Unconstitutional Stops by Tangipahoa Sheriff & Louisiana Wildlife Boats on Bayou


The content below was submitted anonymously via CopBlock.org/Submit by someone concerned about the incursion of police employees in the bayou where people seek to enjoy leisure time. Same as is true on land, where there is no victim there is no crime, thus the boat stops witnessed by the author, referred to as “unconstitutional and […]

Stranger Attempts Molestation of 16yo, Morgan City Police Target Man who Aided Victim


This post was received via CopBlock.org/Submit by someone concerned that a Morgan City, LA police employee targeted a man who sought to hold accountable a man who wronged his niece. This situation really underscores that justice comes not through a centralized bureaucracy of people who subsist on stolen money, but through commonsense. ________________ A man […]

Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Personnel Claim The Impossible


Who killed Victor White III? Which employee of the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Outfit will be the first to speak out? From AddictingInfo.org: According to statements made by Louisiana State Police immediately after the incident, on March 2nd, 2014, 22 year old Victor White, III, of New Iberia, Louisiana, was stopped by police. Police suspected White […]

Police Brutality Over Fender Bender


The below was written and submitted by Madelyn Andrews ([email protected]) about her less-than-satisfactory experience with Aaron McNair, an employee of the Lafayette, Louisiana police outfit. If, after reading Madelyn’s prose, you feel inclined to share your thoughts or ask questions, please do. The more we look out for each other the safer we all become. […]

Police: Get Rewarded for Doing the Right Thing

Police: Get Rewarded for Doing the Right Thing

CopBlock.org – Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights If you’re a “good” police employee don’t sit by as your colleagues engages in actions that you know are wrong. Act according to your conscience, introduce accountability into what has tended to be closed ranks, and earn 500 FRNs. 1. You are a police employee 2. You decide […]

Family Gathering Raided by Crowley, Louisiana Police Department


Theresa Richard shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page. On June 7, 2012, my family and I were awoken in the middle of the night when we learned that my daughter’s house was on fire. We live only a few houses down, so we ran down the street through the smoke and saw firefighters on […]

“Be Aware of CopBlock Group” Warns NOLA Fraternal Order of Police

"Be Aware of Cop Block" Warns NOLA Fraternal Order of Police

FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE NEW ORLEANS 504.442.4050 http://fopno.net RELATED CONTENT Fraternal Order of Police New Orleans on Twitter https://twitter.com/FOPNO Fraternal Order of Police memo “Be Aware of Cop Block Group” http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Be-Aware-of-Copblock-Group.html?soid=1109486046557&aid=63f8Ibywh4w Police union warns NOPD about camera-carrying activists by Scott Satchfield http://fox8live.com/story/24040398/no-police-union-warns-officers-to-beware-of-camera-carrying-activist-group Police allegedly warned to ‘be aware’ of Cop Block group by Alex Allen http://digitaljournal.com/article/362759#ixzz2ld5E4bUO […]

New Orleans Police Self-Detonate


This post was shared anonymously via CopBlock.org’s submit page. This is a response to an article on Fox8Live.com “warning” the New Orleans police about people out holding them accountable with cameras. The headline reads, “Police union warns NOPD about camera-carrying activists.” Here are the contents of an email sent to the article’s author: It starts […]

Plessy Proves Legislation Is Not Law

Plessy Proves Legislation Is Not Law

When in New Orleans, the ninth stop of the Police Accountability Tour, Pete Eyre & Garret Ean sought to underscore the fact that legislation is not law by pointing to a situation that unfolded there not too long ago – the ransom levied against peaceful traveler Homer Plessy because he rode in a “white’s only” […]

New Orleans Police Employees Not Keen Having Actions Documented

NOPD Employees Not Keen on Having Actions Documented

When in New Orleans, the ninth stop of the Police Accountability Tour Pete & Garret hit the streets armed with cameras and a desire to help create a safer community. POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY TOUR [overview] ‪http://copblock.org/tour‬ [stops] ‪http://copblock.org/tourstops‬ ‪http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQKn6VyrLIpekRhC_sqm5xU2dCLiiJAzd‬ [support] ‪http://wepay.com/donate/patour2013‬ [or with BTC] 1Hy8xL2ey3GwFLTEd3NTS76A3bWMnQ2dRP STREAM USED http://bambuser.com/channel/copblock RAW FOOTAGE USED http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfijlsukIRd1dEH_tsZNNvuBKYuOIRXDZ http://youtube.com/user/Fr33manTVraw/videos RESOURCES http://copblock.org/apps http://copblock.org/submit […]