Kansas City Police Dept. Officer Indicted for the Shooting of Unarmed Man

This content was shared by Midwest Tri-State Area Cop Block(MO,KS,OK) on Feb. 21, 2015, via the CopBlock.org Submissions page. Officer Involved: Jacob Ramsey Department Involved: Kansas City, MO Police Dept. Address: 1125 Locust Kansas City, Mo. 64106 Phone: (816) 234-5000 For the first time in ten years, a Kansas City Police Department officer is being indicted […]

Update: KC Activist Warns Drivers of Checkpoints

Mickelson (2)

In September, I told you the story of KC activist, Michael Mikkelson, and his mission to warn Kansas City drivers of the checkpoints that he viewed as intrusive and a violation of an individuals right to be secure in their person and property.  In the course of Mikkelson’s activism, he has endured harassment by the […]

The Blue Wall of Silence

Dallas Police Officer, Quaitemes Williams, has been fired and charged with misdemeanor official oppression for kicking and macing a handcuffed suspect. Williams and another officer, Edward Cruz-Done struggled to take Rodarick Dasean Lyles into custody for the “crime” of having a suspended license. During that struggle Lyles fell onto Williams’ arm, causing Williams to become […]

Fired Cops Have Little Trouble Finding New Jobs


When a city pays out large amounts of money to settle lawsuits against the police department the money does not come out of the pockets of the thugs who perpetrated the crimes or the chief thugs who either failed to prevent the abuses or actively encouraged them.  Taxpayers foot the bill in one way or […]