Social Media Study Reveals Half Of Americans Hate Their Police Dept.


With the rise of digital technology, it has become easier and easier to document the transgressions of state enforcers like police – so it is no surprise that according to a social media analysis by drug treatment and awareness website, almost half of Americans hate their local police department. The study found that a […]

Chicago’s “Million Dollar Blocks:” A Colossal Waste Of Money

Chicago Million Dollar Block

According to the Washington Post, there are neighborhoods in Chicago in which the State of Illinois has spent over a million dollars imprisoning the people living there.  The term “million dollar blocks” was first used by Laura Kurgan and Eric Cadora from Columbia University. According to civic technology company DataMade, there are some 850 blocks […]

Juvenile Arrested for Rapping NWA Song in Public


Two Chicago police officers arrested a juvenile for rapping an NWA song while riding his bike down the street. Although it is unclear what song the victim of this kidnapping was singing, it is probably safe to assume it was “Fuck the Police“. With the premier of the movie so close it only makes sense […]

BREAKING: Tough Guy Cop Verbally Assaults Driver (Video)

tough cop

A video released this morning shows a “tough guy” cop verbally assaulting a man during a traffic stop. The police officer in the video is out of the South Holland Police Department, Illinois. The officer’s identity is yet to be determined. The video begins with the officer speaking to the driver in an aggressive demeanor. […]

Kind Cop Walks With Disabled Woman- Or Is There More To It?


There is currently a video going around that purports to show Officer Michael Giovenco taking a walk with a disabled woman as an act of spontaneous human kindness. I have several issues with this video. The most obvious issue is that this is not some random act of generosity. HE IS JUST DOING HIS JOB! […]

Chicago PD Disrespect Victim Bodies, Family & Neighborhood


The video above is from a scene over the weekend in Chicago. In it you can see police and local residents gathered around a crime scene. The people who are not wearing shiny badges are a wee bit pissed. Why, you ask? First of all, the two deceased victims are still in the car where […]

Chicago Lawsuit Over Police Brutality Caught on Video


On Thursday, July 9th Lisa Simmons and her son, Jeremiah Smith, filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department over an incident from last year in which they can be seen on video being beaten by Chicago cops. The video shows Smith being hit by a police officer and Simmons being slammed against a police car […]

Chicago Police Detain, Assault, Release Innocent Man

police detain innocent man

Too frequently we are faced with dealing with overzealous, egotistical cops that have no regard for the safety of citizens or the oath to the Constitution that they are sworn to uphold. In a video released on Sunday July 5th, an incident is shown in which a Chicago Police officer attempts to intimidate a man […]

Ex-Judge Leaks Video of Chicago Cop Firing On Unarmed Teens In Car

chicago cop shoots car full teens

Andrew Berman, a retired Cook County Judge, was so disturbed by the actions of a Chicago police officer, that he recently leaked a video to local media. He says the video is the most disturbing thing he has seen in his 35 years in the Windy City court system. The horrifying dash cam footage shows […]

Video Shows 70-Year-Old Man Bloodied During Police Encounter

bloodied senior

A Hoopeston, Illinois family are accusing officers of brutality after an early morning May 16 encounter between their father and local cops was caught on film. The family says that Hoopeston police barged in without warning and detained their 70-year-old father, who suffers from COPD, emphysema, brain aneurisms, high blood pressure and strokes, after officer […]