Inside the FBI Entrapment Strategy: An Analysis


This video gives an analysis of the pamphlet Bounty Hunters & Child Predators: Inside the FBI Entrapment Strategy published on May 29th, 2012 to by b. trevan to The post included this short blurb and .pdfs: Over the past month, the FBI has initiated a spate of entrapment operations designed to frame anarchists as […]

A big welcome to Nevada Cop Block!!


Nevada Cop Block now has a presence online! Thanks to longtime Vegas activist Kelly W. Patterson (on Facebook) there’s now a home for those in Nevada who know that badge’s don’t grant extra rights. Nevada Cop Block is a place where they can connect, collaborate and create a supportive community united by the advocacy for […]

I Watch Sean Hannity on Fox News For The Lies and Comedy

I Watch Sean Hannity on Fox News For The Lies and Comedy

This video comes to from Joey Boots and his YouTube channel YosefBootski. It really does cut through the lies and show why the lamestream media – which never questions the Statist Quo – is making itself extinct. -Pete  

Minnesota Cops Smoke-up Occupy Protesters, Then Lie


A story that demonstrates double-standards claimed by those with badges submitted by “Accountability.” As s/he noted, “There is are laws…one for police and one for you.” That view will change only when each of us sees that man-made legislation does not equal law. Note how, when an individual officer does wrong and is called-out for […]

Oakland Police to deploy new snatch and grab tactics?


Article submitted by Video produced by Jacob Crawford I produced this video after hearing that Oakland Chief of Police Howard Jordan was considering tossing their mandated crowd control policy for something a little looser. He has also considered taking his elite Tango and Quick Response Units and deploying them as small teams into crowds […]

Oakland PD Employee Testilying – Claims Clearly Conflict with Video

Oakland PD Employee Testimony Conflicts with Video Evidence

[originally posted by Jim Keane at] Readers of this blog may recall my post from two weeks ago today about Joe Hoover, S.J., a classmate of mine at the Jesuit School of Theology who was found guilty of obstructing a public thoroughfare during an Occupy Oakland march on January 28, 2012.  Joe was sentenced […]

Chalkupy at Occupy Oakland!! They’re AWESOME!


UPDATE: Naomi shared this information on the body of an email with the subject line, “Oakland, a Tale of Two Cities.” She said it could be added here. My intention is to help keep those interested updated about what’s going on with this positive community in Oakland. One They had this guy, saw the hurt […]

Copblockers Content Featured on Stossel’s “Illegal Everything”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Copblockers Content Featured on Stossel's "Illegal Everything" | Cop Block

Last week Ademo posted about John Stossel’s special “Illegal Everything” as it included footage of our unjust arrests when passing through Jones County, MS in May of 2009 and when attempting to bail out friends in Greenfield, MA in July of 2010. Also included in the Stossel segment was a clip from an interview shot […]

An Open Letter to the Police by Joshua Katz

The time has come for you to make a choice. You must choose where you stand. You must take a stand and decide what society you wish to live in. Do not tell us that you follow orders, we dealt with that one decades ago. We don’t want to hear that policies are set far […] Brings Accountability

On September 17th, disillusioned individuals gathered in a lower Manhattan park and spawned the Occupy Wall Street movement, which now has a presence in over 1,000 cities and towns worldwide. Those involved represent a diversity of views – from those who wish to control the violence of the State for their own purposes, to those […]