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Are The Police Actually Needed?

The content below was shared by Matt Winkeljohn, who authored and originally posted it to ResistTheTyranny.com, a site “dedicated to bringing you some of the up to date news and videos about government atrocities in the United States.  You are not going to find left or right bias here, as they are all criminals on the hill.”

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by Matt Winkeljohn

With nationwide rampant police misconduct and the growing concerns about excessive force and militarization, are we at a point in this country where we would be better off without the police?

Let’s first look at what most people believe that we, as a nation, gain from having a massive police presence…

The average day for the vast majority of police, is sitting in his or her patrol car and stopping motorists for traffic violations.  This usually consists of the motorist illegally talking on their cell phone, running a red light or exceeding the speed limit… Not actually harming anyone.  It is then the cops duty to turn on their obnoxious and distracting lights and sirens, pulling out in to busy traffic (or making an illegal u-turn) and while talking on his/her radio and using a laptop, also breaking the speed limit in order to catch you and pull you over.  They do this in an attempt to teach you a lesson in safe driving practices.  Irony?

Most people are led to believe that this sort of thing is necessary to the “safety” of the people, when in fact, it is counterproductive and more unsafe than the initial reason most people are pulled over.

The remaining number of police who are not covered under the above statement, either work at a desk or are detectives.

Detective work is something that is universally needed however.

If a real crime is actually committed and the person who was violated isn’t able to identify the criminal, then someone has to find out who committed the crime.

These “detectives,” with the help of a crime scene unit, then collect evidence and statements in order to begin an investigation in to the crime.

Since we have now established that the small minority of police that actually do any good are ones that respond after a crime has already been committed, let’s look at Acapulco, Mexico.

The police in Acapulco recently went on strike and the people couldn’t be happier!

The following is from Jeff Berwick, the chief editor of The Dollar Vigilante.

resist-the-tyranny-are-police-needed-acapulco-copblock It all started over a month ago, right here in Acapulco, Mexico, when I commented to a good friend, “Have you noticed how much better traffic has been lately?”

He responded, “Yes, traffic flow has been so much better… it’s because the Transit Police went on strike.”.

It turned out that was the case.  The Transit Police in Acapulco had went on strike and all of a sudden many local residents were noticing how much better traffic, which can get to gridlock levels during peak holiday periods, had become.

Weeks went on and you could tell that almost everybody had become aware of the lack of transit police and no one was adhering to red lights if there wasn’t any oncoming traffic.  The majority of people began treating red lights like a “yield” sign.  They’d slow down, check that no cars were coming, and if there weren’t, they’d just roll through the red light instead of sitting there for a minute or two, as traffic backed up behind them.

But, it got even better.  The municipal police also then went on strike… and no one noticed.

I mentioned to my friend how much everything has been so much better in Acapulco for the last few months and said people just seem happier and I assumed it was just because traffic was flowing so much better.  He then said, “Actually, the municipal police are on strike now too… so people are probably just a lot happier in general because there isn’t really anyone around to bother them.”

Those who believe that police are necessary to the safety of a community will surely think that crime must have gotten worse there, but that’s not the case at all.

resist-the-tyranny-are-police-needed-copblockWhen you take in to consideration that police in the United States look more like a military unit these days than anyone who is there to actually protect you, the thought of getting rid of police seems like a pretty good alternative.

Every day, the American people are being faced with an ever growing militarized police state.  These police will point guns in your face, taser you and beat you, all for not showing an I.D….even when you don’t have to.

The ones in their patrol cars are, at best, hypocritical thieves who break more laws than you do when they pull you over, threaten you with kidnapping and then extort money out of you by stacking charges against you and revoking your freedoms on the side of the road.

This is all paid for by your tax dollars.  You are paying to be treated like criminals.  You are paying to be guilty until proven innocent.

As the video below details, you are paying in more ways than you even realize.



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Sandusky Ohio Police Employees Lie to Motorists, Involve K9, Threaten to Take Child [Video]

Robert Medley, the founder of Sandusky Area Cop Block shared the content below via CopBlock.org/Submit, which demonstrates the less-than-favorable “service” provided by some employed at the Sandusky (OH) Police Outfit as they resort to more intimidation and threats when their dictates are questioned.

Date of Interaction: 10/02/2014
Individuals Responsible: Evan Estep, Christopher Denny and Adam West
Outfit: Sandusky Police Department
Phone: 419-627-9758

Police profile a black man and fabricate a reason to pull his wife over. Proceed to threaten and harass them until he gives them his information. He was arrested for obstruction.

