Michigan Woman Arrested for Renewing Dog License Late

Michigan Dog License Arrest

In Kalamazoo, Michigan a woman was arrested because she didn’t renew the license for her dog before it expired. Although it’s likely the charges will be dismissed, Becky Rehr will be facing a possibility of 90 days in jail and $100 fine today (July 7th), when she appears in court for the misdemeanor crime of […]

Fresno Police Refuse to Identify Themselves After Questionable Traffic Stop

fresno refuses to identify

A custom red Lincoln Town Car is surrounded by police vehicles. The driver is on the ground in handcuffs. Three police officers are standing over him, asking him questions. There is no way that this is a a routine traffic stop relating to the hydraulics on his vehicle. This is more like the way the […]

Fresno Police Turn Neighborhood into Action Cop Movie Scene


  With a helicopter flying overhead blaring a message to the citizens to remain in their houses, and another message to the “Bad Guy” as the police put it. A large conjunction of uniformed and plain clothes officers with backwards hats glorifying the mafia and wearing body armor, began a house to house search for […]

I Am Free To Go! Man Sentenced to 8 Months for “Fleeing” Border Checkpoint

screen shot

Last spring, Florida resident Michael Sophin was traveling through the Texas stretch of a country wide road trip, when he crossed through a border patrol checkpoint on the I-10 just about 20 miles from the Texas/Mexico border. His dash cam, as well as surveillance cameras captured the interaction between Sophin, and border patrol agents. After […]

High Times Article on First Church of Cannabis: “Cop Block is Here”


On Wednesday (July 1st), everybody in Indianapolis was primed for a big showdown. The First Church of Cannabis had stated that they were preparing to take advantage of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which supposedly protects people engaging in activities during religious practice. However, although Indiana accepted the First Church of Cannabis as a recognized […]

Elk Grove Officer Illegally Detains McD’s Patrons in Parking Lot


The following post was written, recorded by a reader and shared at CopBlock.org Submissions Date of Incident- June 13, 2015 LEO Involved- Officer Parker #228 Contact- 916-478-8000 This interaction occurred at approximately 11pm on a Saturday night- June 13, 2015. A group of my friends and acquaintances met up at a McDonalds to get some food […]

Civil Asset Seizure Restrictions Now in Effect in Montana and New Mexico


On Wednesday, laws enacted earlier in the year in Montana and New Mexico went into effect, limiting the ability of police and other law enforcement agencies to use civil asset seizure laws within those states. Civil asset seizures, also commonly known as forfeiture laws, have been some of the biggest drivers of police abuses since […]

Nevada Medical Marijuana Patient Freed by Jury Nullification

Steven Ficano Jury Nullification

After nearly three years of legal limbo, Steven Ficano, a 65 year old medical marijuana patient, was finally set free by an act of jury nullification last month. On May 29, Ficano was found not guilty of two felony counts for possessing too much marijuana. He faced over ten years in prison if he had […]

CopBlocking the Police at “The First Church of Cannabis”


Yesterday Val (of Columbus CopBlock), Ben (of Beavercreek CopBlock), Micah (of Yellow Springs CopBlock & Counter Current News) and myself headed to Indianapolis to attend an event at The First Church of Cannabis. Though all of us listed above support property rights, where property owners make the decisions – like leaving on or taking off shoes your shoes […]

Westlake Ohio Officer Indicted For Excessive Force


Maybe you can’t convict a cop in Cleveland of Excessive force, but that is not stopping the FBI from trying. Robert Toth, Westlake officer from N. Olmstead, has been indicted on three charges by the FBI who he worked with as a narcotics detective. It seems Mr Toth abused a suspect known only as “T.A.” […]