Military Facial Recognition Tech Now In The Hands Of Local Police


According to a new New York Times report, facial recognition software utilized by intelligence agencies and the military is currently being imported from places like Iraq and Afghanistan to local United States police departments. Originally utilized to identify terrorists, the Times reports, the technology has currently been adopted by dozens of police departments around the […]

Oakland Residents Attempt To Reclaim City From Stasi Surveillance


Residents in Oakland, California are attempting to reclaim their city from unwarranted spying by police. Activists are hopeful that city officials will appoint members of a privacy advisory committee to draft a city ordinance regulating the purchase and use of surveillance equipment by law enforcement agencies. The city took its surveillance operations to a new […]

Did Kid Rock Pay-To-Play A Reserve Police Officer In Michigan?


The Oakley Police Department in Michigan has on file an application for Robert James Ritchie, aka: Kid Rock, to serve as a reserve officer on their force. This is despite the fact that he was not listed in public records naming reserve officers. Yet some skeptics wonder if Ritchie is among the cash contributors to local […]

NFL Star – Nate Allen – Sues Fort Myers Police Department

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Nate Allen, formerly with the Philadelphia Eagles until free agency brought him to the Oakland Raiders this winter, was detained by police in February of this year. A 16 year old girl had called police and stated she saw a person in a black truck driving and masterbating. The police found Allen in his black truck […]

Sergeant Patrick Gonzales Confronted During National Day of Action (for Andy Lopez) – Oakland California


This post was shared anonymously using’s submit page. On November 9th, 2013, activists marched in Oakland, California against police murder and brutality, in solidarity with Santa Rosa, CA. They marched for the murder of Andy Lopez by Somoma County deputy sheriff Erick Gelhaus and with/for the families of other victims of police violence. At […]

Oakland Residents Hire Private Security Rather Than Trust Police


Drew Himmelstein shared a post at a few days ago titled, “Is it a Good Idea for Neighborhoods to Hire Private Security?” The simple answer? Yes. In part, the article says: Faced with a rise in armed robberies and the frustrations of relying on a notoriously beleaguered police department, neighbors in several Oakland communities have recently used crowdfunding websites to raise […]

San Fran Follow-Up

San Fran Follow up

On Saturday, Oct. 12th, 2013 I was detained by San Francisco police employees Hamdy G Habib #2329, D Khuu #358, and J Woo and given a 197FRN ransom note. Many folks have inquired about the current status of this situation, thus I felt compelled to make transparent related conversations. Those who demand payment have no […]

This weekend in Oakland: Urban Shield – the latest in security theater


Descending on Oakland, California, tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 25th, 2013, and in town through the weekend, are thousands of people who subsist on theft under the guise of protection. Their goal? To test out new hardware, train for the bogeyman of terrorism, and perpetuate the fear-paradigm upon which their relevancy is directly tied. The event is […]

From the Port of Oakland

From The Port of Oakland

Scenes from the Port of Oakland on Monday, Oct. 21, 2013. POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY TOUR [overview] [stops] [support] or [with BTC] 1Hy8xL2ey3GwFLTEd3NTS76A3bWMnQ2dRP [sponsor] RELATED Port of Oakland Strike is Underway by Jacob Crawford Port of Oakland Trucker Association Work Stoppage Protest by Some truckers halt work at Port of Oakland […]

Meshnets & the Tech-Saturated Bay: Part1


Last week I was in Oakland – the fourth stop of the Police Accountability Tour. With the exception of an interaction with some San Fran-based gangsters who initiated force, my time there was positive. Part of that stems from the opportunity in the tech-saturated Bay to be around those working to liberate the world through […]