Oakland Residents Attempt To Reclaim City From Stasi Surveillance


Residents in Oakland, California are attempting to reclaim their city from unwarranted spying by police. Activists are hopeful that city officials will appoint members of a privacy advisory committee to draft a city ordinance regulating the purchase and use of surveillance equipment by law enforcement agencies. The city took its surveillance operations to a new […]

This weekend in Oakland: Urban Shield – the latest in security theater


Descending on Oakland, California, tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 25th, 2013, and in town through the weekend, are thousands of people who subsist on theft under the guise of protection. Their goal? To test out new hardware, train for the bogeyman of terrorism, and perpetuate the fear-paradigm upon which their relevancy is directly tied. The event is […]

Oakland & Denver – next stops for the Police Accountability Tour

In a couple of weeks the Police Accountability Tour (Jacob and I) will arrive in Oakland. A week later, I’ll continue on to Denver. If you’re in either of those towns or the surrounding areas it’d be great to connect at one of the following events: Oakland Saturday, Oct. 12 Meetup & Patrol Meetup – […]

Sidewalk Chalk Art Against The Rules In Stapleton, CO.


Last summer eight of us were arrested outside the Manchester (NH) police station in an incident that become dubbed the Chalking 8. Though I hadn’t been chalking myself, many present had been using non-toxic children’s chalk express their disapproval at the lack of accountability had by four off-duty Manchester police employees who had brutally beaten […]

Police Accountability Report Episode 49

This week, a couple of stories that should cause anyone critically thinking to see that those wearing badges aren’t always operating with the best intentions. John Norman, an employee with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, resigned earlier this week after multiple women he stopped when on duty stepped forward and disclosed that he had […]

Oakland PD Employee Testilying – Claims Clearly Conflict with Video

Oakland PD Employee Testimony Conflicts with Video Evidence

[originally posted by Jim Keane at AmericaMagazine.org] Readers of this blog may recall my post from two weeks ago today about Joe Hoover, S.J., a classmate of mine at the Jesuit School of Theology who was found guilty of obstructing a public thoroughfare during an Occupy Oakland march on January 28, 2012.  Joe was sentenced […]

DIY: End the Police State


Do a simple thought experiment: what’s the difference between “theft” and “taxes?” Between “a fine” and “a ransom note?” Between “arresting” and “kidnapping?” Nothing. The person aggressed-upon was no-less harmed. It doesn’t matter where the aggressor works or what attire they wear – individuals are responsible for their actions. Badges don’t grant extra rights. The […]

Chalkupy at Occupy Oakland!! They’re AWESOME!


UPDATE: Naomi shared this information on the body of an email with the subject line, “Oakland, a Tale of Two Cities.” She said it could be added here. My intention is to help keep those interested updated about what’s going on with this positive community in Oakland. One They had this guy, saw the hurt […]

Why I got arrested at Oscar Grant Plaza by Cami G.

Over 30 people were arrested when Occupy Oakland was raided on Monday morning. One of them was Cami G.,  a graduate student and a member of the media committee of OO. This is her account of the experience. On February 1, 1960, four students from the all-black Agricultural and Technical College of North Carolina—Joseph McNeil, Franklin […]