12-Year-Old Boy Mauled By Police Dog After Surrendering, Friends Say

vicious dog

Orlando officials say a 12-year-old burglary suspect was mauled by a police dog during an arrest that resulted in a three day hospital stay. According to police, the boy had pried open a door at an elementary school campus late on the night of June 4, and fled on foot when officers told him to freeze. […]

Police One Comments Reveled


Here’s a story from a few days ago in Orlando, Florida. An internal investigation by the Orlando PD decided that an officer used excessive force when he threw a 100-pound woman violently to the ground face first, smashing her front teeth out on the sidewalk. Go figure. It doesn’t take a doctor or an expert […]

Cop Slams Kids Head Into A Parked Car

Another act of police brutality caught on tape. This video clearly shows an officer smashing a persons head into a car in a sheer act of violence. This officer needs to be the one in cuffs sitting in a cage right now.