Kelly W. Patterson of NVCopBlock On Non Partisan Liberty For All

Local Gang Activity Sighted in Las Vegas

This was originally posted at and written by Kelly W. Patterson of Nevada Cop Block. Recently, I did an interview for an internet radio show on Block Talk Radio. The show is entitled “Non Partisan Liberty for All” and is hosted by Dave Bourne. While it can be heard everywhere (except most of China […]

No “More Cops” for the LVMPD. They Aren’t Needed and They Aren’t Wanted.


This is an editorial post originally published at, addressing the continued attempts to pass the “More Cops” tax, which would increase the county sales tax in order to hire additional police within the Las Vegas area. Kelly W. Patterson shared this post via’s submit page. This was received via submission after originally being […]

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: The LVMPD’s Killer Reputation


Kelly W. Patterson shared the following story, which he originally posted at, via’s submit page.  A Community in Fear Not too long ago, I attended a meeting of the Clark County Commissioners concerning a vote over the process that would be adopted to address shootings by Las Vegas area police. Prior to the […]

Chalk the Police State – July 18th Support the “Sunset 3”

This article was submitted by Kelly W. Patterson, who originally published it on his personal blog.   Chalk Washes Off, Injustice Never Will! Emma Goldman once stated that if voting actually changed anything they would make it illegal. The rapid progression of new laws designed (or existing laws twisted) to prevent different forms of direct […]

Las Vegas Officer – Rear End Rage

Random Riders - Cop Rear Ends Motorcycle

A few weeks ago John Paul Rosario, a motorcyclist in Las Vegas posted a video of him driving home, in the midst of his red he was rear ended by a police officer. The officer proceeds to turn on his lights and gets out of his vehicle screaming at the motorcyclist. In the state of […]

New incidents added to “War on Cameras” map (May 12, 2011)

Earlier this year, I launched a project called “The War on Cameras: An Interactive Map” using Google Maps to track incidents where police and other government officials have harassed, detained, threatened, attacked, arrested, or charged people with a crimes for using cameras, incidents where cameras have been seized, and incidents where government officials attempted to […]

Derek Colling – Most Dangerous Cop in America

Derek Colling - Most Dangerous Cop in America

Derek Colling might be the most dangerous (active) cop in the united states. In less than 5 years as a police office Colling has killed two, including one 15 year old boy, and was just caught on film beating a man for filming him – great write up and back story at Carlos Miller’s site. […]

Erik Scott’s death: what happens in the LVMPD, stays in the LVMPD

  On July 10, Erik Scott, a West Point and Duke graduate, went shopping at Costco in Summerlin, Nevada.  He was carrying a concealed firearm, as permitted by Nevada state law.  Witness and officer reports differ on what happened next.  Allegedly, Scott began acting bizarrely, and would not leave the store.  Some accounts indicate Xanax […]

Monday Link Roundup

Free Adam!

In case you missed all the updates on Liberty On Tour and our Facebook page, Adam was arrested in Las Vegas yesterday. He was released earlier this evening. Over at Reason Magazine, Radley Balko offers some good advice to people on filming the police. You’ve probably heard criticisms of the US government trying to act […]

NV Highway Patrol Cop Blocked on Vegas Strip

(Cross-posted at Liberty On Tour.) LAS VEGAS, NV – A couple of days ago Adam and I were walking across a pedestrian bridge on The Vegas Strip when we saw two vehicles being pulled over by the Nevada Highway Patrol. As advocates of holding public officials accountable we filmed the stop. Overall I think we […]