Brian Sumner Arrested for Filming Cops (Call Flood Request) *Updated*

Resisting Arrest

Update: Charges Dismissed Against Brian Sumner Brian Sumner has reported via the FaceBook event page that his charges were dropped He also stated: “Its all thanks to you. I wish everyone of you could have seen the DAs face. My lawyer told me that she wasn’t sure if the DA was going to inner (sic) […]

Oppose the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act in Las Vegas

The AETA would make animal rights activists terrorists.

This was originally posted at the Nevada Cop Block site. #AgainstTheAETA The National Weekend of Action Against the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) entails talks, workshops, film viewings, protests, etc. to educate the public about federal laws that specifically target animal advocates whose work attempts to stop a person or company from profiting from the […]

Arrested After Flipping Off Deputy Travis Despain

I was followed and arrested for flipping off Deputy Travis Despain on N State St. in Preston, ID. The police were violating freedom of speech 1st Amendment. I was charged with failure to display front plate as it was covered in snow from the blizzard in the AM, failure to notify of change of address, […]

Armed State University Police Abuse Student Victims and Whistleblowers


Christopher Philippo submitted this post via’s ‘submit‘ page. (Archived by WebCite® at ) At the State University of New York at Albany, the armed SUNY police are free to file false police reports, e.g. to assist even a mere visiting assistant professor in retaliating against a student victim and whistleblower who’d reported […]

Man Arrested For Filming NYPD

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Submitted by Station.6.Underground Shawn Randall Thomas, 47, was arrested and charged on two counts of disorderly conduct after police observed him photographing and videotaping the Brooklyn housing police sub-station in Bushwick over the course of an hour’s time. The charges against him allege that he used obscene language and blocked the driveway to the police […]

War Zone Scenario at Taskim Square

Protesters and police continue to clash. Anti-government demonstrations have been ongoing for about 2 weeks in Turkey now. In Taksim square last night, between June 11 and June 12, 2013, police engaged in brutal persecution of Turkish protesters. See video here.

Yes, You Can Flip Off Cops


From January 3rd, 2013: Second Circuit: You Can Flip Off Cops 2013.01.03 So yeah – you can flip off those who wear a badge, but is it advisable? First, consider the act itself: If you would have flipped off someone due to an egregious action on their part, then, being consistent, it shouldn’t matter their […]

Get Cops Out of Schools Before It’s Too Late


The following story caught my attention because I went to jail for highlighting something similar – police abuse (or interactions) with kids in school. This story comes from Akron, Ohio where it seems a Middle School Police Relations (funny, relations) Officer fractured the arm of a (then) 13 year old girl because she was swearing. […]

Woman Jailed for 11 Days for Cursing

Video thumbnail for youtube video Woman Jailed for 11 Days for Cursing | Cop Block

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy According to the, where the above video was found, a Michigan woman was jailed after cursing under her breathe about the agonizing process to pay a $50 fine. Yet another example of a justice system gone wrong. Not one single person in the […]

Ademo’s Wiretapping Convictions Appealed to NH Supreme Court, Reported by The Union Leader

The write-up below was originally published in The Union Leader – the most-circulated newspaper in the ‘shire. It details the latest iteration in legal land for Ademo Freeman, who, after working to gain accountability for Darren Murphy’s assault of a high-schooler who had muttered an explicative, was himself run through the criminals justice system. For […]