CopBlocking the Police at “The First Church of Cannabis”


Yesterday Val (of Columbus CopBlock), Ben (of Beavercreek CopBlock), Micah (of Yellow Springs CopBlock & Counter Current News) and myself headed to Indianapolis to attend an event at The First Church of Cannabis. Though all of us listed above support property rights, where property owners make the decisions – like leaving on or taking off shoes your shoes […]

Westlake Ohio Officer Indicted For Excessive Force


Maybe you can’t convict a cop in Cleveland of Excessive force, but that is not stopping the FBI from trying. Robert Toth, Westlake officer from N. Olmstead, has been indicted on three charges by the FBI who he worked with as a narcotics detective. It seems Mr Toth abused a suspect known only as “T.A.” […]

John VS Joshua- Who Really Fights For Your Freedom?


John Burk, military veteran turned Richard Simmons, is a state-loving, cop-sucking bootlicker. Don’t take my word for it, check out his videos targeting another author- Joshua Hotchkin. Burk boasts about how he likes to play dirty, insinuating his personal character and intestinal fortitude are questionable at best. John Burk claimed to be a drill […]

Manchester Police Still Haven’t Learned; Face Lawsuit for Wiretapping Arrest


If you’ve been visiting for a few years you probably know about the Manchester (New Hampshire) Police Department and, possibly, my interactions with them from 2011/2012. For those of you who don’t know about this corrupt police department, let me get you up to speed. Between 2011 and 2012 I had two court cases with the […]

Woman Alleges Illegal Strip Search By Male Officer In Federal Suit

police search

In a lawsuit filed in federal court, a Wisconsin woman is claiming a male Mequon police officer illegally strip-searched her while being booked into jail after a traffic stop in 2011. Lauren Howie Laur alleges in the suit, which began being heard in U.S. District Court Monday, that Officer Michael Kranz broke Wisconsin law by […]

Concord PD Unlawfully Enters Home

come back with a warrant

A couple of my good friends from Massachusetts submitted this video. In it, you can see Concord PD entering his home against his wishes, and try to push past him to see what is going on. What these officers do not know is that my friends are well versed in what their rights are, as […]

CopBlocking at the First Church of Cannabis on July 1st


This Wednesday, July 1st, 2015, I (and hopefully many other CopBlockers) will be attending the first ever church service at the newly formed “First Church of Cannabis” at noon (see CopBlock Event here and First Church of Cannabis’s here). I decided to attend after the statements made last Friday by the Indianapolis Prosecutor and Chief as quoted in […]

Lake County Deputy Arrested Twice in Three Days (Update)

lake county cop arrested three times

Lake County detention deputy Thomas Thompson was on a crime spree this week. He started the week out by getting himself arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and improper exhibition of a firearm. As reported in a previous post here on, Deputy Thompson had confronted another driver in a Taco Bell parking lot, […]

ALERT! Fresno Police to Conduct Realistic Training Drill on June 29th


An image circulating social media sites shows that Fresno Police will be conducting a realistic training drill on Monday June 29, 2015. During the training, uniformed officers, and realistic gunfire may be seen and heard. Members of Cop Block Fresno, and the Fresno Liberty Movement will be in the area to observe and report on the police […]

Retired Baltimore Cop Tweets About Abuses He Witnessed


This morning (June 24th), Michael A. Wood Jr., a retired Baltimore police detective, began sending out a series of tweets about abuse he had “seen & participated in, in policing that is corrupt, intentional or not.” Below are those tweets: So here we go. I’m going to start Tweeting the things I’ve seen & participated […]