From Matt Agorist at TheFreeThoughtProject:

Andre Stockett, the father and the passenger in the vehicle, and the man who took the video, has a good understanding of his rights when dealing with police.

Eventually under duress and the threat of violence, the family is forced to exit the vehicle. Stockett was arrest for, wait for it….wait for it, obstruction of justice. These harassing tyrants have the audacity to claim that it was this family who was obstructing justice and not their jackbooted thuggery. Unbelievable.

The only thing absent from this video is the Sandusky police tasering and beating the family, however the threat of stealing someone’s child stings way more than a baton every could.

Stockett, for good reason, says he plans to fight the charges of obstruction. Please share this article to let other police officers know that when they violate people’s rights they will be exposed.

Editors Note: If you’re within driving distance of Sandusky consider supporting Stockett in legaland (Sandusky Municipal Court) on Nov. 18. That is, unless those levying threats at him realize, with the help of the court of public opinion, that it was them who acted in the wrong, and thus choose to drop the charges.

Sandusky Ohio Cop Block – Facebook




How can they sleep at night? My experience with CHP Employees Holsome, Cervantez and Licon

The content below was shared via CopBlock.org/Submit by a person who experienced what manifests when individuals claim a “legal” right to initiate force. She was traveling and did not cause harm to any other, yet she was stopped, harassed, kidnapped, and caged. Good that she is speaking out as it helps make the pattern of unaccountability clear for others who have not been subjected to such “service” themselves.

Individuals Responsible: officer Holsome #1220f?//A. Cervantez @1111/ Sergeant S. Licon #13348
Outfit: California Highway Patrol
Phone: 851-637-8000

I worked in LA as an EMT, it was my birthday I was coming home from work. I stopped by my friends house after work. I decided to have a beer. (I was in nursing school, and working full time, I never really had time to enjoy myself.) After that I ate and drank a couple big glasses of water. I waited three hours before I drove.

I was driving home from my friends later that night. When a cop started to follow me. The chp car followed me so closely than finally put on the lights. I had a sick feeling in my stomach at that moment I knew something bad was going to happen.

Holsome approached my car. He asked for my license and insurance, I showed him everything. He than shined the flashlight in my eyes, and said what wrong with your eyes. (I was almost in tears) I said “I don’t know sir”. He than asked me to step out of the car” . I did.

We did the field sobriety test and than he looked at my eyes again and said “What the hell is wrong with your eyes?” I was scared and embarrassed, standing outside in my full ems uniform on the side of the road.

He told his partner to come look at my eyes, and “how weird they are” they were making fun of me and humiliating me.

He than had me try to blow on the breathalyzer where he continued to say things like “blow harder” I felt harassed at his tone of voice, he also said “wrap your lips around it tighter”. Being a young female alone with the cops on the side of the road at night/hearing stories I was afraid they would rape me or assault me from the behavior they already presented to me.

Well, the breathalyzer was broken. And that time they pushed me on the car, and a male patted me down, then called me a Mexican. (I am not Mexican, I am only part Indian).

They handcuffed me and took me to the detention center. There was another girl already arrested in the car. When we got to the detention center he told me to wait in the car. Holsome was digging around the car saying “where the F#@$ is my license, what the F#$%.” He continued to use profanity. I was forced to give my blood.

I remember the cop saying “If you’re telling the truth your life wont get ruined”. (a week later I got kicked out of school and lost my job)

At the detention center, I was stuck in the holding cell till 3pm the next day. The toilets were over flooding and it was cold, so all the girls there huddled together, cops would walk by and laugh and point at us. We were treated worse than animals.

When it was time to take our pictures they had another inmate pull down my pants, and pull up my shirt to take a picture of my tattoo.

The cop said I seemed to be on drugs, and severely intoxicated. I was not. I do not do drugs and I was not drunk.

Two months later my BAC came back almost twice the legal limit. There is no way… We received the report also from the cop.

My bac came back over .1 . A cop that was not even there wrote the report.

The cop lied repeatedly on the report (even intermingled a different persons last name on the report). They also lied about having another officer come out. There were only two people there the whole time. But the person that wrote the report (was not there) and now they have no videos of the stop…so I have no way to prove they lied.

I feel helpless and confused….its my word against the cops and they do not have the dash cam. They’re lying and there is no way to prove them wrong. I do not know what to do and how to overcome this.

