Social Media Study Reveals Half Of Americans Hate Their Police Dept.


With the rise of digital technology, it has become easier and easier to document the transgressions of state enforcers like police – so it is no surprise that according to a social media analysis by drug treatment and awareness website, almost half of Americans hate their local police department. The study found that a […]

Video Shows Officer Kick Man In Chest For “Approaching” Him


Video surfaced earlier this week showing a Chickasha, Oklahoma cop kicking a drunk man to the ground after he “approached” the officer and refused to immediately comply with orders to back up. According to police reports, Officer Chad King was responding to a report of someone smashing bottles near a public library and arrived on […]

Deputy Who Killed Eric Harris Had 6 Uses of Force in 5 Years

robert bates eric harris

Tulsa County Sheriff Reserve Deputy Robert Bates, who was responsible for the murder of Eric Harris back in April, was apparently no stranger to the use of force. A newly released record from the grand jury probe into the Reserve Deputy Program has revealed that Bates was involved in six use-of-force incidents in the five […]

Police Kill Unarmed OK Man With Mental Illness In His Home

eric tompkins ardmore oklahoma killed by police mental illness

The following story was submitted to us by Patricia Tompkins, the mother of a mentally and physically ill man who was shot and killed in his home in Ardmore, Oklahoma. This is the story in her own words. Please help her to receive justice and peace by putting pressure on the Ardmore Police Department. Call: […]

Oklahoma Sheriff Uses Taxpayer Money To Purchase Vanity Swag

sheriff bob colbert misspent funds

An audit of Wagoneer County Sheriff’s office has revealed a strange misuse of county funds by Sheriff Bob Colbert. A perusal of his unusual purposes indicates that he has been spending the public’s money to bolster his ego and as a sort of campaign promotion for future elections regarding his democratically secured position. This comes […]

Meddling Kids: And They Would Have Gotten Away With It … 8/3/15


Every week at we bookmark many stories of police abuse, corruption and brutality; as well as other stories of an entire justice system gone awry. Unfortunately we do not get to write about all of them in detail due to time constraints. Yet we often feel like we forgot something at the end of […]

Entire Chelsea Police Force Resigns; Crime Out of Control!


Ok, ok, the second part of that headline is bullshit, but not the first part, that’s completely true. The entire Chelsea, OK police department quit their positions amid rumors that their chief was going to be fired. This blessing to the town was brought on when local businessman, Brian Hagard, was pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving […]

Rookie Cop Exposes Animal Abuse by Police Officers

rookie cop exposed animal abuse

After only two weeks on the job, Konawa Police Officer Jermaine Downs has broken the “Blue Line of Silence” by exposing two officers on the force for abusing animals on the job.  The officers involved allegedly bragged about shooting and beating stray animals while they were on duty.  Downs is now considering quitting his job over […]

Oklahoma Cop Arrested in Connection with California Teen Disappearance


A 15 year old girl was was found in Las Vegas, NV after a 22 hour investigation involving a California teen, and an Oklahoma police officer. It is believed that Alex Odisha left voluntarily with Danniel Boone Morgan. The authorities searched for the teen, and the cop for 22 hours, believing Morgan to armed. Morgan […]

Two Men Stuck in Flood Call Police for Help, Cops Arrive and Kill One of Them, Arrest the Other


(Tulsa, OK) On Friday, two brothers called police for help as they were trying to move their truck after it had stalled on a road that was quickly flooding. Soon after Oklahoma State Troopers arrive, one of the brothers is shot dead by the very people they called for help and the other brother finds himself arrested after he […]