Kevin Carson: “TSA is Evil AND Stupid”

From TSA is Evil AND Stupid Posted by Kevin Carson on Nov 4, 2010 The Transportation Security Administration’s passenger check procedures are now even more intrusive and demeaning.  They’ve reached the point where the only alternative to body scanning is an even more invasive pat-down (including cupped hands over breasts and groin).  That’s right:  […]

Kevin Carson on the suppression of the anti-globalization movement

Last week, the Center for a Stateless Society published two great police-related articles by Darian Worden that I linked to previously. See here and here if you missed out on them. The Center’s latest article from Kevin Carson discusses how law enforcement has abused counter-terrorism legislation to stymie the efforts of anti-globalization activists. Homeland Security […]

Authoritarianism Experiment

Kevin Carson of recently published an excellent piece indicting the authoritarians in our culture who make excuses for police who commit acts of brutality or break the law. As Carson reminded me, there are always authoritarian followers who will come to the defense of “authority figures” who abuse their power regardless of how egregious […]

“When the customer is always wrong”

Let’s do a little thought experiment:  Imagine a bakery that, instead of selling you what you ask for when you go inside, enrolls you on their customer list against your will, charges your account for whatever package of goods they think you should buy, and sends someone to collect the bill at gunpoint.  If you […]