Claim: Fullerton Cop Falsely Raids Woman Who Shunned Him


The following article contains claims of police abuse sent to us via the Submissions Page by Martin Stevens Date of Incident: July 1, 2015 Officer Involved: Pedrum Gharah, Fullerton Police Department This officer pulled my sister from a club in down Fullerton and demanded her identification and phone number. He called her many times […]

Disgraced NYPD’S “Little Miss Dangerous” Resigns


After her third arrest in only eight months, NYPD Officer Stacey Staniland has resigned from the force.  Her most recent arrest took place on July 1 after an investigation of her smashing her motorcycle into two cars in the West New Brighton section of Staten Island, cops said.  The motorcycle helmet she was wearing read, “Little […]

Lawsuit Claims Baltimore SWAT Planted Evidence, Shot Dogs During Raid


A Baltimore woman is alleging in a lawsuit that officers with a city police tactical unit shot her dogs and framed her boyfriend during a trumped up drug raid, all in order to help their informant friend get back at her for breaking up with him. Jennifer Catalano says a seven-man squad from Baltimore’s Violent […]

Ademo’s Last Laugh: Chalking the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department (VIDEO)


It was late October of 2001 (I was 19 years old) and I was on my way back from meeting my friends in Madison, in my car was nearly 5 pounds of marijuana (and I had just dropped off another 5 pounds with a client). I had been selling weed for nearly four years and this was […]

Are You Black, Gay, and Driving a Lincoln? Stay Out of Cohoes, NY

Stay out of Cohoes

New York Copblocker, Adam Rupeka of Capitol District Cop Block was out policing the police, and he came across multiple officers who had pulled over a female driver. The lady had just made a quick trip to the store, and when she was returning to her vehicle noticed the police circling the block. She thinks she […]

Fresno Police Turn Neighborhood into Action Cop Movie Scene


  With a helicopter flying overhead blaring a message to the citizens to remain in their houses, and another message to the “Bad Guy” as the police put it. A large conjunction of uniformed and plain clothes officers with backwards hats glorifying the mafia and wearing body armor, began a house to house search for […]

High Times Article on First Church of Cannabis: “Cop Block is Here”


On Wednesday (July 1st), everybody in Indianapolis was primed for a big showdown. The First Church of Cannabis had stated that they were preparing to take advantage of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which supposedly protects people engaging in activities during religious practice. However, although Indiana accepted the First Church of Cannabis as a recognized […]

The Law on Cursing at Cops (Repost)

fuck the police-b

*This post about cursing at cops was originally post at “The Marshall Project” by Ken Armstrong on June 26, 2015* Yesterday the Washington State Supreme Court threw out an obstruction conviction against a juvenile who had insulted police and refused to go away when they were detaining his younger sister. The juvenile, with the initials […]

Civil Asset Seizure Restrictions Now in Effect in Montana and New Mexico


On Wednesday, laws enacted earlier in the year in Montana and New Mexico went into effect, limiting the ability of police and other law enforcement agencies to use civil asset seizure laws within those states. Civil asset seizures, also commonly known as forfeiture laws, have been some of the biggest drivers of police abuses since […]

Nevada Medical Marijuana Patient Freed by Jury Nullification

Steven Ficano Jury Nullification

After nearly three years of legal limbo, Steven Ficano, a 65 year old medical marijuana patient, was finally set free by an act of jury nullification last month. On May 29, Ficano was found not guilty of two felony counts for possessing too much marijuana. He faced over ten years in prison if he had […]