Bill Scott Testimony in Support of NV Bodycam Bill: “My Son Erik Might Be Alive Today…” (Video)

Bill Scott Bodycam Testimony

“My eldest son, Erik Scott, might be alive today if Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers had been required to wear body cameras in the summer of 2010, when Erik was shot to death.” – William B. Scott On March 31, 2015, the Nevada State Assembly’s Government Affairs Committee held a hearing on Nevada State […]

Las Vegas, NV Police (and Security/BLM) Brutality Video Compilation #2 (Update)


This is an update (sequel?) to a previous police brutality compilation video that Jason Nellis submitted to (by way of Nevada Cop Block) about a year ago. This version is almost twice as long (because the hits just keep coming) and also includes some incidents involving Las Vegas area security, as well as local […]

“The Vegas Biker” Confronts Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Over Bad Driving


This story was submitted to via our submission tab. In the video below “The Vegas Biker” is out for a ride on his bike when all the sudden a Las Vegas Police Truck flies by him. According to the YouTube description of the video: I notice a Las Vegas Metro Police Department Truck speeding up behind […]

Las Vegas Metro Police: Chalk Washes Off, But Injustice Never Will

Video thumbnail for youtube video Las Vegas Metro Police: Chalk Washes Off, But Injustice Never Will | Cop Block

  Kelly W. Patterson of Nevada Cop Block submitted this post, which was originally shared on In an obvious and ridiculous attempt to intimidate them into ending their efforts to bring attention to the history of abuses, corruption, and outright murders by Las Vegas area police and a total lack of accountability for such […]

Police Accountability Report: Episode 86 –

This week, a couple stories that should cause anyone critically thinking to see that those wearing badges aren’t always operating with the best intentions. Story #1 Police Officer in YouTube Video Placed on Paid Leave An officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is now on paid administrative leave, after being recorded during […]

Derek Colling – Most Dangerous Cop in America

Derek Colling - Most Dangerous Cop in America

Derek Colling might be the most dangerous (active) cop in the united states. In less than 5 years as a police office Colling has killed two, including one 15 year old boy, and was just caught on film beating a man for filming him – great write up and back story at Carlos Miller’s site. […]