Moultonborough Police Chief Gets Owned During BS DUI Stop (VIDEO)


The video below was submitted to via the submission tab by Goshe King – whom is an aquaintaince of mine from New Hampshire. In the video you’ll see Goshe’s interaction with Peter Beede, Chief of Police in Moultonborough, who claims he’s looking for a drunk driver. Goshe send the following in with his submission: I […]

Social Media Study Reveals Half Of Americans Hate Their Police Dept.


With the rise of digital technology, it has become easier and easier to document the transgressions of state enforcers like police – so it is no surprise that according to a social media analysis by drug treatment and awareness website, almost half of Americans hate their local police department. The study found that a […]

Ademo Featured on Live-Streaming the Police


Earlier this week I took part in a phone interview with Matt Stout, journalist with the Boston Herald, and discussed a number of things about CopBlock and the police. The blockquotes below are of his write-up posted at I just want to clarify two things. First, I’m not personally working on an app; a […]

Canterbury Police Chief Charged With Sexual Assault


I recently pointed out that while Cop Block fans and readers tend to disproportionately be men, police brutality truly is everyone’s problem. Yet, it does seem to be the case that while the problem cannot be said to be restricted to one gender, police abuse often takes a different form with its male versus female […]

Man Charged On Seven Counts For Handing Out Jury Nullification Flyers


A man has been charged by the Denver District Attorney’s office with seven counts of “jury tampering” for handing out information about jury nullification. Prosecutors say 56-year-old Mark Iannicelli allegedly passed out fliers titled, “All You Need To Know About Jury Nullification,” to potential jurors as they entered the Lindsay-Flanigan Courthouse last week. “The charges […]

CopBlock Radio Show 7-15-15


On our most recent show we had a Selectman from Alstead, New Hampshire on CopBlock Radio. He is supportive of CopBlock and is on record as defending gun rights in his community. Chris Reitmann was on hand to discuss a situation at a local pool, whereby a few guys came carrying firearms and were asked […]

Am I Being Detained Or Am I Free To Go? WALK AWAY!

Oath Keepers New Hampshire

Chris Rietmann of Alstead New Hampshire volunteers as an Oath Keeper and stood guard outside of a US Army Recruiting Center as activism. His message was to promote responsible gun ownership and point out the senselessness of gun-free zones. They leave good people defenseless. On this episode, we also speak with Severin about a DUI […]

Cops Shoot and Kill Staggering Accident Victim Instead of Tase Him


This post was shared anonymously via’s submit page. Date of Interaction: July 6, 2015 Video of Incident: Not Yet Released Police Department: Haverhill, NH Police Department 2975 Dartmouth College Highway, N. Haverhill, NH 03774 603-787-2222/2224 [email protected] It’s all in the article. Police responded to an accident and found the guy stumbling down the road […]

CopBlock Contributors, Supporters and Fans Attend PorcFest 2015


The Porcupine Freedom Festival (aka, PorcFest or PF), the summer event of the Free State Project (a 501c3, that would be pleased to have you move to NH), has been going on in New Hampshire for the past 12 years. I’ve attended the last seven of them, all at beautiful Roger’s Campground in Lancaster, and this year […]

The “State” Cannot Be Victimized

Cameras Motion to Dismiss City of Keene Pete Eyre Cop Block

Back in 2013 a Leslie Collier left a note on my vehicle. No, it wasn’t a love note – far from it. It was a ransom note. Collier claimed that I owed her employer some money. Why? That’s an excellent question. Collier and her cronies were most interested in my recognition of their claimed dominion. […]