Yuba City, California Cop Arrested in Cocaine Trafficking Bust


In yet another example of blatant drug war hypocrisy, a police officer in Yuba City, CA has been arrested for being involved in a cocaine trafficking scheme. Harminder Phagura, 35, was arrested following a four-year long Homeland Security investigation.  He’s charged with conspiring to possess a controlled substance with intent to distribute and use of a […]

The System Has Failed These People


Without people coming forward, you would not hear stories like this. It happens all over the country and people don’t realize this happens every day. I had a chance to interview a few brave people to come forward with their stories. These people are plagued by issues that we all face at some point in […]

Police Would Rather Bust Drug Users Than Rapists And Murderers


While watching a fantastic documentary on the drug war, The Culture High, I came across a startling statistic that I had never heard of before: Violent Crime Clearance Rates. Basically, this is the rate that cases are “closed” by police departments. Clearance of a case can be achieved, according to the FBI, in one of […]

When An Activist’s Child Spoke Up Against Cannabis Misinformation At A Government School, Police Raided His Mom’s Home And Arrested Her

Shona Banda

An 11-year-old child was detained and questioned by “authorities” – without a parent present – after he dared to question misinformation about cannabis being fed to him and other students at his government school. To make matters worse, the cops then executed a search warrant on his mother’s home and arrested her for possession. The […]

Des Moines Register Suggests Iowa Asset Forfeiture System Is A ‘System of Legal Thievery’

Iowa Civil Asset Forfeiture

In a recent investigation into the asset forfeiture laws of Iowa and how they are being applied, the Des Moines Register has uncovered some very disturbing facts. These are some of the Registers findings: • Law enforcement agencies in all but seven of Iowa’s 99 counties have used the state’s civil forfeiture law since 2009. They […]

This Week’s Corrupt Cops Stories

Crazy Cop

Holy cow! Pull up a seat — This week’s corrupt cops stories rogues’ gallery is going to take awhile to get through. We’ve got jail guards, FBI agents, deputies, internal affairs officers, a deputy police chief, even a judge. Let’s get to it: In Fresno, California, the Fresno deputy police chief was arrested last Thursday […]

Marijuana: From Full Prohibition To Total Legalization in Ohio


Ohio could be the first state to go from full prohibition to full legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. According to a post in The Stoners Cookbook: 87% of Ohio Voters Believe Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal   But the amendment to the November ballot is not without pitfalls. Opponents of ResponsibleOhio, The PAC that […]

Philadelphia Drug Unit Corruption Case Began Today (Monday, March 30)

Six Cops Arrested, Facing Life In Prison

On Monday, March 30th, a Philadelphia court will hear a case involving corruption of six drug unit officers. The charges stem from numerous incidents between 2006 and 2012 in which officers used violence and other forms of aggression in order to steal a half-million dollars and several kilos of cocaine from local drug dealers. This […]

Fresno, California Police Chief, Keith Foster, Arrested for Selling Drugs

Chief Dyer with Foster and three other deputy chiefs.

On Thursday federal agents from the FBI and ATF arrested Fresno, California police chief, Keith Foster, after a year long investigation. The investigation revealed that Foster and several accomplices had been distributing oxycodone, heroin and marijuana. Foster and three others have been arrested for distribution and possession of these substances and more arrests appear likely […]

Video Shows Michigan Police Beat, Choke, Tase Man During Traffic Stop

floyd dent beating

Dashcam video emerged Wednesday showing Michigan police employees choke, beat, and tase a man, after pulling him from his car at gunpoint during a traffic stop. The footage shows 57-year-old Floyd Dent receive 16 blows to the head, a kick to the arm, and multiple taser strikes during the January 28 incident with Inkster city […]