NYPD Ordered to Release Pantaleo’s Misconduct Record

Eric Garner Murder Police NY

A New York state court has ruled that the NYPD must release the misconduct records for Officer Daniel Pantaleo. State Supreme Court Justice Alice Schlesinger granted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from the Legal Aid Society. The request was granted on Friday, one year to the date of the death of Eric Garner […]

DC Mayor: Body-Cam Footage Stays Private Unless You Give Us $1.5M


D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser threatened Tuesday that if members of the D.C. Council reject her request to keep body camera footage private, district taxpayers could see an annual bill of $1.5 million. Bowser said allowing full access could keep the city’s chief financial officer from certifying the annual budget, but critics are asserting that […]

VA State Trooper McKenney Sues VA Cop Block Founder Nathan Cox for $1.35 Million

Nathan Cox & Tom Roberts after the $10,000 VCU Settlement

This article was written by Nathan Cox and originally published at VirginiaCopBlock.org. In March of 2014, local Richmond media (along with Virginia Cop Block) reported that I was being sued by Virginia State Trooper Melanie McKenney as a result from a traffic stop that transpired on Memorial Day weekend 2012, nearly two years prior, in which I later wrote an […]

FBI Response To Bill Limiting Aerial Surveillance: Just Trust Us


In response to the introduction of the Protecting Individuals from Mass Aerial Surveillance Act in the U.S. Senate Wednesday, the FBI corralled Congress in an unorthodox and confidential briefing where it assured them their aerial surveillance program is by-the-books. The bill, introduced by Democratic Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and Republican Nevada Senator Dean Heller, would […]

Chicago Police Refuse To Release Covert Surveillance Information, Despite Three Lawsuits


The Chicago police department is still refusing to release information regarding the covert cell phone tracking systems it uses, despite three lawsuits filed by privacy advocates. Freddy Martinez, who has filed two similar suits, filed an additional measure Thursday against the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office. According to a press release from the the civil […]

New Jersey Man Sues Over Tinted Windows – Wins $21,500 in Legal Fees

roxbury nj badge

Original Daily Record article, here. A man in Roxbury NJ sued the city for failing to fulfill his open records request, when he was pulled over and cited for a window tint violation. Jesse Wolosky, is a prime example of a man who would not just lie down for the state. He fought back and […]

Ohio County, WV Sheriff Pat Butler Shows Corruption of Thin Blue Line [Video]


Larry Kiddey, who’s involved with Belmont County (OH) Cop Block, shared the information below via CopBlock.org/Submit about his interaction with Pat Butler, the head-honcho of the Ohio County (WV) Sheriff’s outift. Perhaps Butler should review some of the content and ideas at CopBlock.org/WelcomeLEOs… Date of Interaction: 09-29-2014 Individual Involved: Sheriff Pat Butler Outfit: Ohio County […]

Union Square Park ‘Free Speech’ False Arrest by NYPD Employees


The information below was shared by Rocco Iannacchino via CopBlock.org/Submit about a less-than-savory interaction he had with NYPD’s “finest” in 2011. It’s unclear, despite the objective video, whom Rocco supposedly wronged, and why he was taken away by folks wearing badges. Clearly others present – those filming and chanting “let him go!” – didn’t think […]

A Good (i.e. Former) Cop Speaks Out


Not long ago a former police employee – Guy, who now speaks out against police statism – came to my attention. I asked Guy if he’d be willing to answer some questions sent via email and he was receptive. As I told him, I suspect we’ll see more who choose to follow his lead – […]

Brady Lists – Another Injustice System Failure

Brady Lists - Another Injustice System Failure

In 1963, the murder conviction of John Brady was overturned by the United States Supreme Court, which ruled that that prosecutors had not disclosed all known facts pertinent to the case. Specifically – that Brady didn’t commit murder. Prosecutors – eager to get yet another conviction – had decided not to share with Brady and […]