High Times Article on First Church of Cannabis: “Cop Block is Here”


On Wednesday (July 1st), everybody in Indianapolis was primed for a big showdown. The First Church of Cannabis had stated that they were preparing to take advantage of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which supposedly protects people engaging in activities during religious practice. However, although Indiana accepted the First Church of Cannabis as a recognized […]

The Law on Cursing at Cops (Repost)

fuck the police-b

*This post about cursing at cops was originally post at “The Marshall Project” by Ken Armstrong on June 26, 2015* Yesterday the Washington State Supreme Court threw out an obstruction conviction against a juvenile who had insulted police and refused to go away when they were detaining his younger sister. The juvenile, with the initials […]

Elk Grove Officer Illegally Detains McD’s Patrons in Parking Lot


The following post was written, recorded by a reader and shared at CopBlock.org Submissions Date of Incident- June 13, 2015 LEO Involved- Officer Parker #228 Contact- 916-478-8000 This interaction occurred at approximately 11pm on a Saturday night- June 13, 2015. A group of my friends and acquaintances met up at a McDonalds to get some food […]

Militarized Santa Clara Cops Arrest Man ‘Because You’re An Asshole’

screen shot

The following post was written, recorded and shared with us from the CopBlock.org Submissions by Mick Date of incident- 5/28/2015 Officers Involved- Capt. Phil Cooke, Det. Bell and other unnamed goons Contact- Sgt Gary Lee Hosman, Head of “Professional Standards Unit” 408.615.4888 [email protected] [Go to 3:45 in the video to see the action and check […]

NY Cop Starts Punching Man on Street, More Police Arrive to Arrest Victim


As the video (embedded below) starts out, the individual recording the incident had just turned on his camera after seeing two armed, plain-clothed officers putting their hands on his friend. As the officers corner him, he can be seen giving his ID to one of the officers, while saying over and over that he hasn’t done anything […]

Cameras For Tucson Police Accountability


This post was shared by Raymond via CopBlock.org’s submit page. My name is Raymond Rodden III, I am a citizen photographer rights activist, investigative journalist and “Cop Watcher” in Arizona that seeks to promote integrity, transparency, and accountability in government and fidelity to the rule of law. Photography is not a crime; it is a means […]

CopBlocking the Police at “The First Church of Cannabis”


Yesterday Val (of Columbus CopBlock), Ben (of Beavercreek CopBlock), Micah (of Yellow Springs CopBlock & Counter Current News) and myself headed to Indianapolis to attend an event at The First Church of Cannabis. Though all of us listed above support property rights, where property owners make the decisions – like leaving on or taking off shoes your shoes […]

Westlake Ohio Officer Indicted For Excessive Force


Maybe you can’t convict a cop in Cleveland of Excessive force, but that is not stopping the FBI from trying. Robert Toth, Westlake officer from N. Olmstead, has been indicted on three charges by the FBI who he worked with as a narcotics detective. It seems Mr Toth abused a suspect known only as “T.A.” […]

CopBlock Contributors, Supporters and Fans Attend PorcFest 2015


The Porcupine Freedom Festival (aka, PorcFest or PF), the summer event of the Free State Project (a 501c3, that would be pleased to have you move to NH), has been going on in New Hampshire for the past 12 years. I’ve attended the last seven of them, all at beautiful Roger’s Campground in Lancaster, and this year […]

Manchester Police Still Haven’t Learned; Face Lawsuit for Wiretapping Arrest


If you’ve been visiting CopBlock.org for a few years you probably know about the Manchester (New Hampshire) Police Department and, possibly, my interactions with them from 2011/2012. For those of you who don’t know about this corrupt police department, let me get you up to speed. Between 2011 and 2012 I had two court cases with the […]