Andrew Henderson Meets with Minn. Chief Over Previous Police Intimidation For Filming


Recently, Ademo posted about an interaction Andrew Henderson, a CopBlocker from the St. Paul area in Minnesota, had with a police officer who had tried to intimidate him because he was filming near a police station. This happened shortly after the St. Paul Police Department held a seat belt enforcement campaign that was really just […]

St. Paul, MN Police Launch Investigation into if Sidewalks are Public or Private Property

Recently, a post on detailed how Andrew Henderson, a CopBlock member from St. Paul, Minnesota, was detained and harassed by the police there while he was filming as part of a test to see how many cops actually wore their seatbelts. Andrew had decided to do so after the St. Paul Police Department held […]

Police Coerced a (False) Murder Confession From a Severely Mentally Handicapped Man.


ST. Louis, MN – Police investigators must face claims that they coerced a murder confession from a severely mentally retarded man and planted evidence, the 8th Circuit ruled. Matthew Livers filed a civil rights complaint alongside Nicholas Sampson, the man he implicated in his allegedly coerced confession. They claim that Nebraska state patrolmen and sheriff’s […]

New Mexico State Police


In Sept of 2011 I traveled to Albuquerque, NM to visit my dying father. My father has since passed away on Dec 14th. On my way back home to Alabama I was pulled over on I-40 near Santa Rosa by officer J. Campos. Just before being pulled over I was climbing a hill with my […]

Gun Rights Activist Joel Rosenberg Arrested

Gun rights activist and science fiction/fantasy author, Joel Rosenberg has been arrested and charged with a felony that carries a maximum of 5 years in prison. His alleged crime was carrying a gun into a “courthouse.” It is a felony to carry a firearm into a courthouse in Minnesota except for “persons who carry pistols […]