Man Shot Four Times By Police Faces Attempted Murder Charges

Police Predator or Protector

In a rather bizarre story, Livingston, LA police went to check on Matthew Peyronnin after ‘a girl’ called them to report that he might hurt himself. When police arrived they failed to announce their presence, offering not even the courtesy of a simple knock on the door. Instead they crept around the house and were then mistaken as burglars by […]

Boston Globe Reporter Identifies Gun Waving Cop (UPDATE)


Today I received an email from Evan Allen, of the Boston Globe, inquiring about the video and post I published titled, “Boston Officer Waves Gun in Videographer’s Face.” After explaining to Evan how I got the video (see above) I sent her the Facebook link to the person, later identified as Brother Lawrence, that I believed […]

“The Anthem” by Bulletproof & The Fool; Exclusively at

"The Anthem" by Bulletproof and The Fool

The video above is a snippet of the new hit single, “the Anthem”, which was just released today by Bulletproof & the Fool – available exclusively at the CopBlock store. Below are details on how to get the song on your computer, smartphone or other device(s). Bulletproof (aka Chris) and the Fool (aka Keith) are hip hop […]

San Jose Police Officer Becomes a Victim of the War On Drugs


Oh the irony of arresting people who freely decide what to put into their bodies and then becoming someone who’s been arrested for providing people with things they want to put in their bodies. That’s the case for San Jose Police Officer, Son H. Vu, 44, who was placed on paid administrative leave in June after […]

In Baltimore, Police Thuggery is the Real Violence Problem


*Originally posted at The American Prospect by NATHALIE BAPTISTE.* An unarmed black person is six times more likely to be killed by police than is a white person who carries a weapon. As cities erupt after decades and centuries of oppression and violence at the hands of police, calls for nonviolence can be deafening. “Violence […]

Police Seize Life Savings From Man Because He Had It In A Shopping Bag


*Originally posted at by Daniel Jennings* Simply carrying a large amount of cash in a grocery sack in your car is now sufficient grounds for a police officer to seize your money, a US circuit court has ruled. A panel of the Eighth US Circuit Court of Appeals found that all a deputy has […]

Meet Jon McCoy, Zanesville Ohio Police Officer


I recently have been spending my time in Zanesville, Ohio thanks to the police officers here who like to cage people for filming them and a judge who caged me for saying “mother fucker.” Since the CopBlocking Zanesville and Meet Herb videos have come out the Zanesville CopBlock Facebook page has been blowing up. Most of the attention is good but […]



The video above was sent to’s email and shows an alleged Boston Police officer, who might be a sargent, approaching a man who was filming a group of cops on a street corner. It seems like a heavy police presence was certainly going on as there are nearly a dozen police officers in the background of this […]

Police Praise Video First; Now Silent as Witnesses Question Official Story (UPDATE)


It seems I spoke too soon when I published this post discussing the Hartford, Connecticut police who praised those who recorded an incident that showed one of their officers in a headlock for 8 seconds. The police were more than willing to discuss the video after it found it’s way onto social media outlets (and sites like CopBlock) using it as […]

The Five Deadliest Police States of 2014


If you had to guess which states had the most per-capita police involved deaths, would you include states like California, Texas, or New York? Or maybe Florida, Missouri, or Washington? Strange as it may seem, although these states do have many police involved deaths, they do not fall within the five deadliest. California has a […]