Because of a lying, abusive cop, I lost everything in my life I worked so hard for.

In conclusion: I was assaulted, harassed, pushed, violated, subjected to malfunctioning equipment, had my life put in danger, by the cops lying that a third cop was there (no liability). Also, I was subject to profanity.

At the detention center I was forced to give my blood, not given my rights or options, could have been exposed to diseases or major illness from the over flooding toilet, and and also could have been seriously injured because the female that drew my blood did not show me her certification, and I have no idea if she was actually trained to draw blood.

A message to everyone: This is what happens when you give people with hardly any education power.  Its time that people stand up and realize they are not our friends, they are not going to save us, and they do not have the public’s interest in mind. They are brainwashed drones of the state.

I worked along side them as an EMT, and I saw than what they really do. They come to their wives, and they act like there the worlds saviors, when in reality there modern day terrorist of the states.

Everyone stand up reach out and speak up. Know your rights, do not talk to them, do not say anything to them, it is your right to choose to remain silent.


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Northampton Massachusetts Police Brutality

You’ve Just Been Arrested at a Festival. Now What?

The content below was authored by The Festival Lawyer and posted at Fest3000.com on September 30, 2014. It is being reposted here to CopBlock.org as, like other content from The Festival Lawyer (A Cop Stops You at a Festival: The “Know Your Rights” Infographic from April 30, 2014 and What To Do if The Police Stop You at a Music Festival from February 25, 2014) it’s thought that it will be of value to many readers. This content is also now included at CopBlock.org/KnowYourRights.

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Click for related Know Your Rights videos and content.
Click for related Know Your Rights videos and content


You’ve Just Been Arrested at a Festival. Now What?
by The Festival Lawyer

The Festival Lawyer

Listen, no one wants to believe they’d ever get arrested at a festival. But a lot of events have ramped up their security over the past few months (heck, the New York Post called this year’s Electric Zoo a “day-glo version of North Korea”)—and more security means more arrests.

Since most folks’ knowledge about what happens behind bars comes from binge-watching Orange is the New Black, here are some tips to protect your rights and keep you safe in case you get arrested.


The most important thing I can tell you about what to do after being arrested is: Do not talk to the police or give a statement about your case. Ever. If you’ve been arrested, any officer interviewing you has already decided you are guilty and is talking to you for one reason: to get you to confess.

Police are allowed to lie and to trick you to get a confession. For example, a cop might suggest a set of innocent-sounding facts to see if you will agree to them: “Hey buddy, I know you weren’t selling drugs, I just think you gave some to a friend who kept bugging you for them, right?” This might not sound that bad, but in a lot of states, if you say yes, you’ve just admitted to a much more serious crime than simple possession.

Even if a police officer just wants to hear your side of things, there’s a real risk that something you say could be taken out of context or be misunderstood. Remember the “I shot the clerk” scene in My Cousin Vinny? 

Bottom line: If you are ever questioned by the police, do not give a statement. Instead, calmly and politely tell the officer, “I am choosing to remain silent. I want a lawyer.”


five-tips-if -harassed-by-police-employees-the-festival-lawyer-cop-block-know-your-rights

If you’ve ever seen the “Know Your Rights” tip cards we hand out at festivals, you know that one of the five tips is to never agree to be searched by the police.

Once you’re under arrest, things are a bit different. The police no longer need your permission or a warrant. At that point, cops are allowed to search not only your person but also the area within your immediate control to make sure that you don’t grab a weapon or destroy evidence.
Even with this rule, there are places or things that the cops will still need your permission or a warrant to search—the Supreme Court ruled this year that cops can’t search the contents of your phone without a warrant.

Bottom line: If cops are asking for your permission to search something, it means they don’t have the right to do it without your consent. Don’t ever give permission. Instead, state firmly and politely, “Officer, I do not give you consent to search me or any of my property.”


In animals, the primordial fight-or-flight instinct stems from the sympathetic nervous system. In humans, it often comes from too much tequila or too many Jägerbombs. Regardless, the instinct to fight or run when you feel scared or in danger is strong. But if you’re about to get arrested, it’s the absolute worst impulse you can follow.

Recently, a Los Angeles police officer wrote a piece called, “I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.” Some folks were offended by its tone but it’s worth reading. It expresses a lot of the common viewpoints of the average police officer: “Even though it might sound harsh and impolitic, here is the bottom line: if you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you.”

