Stockholm Syndrome Sufferers Take Up Defense Of Police


An image of Baltimore citizens forming a defensive line in front of Baltimore police has gone viral and the sheeple of the world are gushing with utterly misguided and misplaced feelings of positivity and inspiration. The photograph depicts what probably are a bunch of really nice men standing in solidarity with police. People are practically melting […]

Injustice Everywhere folded-into Cato Institute portfolio


In early 2009 – a year before came online – David Packman started Injustice Everywhere to catalog police misconduct with weekly reports, editorials, statistical analysis and quarterly maps. (If you never visited the site his name is likely still familiar as his weekly reports were reposted here on by Edmond Dantes and Anok […]

2011 Worst Police Misconduct Video of the Year Reader’s Poll

Video thumbnail for youtube video 2011 Worst Police Misconduct Video of the Year Reader’s Poll | Cop Block

Via – InjusticeEverywhere Once again it’s time for our annual “Worst Police Misconduct Videos of the Year” reader’s poll. Here we post some, but not all, of the over 80 videos associated with claims of police misconduct that we were able to present on our site in 2011. While some of the incidents tied to […]

Police get paid vacations and overtime for gangland-style beating of honors student


Three Pittsburgh officers were given lengthy paid vacations with overtime pay after beating and torturing an 18-year-old honors student.’s Improved Look and New Features


Yep, this is and no we haven’t sold out. We’re still the same old decentralized website dedicated to educating folks about the reality of policing today.  But before we get to the improvements a special thanks to Liberty Web Alliance, Clayton Gee and Pete Eyre for all spending the day with me revamping the site. So to […]

Drunk Cops of the Week

I compiled this list from the information that Injustice Everywhere collects everyday and posts to his site regarding police misconduct. It’s a great site that I highly recommended taking a look it.  Now to the drunk cops of the week. A Shawnee OK police officer was arrested on drunk driving charges after stopped for speeding while off […]

The Real Issue is “unprofessional bullies hiding behind badges”

Another solid write-up by Dallas Libertarian Examiner columnist Garry Reed that touches on a recent post by Cop Block contributor Paula, in-full below. Continuing update from the libertarrian… Libertarians keenly aware of the burgeoning police state are likely aware of websites like Cop Block, Cop Fails, Filming Cops, War on Cameras, Botched Military Police Raids, […]

Making the Case for More Police Accountability


One of the many great things that David Packman does with his National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project is put the data that he collects into perspective so that we statistical laypeople can make sense of what the data means. His Quarterly and Yearly Police Misconduct Statistic Reports are invaluable in the fight for […]

Let Us Give Thanks

It is easy to feel disheartened when one faces the reality of the modern American police state, from border checkpoints, to TSA nudie-scanners and gonad gropes, to the never-ending War on Drugs which erodes nearly every single liberty supposedly enshrined in the Bill of Rights…

Police misconduct infographic

Police Misconduct Infographic

This infographic was put together by Term Life Insurance. It’s based on Injustice Everywhere’s National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project. Click to enlarge.