Mass. Police Department Says It Will No Longer Arrest Drug Addicts

Massachusetts police drug addicts

A police department in Massachusetts says it’s changing its approach when it comes to drug addiction.  Instead of filling the jails, Chief Campanello of the Gloucester Police Department said in a Facebook post that he’s going to offer drug users an alternative. Beginning June 1st, 2015, police in Gloucester, MA will not arrest opiate addicts […]

Marijuana: From Full Prohibition To Total Legalization in Ohio


Ohio could be the first state to go from full prohibition to full legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. According to a post in The Stoners Cookbook: 87% of Ohio Voters Believe Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal   But the amendment to the November ballot is not without pitfalls. Opponents of ResponsibleOhio, The PAC that […]

One in 25 Americans Was Arrested in 2011


========= Multi-Author AdSense ========= Skipped due to there being 3 AdSense ads on this page already ======================================== This post by Radley Balko was originally published at We’ve heard a lot of talk lately about mass incarceration, the stop-and-frisk policies in New York, reforming the drug laws, and mandatory minimum sentencing. There’s also been discussion […]

Tip to all cops: if you feel like murdering someone, be sure to do it on duty and in uniform


========= Multi-Author AdSense ========= Skipped due to there being 3 AdSense ads on this page already ======================================== In the past couple of years, CopBlock has covered a wide range of stories involving police murder.  John Williams, a half-deaf, disabled, hobbling Native American man was basically executed in the streets of Seattle by on-duty officer Ian […]