Seattle Pig Lied About Man Swinging Golf Club, Police Department Apologizes


Seattle Pig Cynthia Whitlatch was notified Monday that she faces termination over the false arrest of a 69-year-old man, who she accused of wielding a golf club as a weapon. An investigation into the arrest of William Wingate on July 9, 2014, revealed a collection of policy violations, including biased policing. The civilian director of the […]

Police Pose As Construction Crew To Extort Texting Drivers


The tactics of the road pirates are shameless and know no bounds. There isn’t anything these revenue generators for the state won’t do to eat out the substance of their own countrymen. Under the auspices of protecting a duped public from distracted drivers, Marietta Police in Cobb County, Georgia dressed up as a construction crew […]

Over 700 Videos of Police Brutality and Corruption


The following video playlist was submitted to via the submission tab. The person chose not to have his name shared but wanted to let the readers here know about a scary yet educational playlist on YouTube. It seems corebass420 – on YouTube – created a 700+ video playlist of police brutality since 2000. From cops using excessive […]

Parma Police Arrest DEO for filming | Claim Disorderly Conduct/Obstructing

parma road pirates

SO, I’m riding my bike home from the store and I roll up on Parma Police Officers Kuehler, Gillsie, Ogrady, and Tellings. You may remember them from such videos as, “DEO’s Lost Video” and “Parma checkpoint 8 23 14 part1” and yet others like, “Parma Checkpoint” and most recently, Ademo has Officer Kuehler hiding behind […]

BREAKING: Tough Guy Cop Verbally Assaults Driver (Video)

tough cop

A video released this morning shows a “tough guy” cop verbally assaulting a man during a traffic stop. The police officer in the video is out of the South Holland Police Department, Illinois. The officer’s identity is yet to be determined. The video begins with the officer speaking to the driver in an aggressive demeanor. […]

Remembering John Crawford III: 1 Year Later


It’s hard to believe it has been one year since John Crawford was murdered by Beaver Creek, Ohio police officer Sean Williams. A lot has happened since, and a lot more innocent people have been killed at the hands of the police in Ohio. For those of you not familiar, John Crawford was killed by […]

Another Woman Dead While in Police Custody


Cleveland Scene reported: Yesterday, the body of 37-year-old Ralkina Jones was discovered in a cell within Cleveland Heights’ jail. The city’s police department is investigating. She was arrested on Friday after a dispute with her husband at his workplace, but amid Sandra Bland’s case and the other instances of people dying in police custody these days, such as […]

Greater Cleveland CopBlock Chalk The Police Day

Chalk Day

Greater Cleveland CopBlock participated in Chalk the Police State Day with Ademo Freeman – whom founded in 2010. We went to chalk Cleveland police headquarters downtown and we ran into Sgt Peters. You may remember him from such videos as my NORML rally video and, “71 protesters get arrested in Cleveland.” He was cordial with me then […]

Do You Teach Your Son About Policing the Police? (VIDEO)


Here is a humorous exchange between KCK CopBlocker Danny and the Lenexa PD. Over the police scanner I heard a call go out to officers for a woman that had been stumbling around a department store. At about 1:24 of the video I step out of my vehicle and stand next to it as I […]

Aurora IL Police Kidnap, Then Rob Gun Merchant


31-year-old Joel Romero, of Aurora, IL, was tired of his .44 handgun and wanted to be rid of it. What better way to do that than an online sale? After all, the Internet is the new home of the merchant. Shortly after he listed the pistol on his favorite online marketplace, the Orwellian Community Oriented […]