Racine Police Beat And Tase Man


In a shocking video uploaded to social media, Racine, WI, police was caught on camera repeatedly beating and tasing 30-year-old Joshua Ammon. In addition to the five-minute beating, officers appear to allow the K9 to bite the man, in what police often refer to as ‘pain compliance’. The incident started, according to police, when they […]

Autopsy Proves Racist Cop Murdered Unarmed Teen From A Distance


Earlier this year, William Chapman, an unarmed 18-year-old black man, was shot and killed by Officer Stephen Rankin.  According to the officer, the two had been involved in a physical altercation and he claimed that Chapman had knocked his taser from his hands, and he had to kill Chapman because he was “in fear for […]

Arrested And Choked By Police For Saying “F**K The Police”


A shocking new video has been uploaded to social media showing Boston, MA, police violently arresting a man for saying “f**k the police”. The video starts off with an undercover officer attempting to block the view of what’s going on. However, a younger man then appears in the frame saying “f**k the police” – which […]

Mentally Unstable, Road-Raging Police Officer, Has A History of Mental Instability


“I’ll put a hole right through your f—ing head” – those are the words shouted by a mentally unstable police officer at a citizen, not because the citizen was accused of something violent or life-threatening, but merely because he accidentally cut the officer off in traffic. Those threats, along with a barrage of others, were record […]

Angry Cop Threatens Teens For Smiling


An investigation is underway regarding a traffic stop caught on camera. Jose Briones was on his way home when the vehicle he was in was pulled over by Plano Police Officer, Jeff Willis.  During the traffic stop, Officer Willis can be seen yelling and cursing at the young men, and one one point, telling them to stop smiling. […]

UPDATE: Officer Violently Slams Woman To Ground For ‘Arguing’


A few days ago, we posted an article detailing how a woman was violently slammed to the ground for merely arguing with a police officer. That woman, Liz Vargas, has released more information surrounding her encounter with the violent cop. The incident that started over a tinted license plate cover, and resulted in Vargas being left […]

Racist Cop Says You Don’t Have Fifth Amendment Right

Cop Claims No Right to Remain Silent1

Tonight is the first night students are starting to appear back at Northern Illinois University. That translates to a lot of police and a lot of people drinking. This was my first cop watch of the night and, as always, I stood far enough back to be courteous so as not to interfere with their investigation. […]

Video Shows Officer Kick Man In Chest For “Approaching” Him


Video surfaced earlier this week showing a Chickasha, Oklahoma cop kicking a drunk man to the ground after he “approached” the officer and refused to immediately comply with orders to back up. According to police reports, Officer Chad King was responding to a report of someone smashing bottles near a public library and arrived on […]

Always Bully the Bullies (With Your Camera)


I was in Sacramento for the night with my girlfriend, and after coming out of a local establishment I came upon Sacramento Police Officer Michael Hotch #472. It appeared to me as if he was trying to enforce some arbitrary curfew on these people, while they waited for a food handout. I asked the cop […]

Cops Beginning to Boycott Jimmy Johns

Jimmy Johns 1

A Minneapolis cop identified only as “Ray” posted to the Jimmy John’s Facebook page that he would be taking his business elsewhere and that they should be embarrassed. The Jimmy John’s admin, in true cop-sucker fashion, apologized and reiterated the fact that the employee [who refused to serve a cop] had been terminated. The admin […]