Besides getting you hurt, most states make it a separate crime to “resist, delay or obstruct” a police officer doing their duties. People in the system use the term “contempt of cop” to describe when someone gets additional charges because they “flunked the attitude test.”

Bottom line: Don’t resist arrest or run. Above all, never put your hands on a police officer. You may end up getting injured, or with more charges.


Friends are a good thing to have in a holding cell—they can protect you, share information about the getting-out procedure, maybe even help you communicate with the outside world. But remember that everyone in the holding cell is a potential witness. In fact, police will sometimes put people together in the back of a car or in a cell just to record their conversation. Don’t talk about your case to anyone who isn’t your lawyer.

The same thing goes once you’re out of custody. There is a natural tendency to want to talk about your case on social media. Maybe you want to celebrate that you’re out or to complain about the officer who arrested you. Remember, though, that you have no right to privacy to anything you put on Facebook or Twitter. Anything you post could be used against you.

Bottom line: Sit in your own little corner, mind your own business and wait for Winston Wolf (or whomever your personal cavalry is) to arrive. Don’t talk about your case with anyone or on social media.


Each festival has its own process as to what happens to people who get arrested. For many common offenses, you’ll have the option to get bailed out or be released into a friend’s custody after only a few hours in jail. (Here’s a firsthand report of someone who went through “Coachella jail.”)

The point is, unless you did something way more serious than the average festival crime, you’ll be out of jail well before you have to go all American Me on anybody. (True story: Edward James Olmos had a contract put out on his life over that movie because the prison gang felt he did not portray their gang in a “positive light.”)

In California, for most minor offenses, you’ll be released on your own recognizance (or supervised recognizance) about six to ten hours after being arrested. Most states have a rule that no more than 48 hours after your arrest, and regardless of the charges, you have the right to appear before a neutral judge to set bail.

Bottom line: Stay calm. Know that you should be out of jail soon, or at least be in front of a judge within 48 hours.



The best way to get out of jail quickly is to stay polite and cooperate with the process. During your arrest, the police are required to ask certain questions. They need to know your name, your health situation, your emergency contact and other identifying information. A sure way to stay in custody longer is to refuse to answer these basic questions. If you refuse to identify yourself, you’ll be booked as “John Doe”—which means they’ll have to take fingerprints to identify you, causing you to get held in jail longer. Sometimes a lot longer.

There are other mandatory parts of being processed during an arrest. If you were arrested for DUI, most states require you to take a chemical test or face license suspensions for refusing.

Note that being polite does not mean that you should do whatever the police tell you. It does mean cooperating with the process, avoiding swearing and arguing or yelling stupid stuff like, “I know my rights!” or “I’m going to sue you all!”

Bottom line: Answer questions like your name and contact information and cooperate with the booking process. Have photo identification with you so that the police can quickly confirm your identity—and release you more quickly.


If you anticipate getting arrested (say, at a protest), make some effort to prepare: Have quarters for a pay phone, wear comfortable clothes and leave valuables at home.

Realistically, you won’t do all this, but consider that the cops will take your cell phone when you’re getting booked in. Try to have at least one phone number memorized—preferably someone who’ll take your collect call in the middle of the night.

Bottom line: Think ahead about what you would do if you had to reach someone without your cell phone.


As soon as you get out of jail, begin the process of preparing your defense. It’s important to try to remember all the details of your arrest and write them down as soon as possible.

Also, try to get contact information for anyone who witnessed your arrest. It may be several months until your case is heard and you will need a way to get your witnesses to court.

If you are injured, seek medical attention immediately, photograph your injuries, and keep a copy of all treatment records.

Bottom line: “The faintest ink is better than the best memory.” Document your case as soon as you get out of custody.

Let’s hope you never get arrested but if you do, remember these tips and your incarceration will end up being just a crazy story you can tell people at a party as opposed to something more life-disrupting.

by The Festival Laywer

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lewis-hatch-vermont-state-police-harass-greg zullo-copblock

ACLU of VT Files Suit Against Road Piracy of Lewis Hatch [Video]

BKG shared the content below via CopBlock.org/Submit, which documents the actions of Lewis Hatch, who prevented Greg Zullo’s freedom of movement, stole his vehicle, and caused him other harm. Hatch is employed at the Vermont State Police. The ACLU-VT is now involved on behalf of Zullo.

