Here’s An Idea: Lick That Boot


In an August 14, 2015 Dallas Morning News editorial titled “Here’s an idea: Try Listening to Police During Stops,” Michael J. LaRosa, an associate professor of history at Rhodes College, described being stopped “several months ago” by a DEA agent while LaRosa was driving on I-10 outside Houston, Texas. By his own description, LaRosa was […]

Jimmy John’s Employee Refuses Service to a Cop; Loses Job


A Jimmy John’s employee was fired for refusing service to a cop. The cop was so pained in his 4th point of contact that he took to social media to snitch on the employee. The worker said he refused to serve the cop because too many delivery drivers have been ticketed by the Edina police […]

County Jail Overcrowding in Ohio Means More Waste of Tax Dollars

Ohio Jail Overcrowding

The Belmont County Jail located in St. Clairsville, OH is currently experiencing an over crowding problem.  The county commissioners, Sheriff Dave Lucas, and several of the county judges met recently to discuss the over crowding with hopes to find a solution to the problem. The jail population began to grow about three years ago, but […]

Juvenile Arrested for Rapping NWA Song in Public


Two Chicago police officers arrested a juvenile for rapping an NWA song while riding his bike down the street. Although it is unclear what song the victim of this kidnapping was singing, it is probably safe to assume it was “Fuck the Police“. With the premier of the movie so close it only makes sense […]

Message to Zanesville Copsuckers


A few anti Cop Block people showed up for Herb’s trial in Zanesville. When Ademo and I got there, they wanted to talk. A few of them even thought that Ademo made some good points talking to them. But then some of them showed up the next day at trial and the niceties went out […]

No More Secret Trials for Police in California


A historical vote took place this week, as California Governor Jerry Brown, signed SB 227 into law banning the use of Grand Juries in officer involved shootings against civilians. The bill was authored by Holly Mitchell, a Democratic senator, and goes into effect next year. The secret trials have shown to be useless when indicting […]

Cops Spend 11 Months and Countless Resources to Bust a Few Teens with a Tiny Bit of Pot (REPOST)


*ORGINIALLY POSTED AT THEFREETHOUGHTPROJECT.COM by Matt Agorist* Terrebonne Parish, LA — The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Task Force, Houma Police Department, State Police Narcotics Division and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration created an elite task force whose combined efforts over an 11-month period helped to bring down one of the country’s most dangerous criminal elements. […]

Fresno PD Conduct Dehumanizing Search

humiliating search

I was out Sunday night filming the cruise in Fresno, CA when I happened upon a cop and his ride along detaining a man in the dark entrance of a hotel. I stopped and began filming. The officer and i had a verbal exchange about watching the police. The detained man then went on a […]

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson NOT Arrested (UPDATED)


[EDITOR’S NOTE: I (Ademo Freeman) failed to check the source closely when I posted this article earlier today. The source,, is a site geared to post satire and/or fake pieces primarily to promote a product. In this case it was the supplement that was blamed for the arrest in the first place. On behalf of DEO […]

Horribly Inaccurate K-9, Justifies Illegal Searches Every Time


A ruling by the 7th Circuit Court has police up in arms again. The ruling, which stems from a 2010 traffic stop, found that the drug dog in question, “Lex,” alerted to drugs 93% of the time with only one problem: There were not always drugs present!  In fact, the investigation found that Lex was […]