Cop Fired For Striking Handcuffed Suspect


The video above was posted to Cop Block Central Florida’s Youtube channel and shows Detective Zach Pickett striking a man in the face while reading him his rights. Oh the irony there, right? According to the LiveLeak description: South Daytona, FL – A South Daytona police officer accused of punching a handcuffed suspect, who was in the […]

US Police Shot Dead Almost 400 People in 5 months – Report (REPOST)


*The following post was originally posted at* At least 385 people ranging in age from 16 to 83 have died at the hands of police across the US this year, The Washington Post revealed. One in six victims were unarmed, mostly black or Hispanic, and officers were charged in less than 1% of cases. […]

Did the Police Steal from this Man? (VIDEO)


The video and post below was submitted to via the submission tab by Gary D’Hooghe, and it brings up an interesting question about traffic stops. Is this what highway robbery looks like? 5/31/15 Madison, WI police 211 S Carroll St, Madison, WI 53703 (608) 261-9694 Your browser does not support iframes. Did that man […]

LAPD Slam Woman into Tree Over Unleashed Dog (VIDEO)

LAPD starts riot on Venice Beach.

The details of the story are still unclear but the video was sent to’s email stating that a woman was being harassed for not having a dog on a leash. I’ve reached out to the person who sent the email seeking more information and will update this post accordingly. What we do know at this time […]

DA Clears Officer in San Jose State (CA) Shooting by Jenn Wadsworth


The following article was posted at San Jose Inside by Jennifer Wadsworth, whom is a staff writer for San Jose Inside and Metro Newspaper. Email tips to [email protected] or follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth. Family and friends of a man shot dead by San Jose State University police have spoken out against a decision […]

KCK Police Take Selfies with Stop Sign that Reads: “Cops STOP Murdering”


In a very bizarre case, two Kansas City, Kansas cops are facing an internal investigation (so what, cops investigating cops) for posing at a stop sign that had been spray painted. The words added to the sign were “Cops” and “Murdering.” I guess these two pigs thought that, “Cops Stop Murdering” was funny and decided […]

Fresno CopBlocker Releases Footage of Unlawful Arrest in 2014

Fresno Cop Blockers Released 2014 Footage

Brian Sumner is a Fresno CopBlocker, and overall police accountability activist, who doesn’t take any shit from the cops. Especially cops who are threatening him with a taser and can’t articulate why they’re detaining him. One look at the two plus years of videos Brian has on his YouTube Channel, FreeFresno, and you can tell […]

Who Is the Greatest Enemy of Freedom?


This past weekend I covered the #BreaktheCurfew demonstration in Oakland, where members of The BlackOUT Collective as well as residents of Oakland met to defy Mayor Libby Schaaf’s  ban on night time marches. Hundreds met up to defend liberty, and challenge an unconstitutional ordinance. Without missing a beat, hundreds of cops dressed for a fight also […]

When Filming Police Isn’t Enough


Body cameras for police officers is a hot topic these days. Police accountability groups have pushed for body cams in attempts to both deter police misconduct before it happens, and to record it in the event it occurs. Supporters of such measures aren’t just activists, either; the Texas House tentatively recently (tentatively) approved funding for […]

CopBlock Week In Review: May 20 – May 26


Keeping up with all the police related stories, events and more can be a difficult tasks. Therefore, with the intention of keeping the readers of informed about the most recent stories, videos and happenings – not only at but the extended CopBlock offshoots as well – we’ve decided to start a “CopBlock Week in Review” […]