Date of Incident: 03-06-2014
Individual Responsible: Lewis Hatch
Outfit: Vermont State Police
Phone: (802) 773-9101

Greg Zullo was pulled over on March 6th, 2014. A Vermont state trooper said he smelled marijuana but otherwise had no evidence of a crime. The pretext for the stop was that a small amount of snow on the back bumper of Zullo’s car was making the validation sticker on the rear license plate difficult to read.

Hatch ordered him out of the car and attempted to get Zullo to allow him to search the vehicle, without a warrant.

Knowing his rights, Zullo declined to waive them and refused the search request.

Hatch called a tow truck to take Zullo’s car to the Rutland state police barracks. Zullo asked for a ride home so that he wouldn’t have to walk the eight miles to Rutland, but Hatch refused.

From the write-up at VTDigger.org:

Police violated a Rutland man’s constitutional rights when they stopped him because of a snow-covered license plate and then searched his car without probable cause, according to a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont (ACLU-VT).

The suit, filed in Rutland Superior Court, alleges that police violated Greg Zullo’s right to be protected against unreasonable search and seizure. According to the lawsuit, Zullo was left stranded on the side of the road eight miles from home after police impounded his vehicle because a state trooper smelled marijuana but otherwise had no evidence of a crime. Police issued no warning or ticket for any offense, ACLU-VT alleges…

“The police must stop treating people like criminals if they suspect that a small amount of marijuana is involved,” said ACLU attorney Dan Barrett, who, with Stowe attorney Antonio Pyle, represents Zullo in the suit. “There is no such thing as probable cause to believe that a crime is being committed when the ‘crime’ is a civil offense. Civil offenses aren’t crimes.”



A Cheap Pinch – Indiana Trooper A.H. Robinson Jr. Looses His Cool When Questioned By Trucker

The content below was shared via CopBlock.org/Submit by a gent who’s a trucker, who experienced some less-than-friendly banter from A.H. Robinson Jr. of the Indiana State Police. Without the audio he captured, it would have been his work against the person wearing a badge, and guess who those in legaland would likely side with?

Date of Interaction: 07/29/2014
Individual Responsible: A. H. Robinson Jr #8353
Outfit: Indiana State Police
Phone: (317) 232-8248

“Pinch” – old school cop slang for “arrest”.

I’m a trucker. I was stopped for speeding on Interstate 80 (approaching a toll booth) by Tpr A. H. Robinson Jr (Badge # 8353) of the Indiana State Police on July 29, 2014. He lost his cool.

Thankfully, the ticket was dismissed because the specified court date, Sept 1, is a holiday.

Editors Note: I bet karma had something to do with the dismissed ransom note as well:)


Unlawful Traffic Stop on Own Property Morphs Into Manufactured Disorderly Charge [Video]

Brent Beebe shared the information below via CopBlock.org/Submit to help get more attention on a situation he was subjected to by two gang members – one affiliated with Spencerville, OH Police Outfit and the other, with Allen County Sheriffs Outfit. After being able to find a reason to justify the attempted road piracy, and because Beebe asked questions and filmed, the catch-all of “disorderly” was applied. I bet area residents are really proud of these “heroes” wearing badges…

Date of Incident: 9-19-2014
Individuals Responsible: Roger Brown #616, unknown Allen County Sheriff deputy
Outfit 1: Spencerville Police Department Phone: (419) 647-6263
Outfit 2: Allen County Sheriff Office Phone: (419) 227-3535

I’m from Spencerville, OH, population 2,300 and falling. I traveled three blocks east and one block north of my home to pick up a computer to work on it for some cash. As I turned onto my road on my way back I waived to a  neighbor as I went by. Then, I passed a local cruiser right before I pulled into my driveway. As I was getting out of my car, I saw the lights.

Roger Brown, employed at Spencerville Police Department, got out and demanded me to get back in the car. I did. He got out of the cruiser and asked for license and registration. I asked you I was being pulled over and he said, “I know you as Brent Beebe and I know your license is suspended.” I said “One sec” and started recording.

I asked him again, ‘Why am I being pulled over? I asked him three times as he persisted for some paper work.

Brown walked away and made a phone call. When he came back he changed his story and said I was impeding traffic. (It was Fifth Street, not traveled by many.) Two things,

  • It is my wife’s car, plates and reg is in her name.
  • Spencerville Police Chief Daren Cook, patrolman Kyle Miller #612, patrolman Michael Bean #614, patrolman Roger Brown #616, all were subpoenaed today for a previous incident during our towns Fourth of July festival. See: Video1 and Video2

After 20- to 25-minutes, an Allen County Sheriff employee pulls up and orders me around. Within minutes I was under arrest. I asked why, they wouldn’t tell me until they walked away from the recording phone – disorderly conduct.

