NYPD Ordered to Release Pantaleo’s Misconduct Record

Eric Garner Murder Police NY

A New York state court has ruled that the NYPD must release the misconduct records for Officer Daniel Pantaleo. State Supreme Court Justice Alice Schlesinger granted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from the Legal Aid Society. The request was granted on Friday, one year to the date of the death of Eric Garner […]

CopSucker Editorial: Freedom of Speech has Limits


Co-Author Josh Hotchkin I just read the dumbest CopSucker editorial I have ever read in my entire life. I’m serious; I normally try not to swear in my posts, but the cockamamie shit I read, which was written by the Bee Editorial Board, has me dropping F -Bombs like POW BANG POW.  First, who the unfiltered fuck […]

Freedom Activist Shuts Down Former Cop and Soldier


While on his American Campfire Tour, Adam Kokesh was confronted by an aggressive group of proverbial flag wavers, one of which was a former soldier and cop who refused to have an intellectual conversation, but instead was intent on taking Adam outside and beating his ass, as if being able to best Kokesh in mutual […]

Drunk Police SGT’s Wife Will Not Be Charged In Cyclist’s Death – Police Blame Cyclist Instead


MIDDLEBURY, Vt. – Imagine that you just received the news that a loved one was hit and killed by a drunk driver. It’s probably the worst news that anyone could receive, unless of course the murderer is married to a sheriff’s deputy and will walk free.   When officers arrived at the scene of the deadly crash […]

Police and Video Evidence; What’s the Deal?


With the advancements in technology it’s common for nearly every single person to have the ability to record a moment and then share that moment with millions of people almost instantly. From a baby’s first steps, a birthday greeting from afar and so on, any moment can be saved or shared with whomever, thanks to technology. […]

8 ZPD Officers Disciplined Since January; Including One Who Threatened CopBlockers


Back in April (2015) I was spending a decent amount of time in Zanesville, OH doing CopBlock outreach, CopBlocking (see video below), and helping fellow CopBlocker, Herb, get some accountability for his wrongful arrest. Thanks to those efforts, and the rise of Zanesville CopBlock, there are many eyes and ears on the ground in “Z-town” these […]

CopBlock Radio Show 7-15-15


On our most recent show we had a Selectman from Alstead, New Hampshire on CopBlock Radio. He is supportive of CopBlock and is on record as defending gun rights in his community. Chris Reitmann was on hand to discuss a situation at a local pool, whereby a few guys came carrying firearms and were asked […]

“I’m a Law Enforcement Officer, I Can Do That” (Video)


This was sent to us by Michael Picard, via the Cop Block submission page: “I know this isn’t a huge in terms of police misconduct, but nonetheless, police officers are not above the law and police officers should not be able to break the law to enforce it, nor should they be able to selectively […]

California Cop Terrorizes Multiple Cyclists On Narrow Road (Video)

CA Cop Terrorizes Cyclists

On Saturday, July 11th, multiple cyclists were nearly struck by a California Highway Patrol officer on a narrow, country road. Two of those cyclists were Ken Adams and Curtis McPherson. They were able to capture their encounter with the officer on video. According to McPherson, he and Adams were traveling on the right side of the road […]

LEO Affairs Posts “Survival Guide to Dealing with Annoying CopBlockers”


Tonight I got a message from Joshua, a CopBlock Network Contributor and one of the editors here at CopBlock.org, in his message was a link to the article below from the website LEO Affairs. No, this isn’t a place where Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s) go to have affairs, I guess that’s a common misconception, but rather a place […]