Man Chokes Cop – Or Does He?

Man Chokes Cop - Or Does He?

The video below, captured on Wednesday, July 02, 2014, relates to a situation that unfolded in south Florida that involved Livingston Manners and some still, as-of-yet unidentified Hollywood police employees. UPDATE: I thought the comment below,  left at Youtube/CopBlockLive, worth sharing. As militaryvetandfather concludes: “I am asking everyone to call the TV 6 Station in […]

If you support government police, you support institutionalized rape, murder, and plunder


Part 2 of a series on how Florida’s most despicable police officers continue to remain on the job is both enlightening and frightening. A Herald-Tribune investigation found that thousands of Florida officers remain on the job despite arrests or evidence of crimes that would result in incarceration for any ordinary person. Reprehensible behaviors by these […]