Who Is the Greatest Enemy of Freedom?


This past weekend I covered the #BreaktheCurfew demonstration in Oakland, where members of The BlackOUT Collective as well as residents of Oakland met to defy Mayor Libby Schaaf’s  ban on night time marches. Hundreds met up to defend liberty, and challenge an unconstitutional ordinance. Without missing a beat, hundreds of cops dressed for a fight also […]

Police State Monday: Cops Pepper-Spray 4-Yr-Old, Arrest Woman For Letting Son Walk To Park, Give Man Cavity Search After Not Using Turn Signal, AND MUCH MORE


Every Monday, the Angel Clark Show is dedicated to highlighting police abuses. Today Angel discussed:   [spreaker type=standard width=100% autoplay=false episode_id=4816180]     DHS Raids Home For Land Rover SUV Over Emissions Violation A North Carolina woman is lawyering up after the Department of Homeland Security came to her house and seized her 1985 Land Rover Defender SUV. In recent […]

Disabled Homeless Marine Corps Veteran Threatened by Oakland Police and Paramedics

On June 18 2013, while sitting in the Oakland Public Library, I was approached by two police officers. They kept asking me my name to which I refused to respond or acknowledge them. In the video you will see me ask them, “Am I being detained” I am told “no” and I get up to […]

Oakland Police to deploy new snatch and grab tactics?


Article submitted by Privacysos.org Video produced by Jacob Crawford I produced this video after hearing that Oakland Chief of Police Howard Jordan was considering tossing their mandated crowd control policy for something a little looser. He has also considered taking his elite Tango and Quick Response Units and deploying them as small teams into crowds […]

Why I got arrested at Oscar Grant Plaza by Cami G.

Over 30 people were arrested when Occupy Oakland was raided on Monday morning. One of them was Cami G.,  a graduate student and a member of the media committee of OO. This is her account of the experience. On February 1, 1960, four students from the all-black Agricultural and Technical College of North Carolina—Joseph McNeil, Franklin […]

Occupy Oakland: footage shows police beating ‘peaceful’ Iraq war veteran

Via Guardian The video shows Kayvan Sabehgi being hit numerous times by an officer clad in riot gear Link to this video Video footage has emerged of a police officer beating an Iraq war veteran so hard that he suffered a ruptured spleen in an apparently unprovoked incident at a recent Occupy protest in California. The […]

Shot By Oakland PD with Rubber Bullet

Video thumbnail for youtube video Shot By Oakland PD with Rubber Bullet | Cop Block

A member of the Oakland Police Department, or some other police agency, fired at a journalist on November 3rd around midnight, for no apparent reason. According to the YouTube description: While filming a police line at Occupy Oakland after midnight on Nov. 3 following the Nov. 2 general strike, an officer opens fire and shoots […]