No traffic violation or anything more about my license. They put me in the sheriffs car and off to jail I went. After some small talk and a little info on what was really going on the sheriff lightened up a bit and was pretty respectful, although lied to me about laws and other bs.

I was out in an hour. As I got to the lobby of the jail I asked where the phone was so I could call for a ride home. The deputy behind the glass said “We don’t have one, go down to the bar and use their phone.”

Known Ohio-Based Police Accountability Groups


  • Akron Cop Block – Facebook
  • Ashland County Cop Block – Facebook
  • Belmont County Cop Block – Facebook / Youtube
  • Canton Cop Block – Facebook
  • Cincinnati Ohio Cop Block – Facebook
  • Columbus Ohio Cop Block – Facebook
  • Dayton Ohio Cop Block – Facebook
  • Four Corners Cop Block – Facebook
  • Greater Cleveland Ohio Cop Block – Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / [email protected]
  • Northeast Ohio Cop Block – Facebook
  • Ohio Cop Block – website / Facebook / YouTube
  • Peaceful Streets Project – Defiance – Facebook / Twitter
  • Peaceful Streets Project – Sandusky – Facebook / Twitter / [email protected]
  • Sandusky Ohio Cop Block – Facebook
  • Toledo Cop Block – Facebook
  • Van Wert Cop Block – website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / [email protected]



Speed Trap Busted, Benwood West Virginia

Larry Kiddey, who’s active with Belmont County (OH) Cop Block shared the information below via CopBlock.org/Submit. Kudos to him for being present with a camera when those in his community were being stopped by police employees for the non-crime of traveling faster than is dictated. As Kiddey notes at the end, the camera likely incentivized everyone present to treat each other well.

Date of Interaction: 09/08/2014
Individual Involved: Luke Thomas, [email protected]
Outfit: Benwood (WV) Police Department
Website: http://benwoodwv.com/policedept.htm
Phone: (304) 232-2121

I was driving along RT 2 in WV and noticed a speed trap in Benwood. I decided to pull off and Cop Block the speed trap to slow down some drivers and save those drivers a little money in speeding tickets. RT 2 is famous for speed traps between Wheeling and Moundsville.

About 20 minutes into my Block, an officer pulls up to my right and begins videotaping me. Soon after, another officer comes up the ramp and it the the one that was speed trapping. With the speed trap busted, it was time to head back to the car and call is a day. While walking to my car, I was stopped by SGT. Luke Thomas of the Benwood Police Department. He gave me a verbal warning for being on a controlled access to a highway.

He was quite polite and acknowledged that I was well within my rights with what I was doing. It’s refreshing to find an officer that was actually present the day they went over civil rights at the academy. He requested ID because he believed I was committing an offense.

According to Terry V Ohio, I was only required to provide my name, address, and birth date. In the heat of the moment I forgot that and presented my drivers license. Shortly after leaving, I heard over the scanner the dispatcher telling SGT Thomas he ran and pulled up my info.

I am not anti-police by any means, but I am anti-double standards and anti-abuse of authority. None of that was displayed to me during this encounter. I have to tip my hat to SGT Thomas for his courtesy and professionalism.

Belmont County Cop Block – Facebook / Youtube / [email protected]



Michigan Medical Marijuana User Wronged by Ottawa Co. Sheriff’s & Judge Kenneth D. Post

Matthew Dykhuizen shared the content below via CopBlock.org/Submit about his experience having his rights violated first, from someone he thought was a friend, and later, by individuals who purport to “serve and protect”, and later still, by those in the injustice system.

Incident Date: May 26, 2014 to today
Outfit Involved: Ottawa County (MI) Sheriff’s Office Phone: (800) 249-0911
Judge: Kenneth D. Post Phone: (616) 846-8280

On May 26 at about 10:30 pm, a person I used to call my friend tried to sneak behind my house and steal my medical marijuana plants which I am legally allowed to possess. I caught him red handed and he pulled a knife on me. I secured the knife with a jujitsu move called a kimora but sliced my hand up horribly in the process. After securing the knife I immediately stabbed him with it. This was obviously out of self defense as he was still trying to attack me. Afterwords he left to his truck parked down my driveway. (I have a 150 yard driveway).

