman was assaulted by an undercover officer at the Whitehall, Ohio Walmart. It turns out, we were badly informed. It’s pretty crappy, but it does happen. The man who originally reported this for us provided the information he was supplied, this is not a me versus […]

Two Fresno Police Officers Found Not Guilty in Excessive Force Case

2 Fresno police officers trial In 2010, two Fresno police officers were dispatched to disperse non paying customers at Big Mamas restaurant in Fresno CA. When they came across high school student Idalia Morgutia-Johnson a dispute over whether she had ordered anything ensued, and the situation escalated. The partial video of the incident shows one of the officers on top […]

Santa Ana Cops Show Their True Colors In Dispensary Raid


Cops in Santa Ana California showed their true colors, recently, when they attempted to destroy evidence of their crimes. Police raided a dispensary and, when they were finished humiliating the business and it’s customers, destroyed the security system that captured their disgusting behavior. Being the idiots they are, they forgot to destroy ALL the cameras […]

Thousands Take to Chicago Streets for Blackhawks Celebration

Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Victory Riot

Just hours ago, thousands took to the streets of Chicago for the aftermath of the Stanley Cup Championship.  Shortly after the game had ended, the stadiums of people flooded the streets and bars in search of celebration. The Chicago Blackhawks won the cup, once again. It should also be noted that a tornado warning had been issued for […]

Good Cop Watches Bad Cop Illegally Search Car.


While out cop blocking a DUI checkpoint in Fresno, 2 motorcycle cops pulled over a man driving a white Mercedes for making a U-turn at the intersection before the entrance of the checkpoint. It was revealed that he was driving on a suspended license, hence the potential apprehension to enter an area where you are […]

Justice For Ryan Bolinger


BELOW IS A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE WRONGFUL DEATH OF RYAN BOLINGER BY VANESSA MILLER OF THE DES MOINES (IA) POLICE DEPARTMENT On June 9th, 2015 Ryan Bolinger stopped his car next to the squad car of Ian Lawler, who was on an unrelated traffic stop, and got out to start dancing. Bolinger’s car was so […]

MO Trooper “Disciplined” for Speaking Out About Brandon Ellingson Drowning Death


For over a year, there has been concern and an ongoing investigation into the drowning death of Brandon Ellingson (20 yrs) from Clive, IA at The Lake of the Ozarks, MO. while in custody of MO Hwy Patrol Officer Anthony Piercy. After an internal investigation was quickly completed and Officer Piercy found “Not Guilty” of […]

When There Are No Cameras: The Case Of Aaron Parrish


Proponents of filming police understand the vital importance of recording police interactions. Not all members of the public have the same appreciation for such tactics, however. Those who encourage filming police encounters often point to gruesome, horrifying abuse committed on camera and question how much more reprehensible police behavior would be in the absence of video, […]