Fresno CopBlocker, Brian Sumner, Appears in Local News Segment

Brian Sumner

CBS 47 recently did an investigative pieces on filming the police and the growing trend of police accountability  in the Fresno area, see video below. Brian Sumner, Fresno CopBlocker, was one of two people in the segment that highlights those who film police. From CBS47: Skepticism of law enforcement has received high-profile attention across the country, […]

All Six Former Philadelphia Police Officers Found Not Guilty (REALLY)


Nearly three weeks ago Joshua published a post titled, “Philadelphia Police Involved in a Shitstorm of Heinous Fuckery” where he describes how six (now former) Philadelphia Police Officers were charged with a number of crimes ranging from animal cruelty to receiving stolen property. Just yesterday the trial of these six thugs concluded with a not guilty verdict according […]

Video Shows Fayetteville Police Officer Shooting Black Man in the Back as He Attempts to Flee

download (13)

Recently, a video was released showing Fayetteville Police officer, Aaron Hunt, shooting 22 year old Nijza Lamar Hagans in the back as he attempted to run from a traffic stop in 2013. In the video you can see Hunt next to the driver’s side of the vehicle, when Hagans tries to flee. It appears that […]

Complaint of Misconduct by Medley, Florida Police Officers Falls on Deaf Ears


*The following post was submitted via’s submission tab by David Torres. This post is a letter David sent to the Medley Police Department seeking to file a complaint. He’s never heard back and wanted to share the story publicly.* To the police sergeant I spoke to on Monday, November 10, 2014 at approximately 4:30 P.M.: […]

State Police Attempt to Punish Man at Checkpoint by Towing His Truck (Video)


The video below was sent to via the submisson tab by Scott Marshall who was holding a sign warning people of an upcoming checkpoint. That’s when he realized that Officer Shair, of the PA State police, was attempting to tow his car that was parked on the side of the road and recorded the following […]

Off-Duty Cop Pulls Gun and Assaults Couple, Police Let Him Go Without Charges


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – Janet and Donald Akers were on their way to Jefferson Barracks to visit Janet’s mother’s grave on Mother’s Day.  “I wanted to go there and put some flowers on my mother’s grave . . . but I didn’t make it.” Janet stated after the incident. As soon as they exited I-255 at Telegraph […]

Plain-clothed Deputy Puts Chokehold On Man (VIDEO)


You’re headed off to work and all of a sudden a person walks up to you and says you’re being detained. They flash a badge and tell you to come with them, but you still have no idea what you did. So you pull out your phone and start recording, but the next thing you […]

The Zanesville Police Saga: Stomping Out Freedom of Speech & Lacking Accountability


A little over a week ago, I blogged about Officer Tignor and Moore of the Zanesville (OH) police department, who arrested Herb Newton, life long resident of Zanesville and CopBlocker, for “obstruction of justice.” In that post, I explained how we obtained the footage from the Zanesville Law Director’s Office: It took us nearly three weeks to get […]

North Carolina: Man Dies in Police Custody, Witnesses Claim Cops Used Excessive Force

Michael Gallagher

A North Carolina man died in police custody on Saturday after police responded to a call about a robbery in progress at a florist.  Details aren’t clear, as two very different accounts of what happened are emerging. 55-year-old Michael Tyrone Gallagher died following a confrontation with Lt. Jerry Powell of the Enfield Police Department.  When […]

Jaywalking Tickets; Keeping You Safe After You Safely Cross the Road (VIDEO)


The video above was taken while I was out CopBlocking a checkpoint in Columbus, OH a few weeks ago. While getting some footage at the actual checkpoint, I was notified that my car would be towed from the Speedway parking lot I had parked in. I assume that the police, who were shadowing us that […]