One City Stopped Arresting Drug Addicts, Offered Help Instead… And It’s Working! (REPOST)

Leonard Campanello Gloucester Police Chief2

Gloucester, MA — Situated on the coast of Massachusetts, Gloucester’s claims to fame include its status as“America’s original seaport” as well as being the real-life location on which events in the movie The Perfect Storm (2000) were based. Now, the small town has a new reason to be the center of attention: Its police have […]

Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Frauds Overdose, Has Legal Spice Seized


This submission comes to us from Steve Spell, a southeastern Louisiana businessman who experienced theft of his product from the individuals wearing “Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff” patches on their attire. Spell had the insight to capture the interaction on film and is working to hold accountable those who violated his rights by making it public and […]