Beavercreek “Protesters” Mindlessly Support Cop who Killed John Crawford III


The post below was shared anonymously via It details the interaction of a videographer and those who blindly support the Beaverceek police employee who killed John Crawford III  inside the nearby Wal-Mart. Rather than engage in intelligent discourse, those present parroted the unthinking claim, “He was just doing his job.” One man, decked out […]

Why Cops Pull The Trigger by Nicole Flatow

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The post below by Nicole Flatow was originally posted to on December 20, 2013. I saw it on the Facebook cause for Mah-hi-vist Goodblanket and I thought it worthwhile to repost here. Below the write-up are some thoughts of my own. ________________________ Why Cops Pull The Trigger: Pulling Back The Curtain On Police Shootings […]

Driving While Black


Jesse Thornton, a 64-year-old retired firefighter was arrested, allegedly for a driving while under the influence. Mr. Thornton is African American and has suffered harassment by police in the city of Surprise on multiple occasions. Mr. Thornton was pulled over by police on his way home from swimming at LA Fitness, and was told he had bloodshot eyes. […]

Detectives gun found by 9 year old in theater bathroom

Sheriff’s Detective Luke Hussey realized he was missing his Glock, and realized he had left it in a bathroom at a movie theater. The loaded gun was found by a 9-year-old boy. Hussey will not face criminal charges, Tampa police said Tuesday. Yes, honest mistakes are inevitable from time to time, and it’s fortunate no […]

Cleveland Police Punish Officers for High-Speed Chase

Cleveland police “punished” various officers with suspensions, demotions, and firings for a car chase last year involving five dozen cruisers, 137 rounds of ammunition fired, and the death of 2 unarmed people. A sergeant was fired, a captain and lieutenant were demoted, and nine other sergeants were suspended. More here.

Appeals Court Upheld Conviction of Commander Burge Who Presided Over Torture of Suspects

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The 7th Circuit upheld the conviction of a police commander who “presided over an interrogation regime where suspects were suffocated with plastic bags, electrocuted until they lost consciousness, held down against radiators, and had loaded guns pointed at their heads during rounds of Russian roulette.” Jon Burge oversaw the Chicago Police Department’s Area 2 headquarters […]

Henry Folsom – Weinhaus shooter – Shot Another Man 12yrs Ago


Jeffrey Weinhaus was shot multiple times by Henry Folsom on September 11, 2012. Weinhaus was helivaced from the scene and later recovered. The incident was “investigated” by employees of the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop C. Information has come to light that proves that Folsom has lied about key fact. See this post for all related […]

Judge Illegally Orders Teenager to 10 Years of Church Attendance

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Judicial immunity has been covered here on Copblock from time to time. Perhaps the most notorious and flagrantly offensive case involving judicial immunity would be Stump v. Sparkman, wherein a judge conspired with a young girl’s mother to have her secretly sterilized. When she found out years later, after she was married, that she could […]

Immunities don’t exist, and of course the government always does a better job at protection


Repeatedly, police and their apologists insist that police are held accountable regularly, and in fact are held to a “higher” standard than ordinary people. This simply isn’t the case, according to the law (and don’t police and their supporters care about the law?) Below are several provisions of the California Government Code, which are relevant […]

Police promise to take legal action if they are injured by OWS protestors


Police and their supporters always talk about how policing is such a difficult and dangerous job. As with most things related to police, this attitude is derived from general misconception, ignorance, and a tendency of people to arbitrarily worship those in fancy uniforms. Year after year, policing fails to make the top ten list of […]