I subsequently went back inside to check out my fingers which were sliced up badly. I called my friend to have him bring me to the hospital. My friend arrived and check out my wounds and agreed I needed to be hospitalized. When I walked out my door to leave there were 7 or 8 cops with assault rifles pointed at my head yelling at me to put my hands in the air. I complied with there orders and they saw how badly my hand was hurt and one of them remarked “You need to go to the hospital dude.”

I told them I was on my way out the door to go there and they said no I cant go anywhere until I answer questions.

I was fully cooperative with all there unreasonable orders for over an hour and a half. I was bleeding profusely and my fingers were swelling up to the size of lemons. The cuts were on my left hand. I’m right handed. Proving I didn’t cut myself trying to stab him like the cops are probably trying to say. All the while I’m begging them to let me go to the hospital and id answer there questions there but they refused.

Finally after being treated like a criminal, along with my friend who was only there to bring me to the hospital, they finally let me get treatment. I saw on the police report they let the attacker go to the hospital immediately and were treating him like the victim the entire time.

They decided to “confiscate” all of my medical marijuana plants for no reason. I asked them why and they told me it was part of the investigation. About a month later a cop came to my home to arrest me on a warrant for felonious assault. The attacker was not charged with anything. Not trespassing, not assault, not attempted armed robbery, NOTHING. Clearly this is to cover there own asses cause they fucked up on who they were treating like a victim and who they treated like an attacker.

Video from WXMI / Fox17Online.com:

Unfortunately that’s only the beginning of my problem they’ve caused me.

When I went to court I was told by the judge I could no longer use medical marijuana and he didn’t care that I had my card. He told me to find another way to treat myself. The problem with this is that I have tried everything. Me and my main care physician and my gastroenterologist worked for years trying literally every single form of treatment possible even multiple major stomach surgeries and nothing worked. I have a rare form of GERD called reflux esophagitus which causes my stomach to produce way to much stomach acid and causes mass erosion and ulcers on my esophagus and stomach along with the inability to eat anything. I was literally dying because every time anything would touch my stomach it would bounce right back up.

Kenneth D. Post
Kenneth D. Post

After the judge told me to seek other treatment anyways I got a note from my main care physician stating everything I just told you about my stomach treatments and surgeries and that everything has been tried and fail and that’s when HE recommended me for medical marijuana. It’s helped tremendously – I can eat and my stomach doesn’t hurt and I’m no long constantly nauseated. I subsequently gave that note to my lawyer (court appointed) to show the judge.

The judge (Kennith Post) didn’t care. He said I had to quit anyways and that if I tested positive I’m going to jail until I get sentenced and my bond gets revoked.

Editors Note: A quick search found that last year, others launched an effort to recall Kenneth Post and that he was suspended from practicing for actions related to a 2011 case.

After hearing this news I tried to quit. I once again started dealing with all the old issues I had before I started my medical marijuana treatment. I couldn’t eat anything. After a week of this I had to be rushed to the ER due to complications of malnutrition. I gave the medical records from the hospital visit to my lawyer to show the judge hoping this would prove how necessary it is for me to take my medicine and he once again didn’t care.

Tomorrow is my drug test and I’m going to jail for a long time for doing absolutely nothing wrong or illegal in any way whatsoever and I will likely die in there since I cannot eat without my medicine.

Please get my story told so that change can be made. I’m sacrificing my freedom tomorrow in hope that there will be an outrage as to what these people are doing to me and then maybe this wont happen to anyone else.

Thank you for everything that you do.

God bless you. Sincerely,

Matthew Dykhuizen

Road Pirates Episode 2

Like a Good Neighbor – Jackson (MI) Cop Block is There

The content below was captured and shared by Brandon Vreeland, founder of Jackson (MI) Cop Block. As he concludes in the video, “Try doing something selfless. Help someone that may need it. Love each other. Because why not?”


I started filming a traffic stop and ended up giving a ride home to the victim’s of a road pirate (sheriff). The cop towed their car and left them on the side of the road with all the tools from the job they were trying to get to before the pirate stole their booty (car) , and left them for broke. So I approached them and asked if I could render aid in the form of a ride home.

I had my truck so I was in a position to help. I feel that if we are in a position to help we have no choice but to do as so. The police should follow suit, but I don’t have time for miracles.

