Egypt fires more than 600 police officers

Yesterday, Egypt’s Interior Minister Mansour el-Issawi announced the dismissal of more than 600 high-ranking police officials who were employed during the mass protests that occurred earlier this year.

Egyptian state police get cop blocked

Within the past few days, Egyptians fed up with years of police brutality and corruption stormed several state security buildings to prevent police from destroying documents that could potentially implicate Egypt’s state police in a litany of crimes including the systematic use of torture.

Egyptian cop spends 3 years in prison for rape and torture, gets job back

I’ve covered the Egyptian police before, and here they are again. Police brutality is not just a problem here in the designated land mass known as the United States. Egypt has a full blown police state, and just like bad police can easily get their jobs back here in the states, even if you commit […]

Cop Block: Egypt Style

Witnesses said Said was at an Internet cafe in Alexandria when two plainclothes policemen entered, tied his arms behind his back and roughed him up, including smashing his head against a marble slab, according to published interviews with the cafe owner, Hassan Mosbah.