Contributor Pepper Sprayed and Arrested for Giving Cop the Bird


Adam Rupeka is the founder of Capital District CopBlock, a CopBlock Network contributor and overall pain in the butt to law enforcement all over New York. His specialty is conducting First Amendment audits of government buildings, like jails, police stations, and federal buildings, but recently he found himself the victim of an illegal traffic stop. […]

Tulsa Police Pepper Spray & Taser Man Who Drops Chip

man tased pepper sprayed for dropping chip

A man in Tulsa was standing on a sidewalk eating potato chips while police questioned others nearby. The man drops a single chip and police react with pepper spray and a taser for egregious crime of littering with intent to snack. The man is approached first by one officer, who in just a matter of […]

Minneapolis Police Officer Sprays Child at Protest

cop pepper sprays child in minneapolis

On Wednesday May 13th activists took to the streets of Minneapolis to protest the decision of of a Wisconsin police department who has decided not to press any charges in the highly questionable killing of Tony Robinson by police. Even though there were no reports of aggression and the protest was peaceful, a police officer sprayed […]

Alton, Illinois Officer Pepper Sprays Handcuffed Teens

alton police pepper sprays teens

Video has recently been released which shows an Alton, Illinois police officer as he pepper sprays two teens who are handcuffed and in custody at the Alton Police Headquarters. According to KTLA5: The video, dated Jan. 26, 2015, shows two teens sitting in a holding area at the Alton Police Department. An officer walks in, says […]

Resource Officer Pepper Sprays Student For Non-Compliance With Teacher


The family of a Pennsylvania “emotional support” student is suing a Bradford Area High School Resource Officer for allegedly handcuffing and pepper spraying their son after he refused to comply with a teacher. The lawsuit alleges that on March 14, 2014, the student, identified only as 17-year-old T.K., was in his life skills/emotional support class […]

Deputy Embarrassed at New Year 2015 Checkpoint by CopBlocker (Video)


The video and text below were sent to us, via’s submission tab, by Chris K – who’s also a “Film The Police” contest winner: As we were driving closer to the checkpoint, one of the officers shouted to her buddies, “Cop Block!” before we were stopped by Deputy Vanderveer, who is currently employed […]

Humboldt State University Employs Violent Cop, Uses Student Money to Cover His Lawsuits


The content below was shared anonymous via by a student who noted the irony of a university police employee who purports to stand for safety, yet twice has been involved in cases were settlements are given to victims of his brutality. He notes, “it ridiculous and outrageous that he is still employed by the […]

Pepper-Sprayed and Beaten


Laura M. shared this post via’s submit page. Date of Interaction: 2007 Police Employees Involved: Arlington, TX PD It was 2007 and I had just graduated from college. I was 25 and things were looking up for me. Despite having received two DWI’s between 2001-2002, I hadn’t been in trouble for quite some time and […]

Police State Monday: Cops Kill Teenager, and Kill Teenager, and Kill Veteran AND MORE


Every Monday, the Angel Clark Show is dedicated to highlighting police abuses. Today we discussed: Teen faces potential life sentence in prison for illegal brownie recipe A young man’s baked goods could potentially land him with a harsher punishment than a rapist or a murderer.  The teen faces a a maximum sentence of life in […]

Jail Inmate Pepper Sprayed While Fully Secured in Restraint Chair


Rutherford Beacon shared this post via’s submit page. On December 9, 2013 an inmate was brought to the Rutherford County (TN) Sheriff’s Office jail facility on a charge of “Resisting” and “Hold – Other Department.” The inmate was placed into a restraint chair in the sally port, which binds your wrists and ankles into restraints, […]