Pregnant Bystander: Officer Punched Me In Stomach, Called Me “Black Bitch”

pregnant punch

An eight months pregnant Chicago woman says an unidentified city police officer punched her in the stomach after she laughed at him for letting a suspect get away. Nicola Robinson said she was standing outside with neighbors on Friday evening when three officers ran past in pursuit of a suspected drug dealer. After the officers […]

Alton, Illinois Officer Pepper Sprays Handcuffed Teens

alton police pepper sprays teens

Video has recently been released which shows an Alton, Illinois police officer as he pepper sprays two teens who are handcuffed and in custody at the Alton Police Headquarters. According to KTLA5: The video, dated Jan. 26, 2015, shows two teens sitting in a holding area at the Alton Police Department. An officer walks in, says […]

Chicago’s TOP COP Says Charging Cops With Crime is A “Safety Hazard”

Garry McCarthy - "Top Pig"

Dante Servin was off duty when he shot Antonio Cross and grazed his hand as a result of the shot. Of course Servin claims he thought Cross had a firearm but the reality was that he had a cell phone and Servin’s bullet had also struck Rekia Boyd, a 22-year-old woman standing nearby, in the back of the head. […]

Police Refuse To Release Video Of Teen Shot 16 Times Amid ‘Protest Concerns’


Months after a teenager was shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer, the city is still refusing to release the dash-cam video of the fatal incident despite approving a $5 million settlement for the family Wednesday. The Chicago City Council approved the settlement even though the family of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald didn’t file a […]

Zion IL Police Kill 17 Year Old, Claim He Had a Gun; Won’t Explain Much More


In what seems to be standard police policy these days, the Zion (Illinois) Police are keeping their pig lips tight regarding important details regarding the shooting death of a 17 year old over the weekend. What’s known now is that an officer shot and killed Justus Howell, shooting him twice in the back. One of those bullets penetrated his heart, […]

Des Plaines Illinois Police Refuse to Investigate Misconduct


*This story was submitted via’s Submission tab* My Story…. After an incident where I called the police regarding a threat that was made on my life, the police showed up and arrested me. I was issued a ticket for disturbing the peace. During the arrest, I dislocated my shoulder and was sent to a hospital. When I […]

Orient, IL Police Chief Arrested After Brandishing Gun, Demanding More Booze

orient police cheif

This was originally posted at “the Daily American.” Additional coverage of Chief Brown’s drunken, violent incidents and efforts to gain extra rights with his shiny badge (and gun) can be found here, here, and here, The video embedded below is courtesy of “KFVS 12,” a Southern Illinois CBS affiliate. Any time you come across (or […]

Cop Detains and Illegally Searches Innocent Workers


Elias M. shared the content below, about the “service” he received from those at the Blue Island, IL. police outfit, via the Cop Block Submissions page. Date of Incident: December 2014 Individuals Involved: Officer Colone Star – Badge #149, An Unidentified Sergeant Outfit: Blue Island (IL) Police Department Phone: 708-597-8601 Email: Mike Cornell – Deputy Chief […]

Illinois State Trooper at “Safety” Checkpoint Violently Confronts Driver for asking Questions (Video)

A "Safety" Checkpoint

Note: This was submitted by Ricardo Treto , via the Cop Block submission page. Date of Incident: 9/20/14 Individual(s) Involved: At least 5 Unidentified  ISP Troopers (per visual count) Outfit Involved: Illinois State Police Phone No./Email: (217) 786-6677/[email protected] Click here to File a Citizen Complain with the Illinois State Police Local Cop Block Affiliate: There […]

Despite zero threat, Chicago Police to start swabbing transit passangers’ bags for explosives

chicago-police-cta-police-state-explosives-swab-DNAinfo-Mauricio Pena-copblock

Alexandra Naples shared the content below about actions done on behalf of security theater that could negatively impact millions of rail riders in and around Chicagoland. Individuals Responsible: Chicago Police employees who employ the tech Outfit: Chicago Police Department Phone: 312-746-6000 Chicago Police employees will soon be swabbing random passangers’ bags for explosives, yet the […]