The sheriff employe (Sukovich #5125) took offense to my assistance and ordered me away from his scene. I responded with the fact that I only wish to render aid to the citizens. Later he comes over to question me and I respond with, ” I don’t answer questions.” I asked for his badge number and name. Then he said sorry you don’t want to talk to me and I said I don’t talk to cops.

I gave the two young men a ride home with all their tools and such. I also talked to them about their right’s and that I would provide them with my footage if they needed it.


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Three Bullies Wearing Badges Take Down 70lb 10th Grader for Using Cell Phone in Class

This information was shared anonymously via CopBlock.org/Submit. It details yet another unnecessary use of force by some men wearing badges – this time, against a 70-pound 10th-grade girl ostensibly because she was using her cell phone, but really, because she failed to obey. The girl had been on the phone with her mom, concerned about her medical situation.

Date of Incident: Sept 3, 2014
Individuals Responsible: Three unnamed employees
Outfit: Houston Independent School District Police Department
Phone: 713-556-6000

The stated mission of the Houston Independent School District Police Department is:

is to ensure an environment where students feel safe to learn, employees feel safe to work and the community is confident in the safety of the district.
 That sure didn’t seem to be the case at Sam Houston High School earlier this month…

From coverage via Kevin Reece at KHOU.com:

Perez, with her mom and her brother by her side, described the chain of events that led to the officers wrestling her to the floor.

She says her reading teacher caught her using her cell phone in class, which is against school rules, and told her to go to the hallway. That’s where Perez says she was confronted by an assistant principal who demanded she relinquish the phone. Students caught using phones in class are required to turn them over to school administrators and then retrieve them at the end of the school day, for a fee.

ixel-perez-houston-copblock“I just didn’t want to give up my phone,” said Perez who said she was talking to her mom who suffers from medical conditions. Perez said she was trying to make sure her mom was OK.

“She asked me for the phone and I didn’t want to give it to her, because I was scared. I ended up walking down the stairs trying to get away from the AP (assistant principal) and then she had already called the cops.”

The HISD resource officers also demanded she hang up the phone and hand it to them. Perez admitted she refused again.

‘He grabbed my hand, one of them was right here, one grabbed my hand, I didn’t want to let go of my phone because I was on the phone with mom,” she said.

Perez was detained. Her mom says she was turned away when she rushed to the school to make sure her daughter was OK. And as of Wednesday morning Perez said school officials had not returned her cell phone, in lieu of a $15 fee she would need to pay.

“We all know it was wrong,” said Perez’ brother Chris Cardenas. “It doesn’t take three cops to take down one teenage girl, especially a 70-pound teenage girl!”



Peaceful Man Uncaged After Search by Jody Huber, of Chillicothe Police, Deemed Illegal

The following was shared by Thomas Woody, who is active with North Missouri Cop Block, via CopBlock.org/Submit. Woody noted, “Cody McClintick was a recent victim of the ‘War on Drugs’ and survived! No victim no crime!

Date of Interaction: July 1st 2014
Individual Responsible: Jody Huber
Outfit: Chillicothe Police Department, Missouri
Phone: 660 646 2121

In July of 2014, Cody McClintick was stopped by the Jody Huber of the Chillicothe police outfit, on what he called a ‘routine stop’ for having a crack in the windshield of his vehicle.

Upon being stopped, McClintick, wishing to be civil and straight forward, immediately informed the officer of the firearm that he was carrying for his protection. For reasons unknown to him he was detained and illegally searched, probably because the officer felt empowered to do so because of the firearm.

The illegal search did turn up substance that state agents later claimed was illegal to posses. Huber proceeded to kidnap Mr. McClintick, and steal a majority of his belongings.

Mr. McClintick was told that he needed to spend time in a cage for not harming anyone and was brought to the Daviess/Dekalb Regional Jail, which has a bad reputation from allegations of abusing inmates and wrongful deaths.

Mr. McClintick was lucky to have a lawyer, not a public pretender, that cared about the Constitution – the same document the officer who caged him claimed to uphold and defend! His lawyer fought hard for justice, and justice prevailed! After a two month stay Mr. McClintick was uncaged, without charges!

See the four-page “Facts and Law with Supporting Suggestions” related to Mr. McClintick’s legaland situation, via North Missouri Cop Block:


Mr. McClintick has advised me of his intent to file a civil lawsuit against the police department for their blatant disregard and violation of his rights!

No Victim, No Crime!

To be continued…

Thomas Woody

[email protected]