Killer Cop Ray Tensing Knows He’s Going to Walk Away a Free Man


You’ve probably heard the name Ray Tensing; in case you haven’t, he’s the former University of Cincinnati Campus Police officer who was fired, indicted, and arrested, then bonded and bailed out after he shot Samuel Dubose in the head during a traffic stop on July 19th. What you probably don’t know is that Tensing knows he’s going to go free. That’s […]

Is the Franklin County KY Sheriff’s Office Trying to Incite Drug Violence?


The idea for catching drug dealers via other drug dealers first originated in Georgia, as we recently covered in this story. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky recently posted a tongue in cheek flier encouraging drug dealers to get rid of their competition by snitching on them. While the idea has a humorous element […]

$114,000 In Drugs Seized, Watervliet NY Cop Running “Protection”


The city of Watervliet is at it again. This time Officer Nicolas Pontore running protection for a Troy gang called Young Gunnerz. Just last week Watervliet cops were going after young girls. We all remember  Joshua Spratt a Watervliet cop assigned as a resource officer at the local high school. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman made the announcement […]

Cops Caught Eating Pot During Raid, Claim They Were Illegally Recorded By CCTV


In what has to be one of the most ignorant and bizarre attempts to cover up illegal actions committed by police during a raid, a lawsuit has been filed seeking to squash CCTV video – the same video showing officers stealing and eating marijuana edibles at a marijuana dispensary. The lawsuit, which was filed by […]

Georgia Sheriff Tries to Coerce Black Market Merchants to Snitch


McKintosh Co. Sheriff Stephen Jessup believes he has a clever way of ending the black market drug trade in his claimed gang territory. He recently posted an ad in the Darien News enticing unlicensed (aka: illegal) drug dealers to rat out their competition. 8 The arrogance and hubris with which this middle management gangbanger has […]

Epic Fail – Police In 20 States Had Contact with Likely Serial Killer


Even though police in as many as twenty states had encounters with suspected serial killer Neal Falls, it is possible that he has been on a decade long killing spree with potentially nine or more women, as well as a list of more to kill, mostly from the sex work industry. This raises a huge […]

Over 700 Videos of Police Brutality and Corruption


The following video playlist was submitted to via the submission tab. The person chose not to have his name shared but wanted to let the readers here know about a scary yet educational playlist on YouTube. It seems corebass420 – on YouTube – created a 700+ video playlist of police brutality since 2000. From cops using excessive […]

Greater Cleveland CopBlock Chalk The Police Day

Chalk Day

Greater Cleveland CopBlock participated in Chalk the Police State Day with Ademo Freeman – whom founded in 2010. We went to chalk Cleveland police headquarters downtown and we ran into Sgt Peters. You may remember him from such videos as my NORML rally video and, “71 protesters get arrested in Cleveland.” He was cordial with me then […]

Hidden Camera Video Proves Police Used Seized 5K to Get Woman to Cooperate (REPOST)


*THIS STORY WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED AT NEVERGETBUSTED.COM by BARRY COOPER* CORPUS CHRISTI — A hidden camera video shows how a police detective extorted $5,000 from a rape victim by promising to withhold felony charges if she agreed to forfeit the cash to the police.  The woman gave up her inheritance, but was charged anyway and […]

Topeka Police Concerned Gang War Could Escalate

Topeka Police secure Gang War crime scene

At least one officer off the record was heard to say that they expect this gang war to “get way worse before it gets better”. It all began in late June and has now reached a fever pitch as just over two weeks ago, on the night of July 6th, Lily Nichols, a five year old girl, was shot in the head during a drive-by […]