Police Can Now Take Your DNA for Mere ‘Suspicion’ of A Violent Crime


On Monday August 3rd, 2015, the Dakota County (Minnesota) Sheriff’s Office became the first in the nation to implement a new Supreme Court ruling that allows police to collect DNA from those arrested for suspicion of a violent crime. The old laws stated that a conviction must occur before the state could steal your biological […]

Cop In Illegal Unmarked Car Evades Truth, Has Friends Bully Man

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 1.02.04 AM

In the video above a man tries to confront an officer in Soap Lake, Washington about the illegally unmarked police vehicle he is driving. The cop drives away twice, but the man filming him never gives up and follows him to the police station. After having evaded the filmographer, the officer claims that the man […]

Freedom Activist Shuts Down Former Cop and Soldier


While on his American Campfire Tour, Adam Kokesh was confronted by an aggressive group of proverbial flag wavers, one of which was a former soldier and cop who refused to have an intellectual conversation, but instead was intent on taking Adam outside and beating his ass, as if being able to best Kokesh in mutual […]

Baltimore Burns – Revolution Is A Messy Business


The brutal murder by police of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland has led to a cornucopia of craziness. As Baltimore burns in the throes of revolution, the hypocrisy of many Americans begins to show itself in a media blitz of stock responses that echo the canonized sound bites of media pundits. The 3×5 notecards of […]

Joseph Flanagan Hires Attorney – Asks Joseph J. Julicher to Remove “Libelist” Post on CopBlock


Some of the regular readers here might be familiar with a series I’ve reposted here from Joseph J. Julicher’s website, “Hung by the Thin Blue Line.” There have been five posts (all linked below) that have been published at this site by myself, but about a month ago Julicher reached out to me saying he […]

Libertopia 2014 in Beautiful San Diego


Libertopia is a fantastic annual event where freedom-minded individuals congregate in San Diego and have a great time, but don’t take it from me, here’s what Jeffrey Tucker, Libertopia 2014’s Master of Ceremonies has to say about it: It’s getting to be reg­is­tra­tion time for Cal­i­for­nia’s pri­ma­ry point of gath­er­ing for lib­er­ty-mind­ed peo­ple. It’s called […]

Ademo has Trial Set for Wiretapping Charges – AGAIN!


Last Friday I got an email from Brandon Ross, my awesome pro-bono attorney, who informed me that Michael Valentine – who works as the District Attorney for Hillsborough County – has charged me with three felony wiretapping charges. Yes, these are the exact same charges as I was previously convicted of but were overturned by the […]

Video of the Direct Action Panel @ Keenevention 2013


Ian Freeman shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page. How are activists getting out in the streets and getting liberty ideas into the hands and minds of the public? What lessons have been learned along the way that can help YOU be a better liberty activist? Join James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland and his panel of experienced […]

The Myth of the Rule of Law by John Hasnas


“The Myth of the Rule of Law” was written by John Hasnas and originally published in 1995 in the Wisconsin Law Review no. 199. Like the Brainpolice essay of the same name, this write-up is included at http://copblock.org/library because it pulls back the curtain on the largely unquestioned assumption about the “rule of law” as […]

Think, Act, Create a Better Reality

Think, Act, Create a Better Reality

Earlier this year, when YouTube.com changed-up the layout of channels, a section up top was added to house a video that auto-played for those not-yet subscribed to the channel. Channel admins were encouraged to make and post to that section, a short and informative video, in the hope that it transitioned into more channel subscribers. […]