Trooper Gets Butthurt and Throws Paperwork at Driver

ButtHurt State Trooper

Officer Involved: Minnesota Trooper Erola, badge #523 Department Involved: Minnesota State Patrol, Deluth office. Phone: 218-302-6127. In this video provided by Minnesota CopBlock, this driver was pulled over for doing 83 in a 70 MPH zone.  The driver simply asked how fast the trooper got him driving on his radar.  The trooper responds that he […]

Minnesota Cops Smoke-up Occupy Protesters, Then Lie


A story that demonstrates double-standards claimed by those with badges submitted by “Accountability.” As s/he noted, “There is are laws…one for police and one for you.” That view will change only when each of us sees that man-made legislation does not equal law. Note how, when an individual officer does wrong and is called-out for […]