Cameras For Tucson Police Accountability


This post was shared by Raymond via’s submit page. My name is Raymond Rodden III, I am a citizen photographer rights activist, investigative journalist and “Cop Watcher” in Arizona that seeks to promote integrity, transparency, and accountability in government and fidelity to the rule of law. Photography is not a crime; it is a means […]

Draconian Speech Crack Down Labels Criticism Of Police “Terrorism”

Spanish protestor

In whats being hailed as a “reform” by the government of Spain, citizens will now face draconian restrictions on speech and assembly. Passed in parliament last December on behest of the conservative Partido Popular (Peoples Party), the Spanish Citizens’ Security Law went into effect July 1, criminalizing among other things, criticism of government and police […]

Breaking: Addison TX Officer Assaults Brett Sanders for Legally Filming

addison police officer assaults cameraman

In a video uploaded to the YouTube channel run by Brett Sanders, an officer from the Addison Police Department can be seen aggressively crossing the street to confront Brett for filming the police department.  Brett was open carrying and videotaping from a public sidewalk.  He was violating no laws. The officer begins by asking, “Can […]

Police Stop Man For Recording, Arrest Him After Mistaking Cracker Crumbs For Crack


A Wenonah, New Jersey man has settled a lawsuit with Deptford-Township police in Gloucester County, alleging he was stopped for recording and arrested when an officer mistook his cracker crumbs in wax paper for crack-cocaine. It took four years for police to settle for $35,000 of tax payer money with John Cokos, who was stopped when […]

ACLU Launches ‘Mobile Justice’ Police Accountability App In California


The California chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union launched a mobile application, Thursday, that will allow individuals to record cell phone videos of police misconduct and automatically save the footage to the organization’s computer network. The group said the app will send the video to the organization and preserve it even if a phone […]

Man Tasered By Ranger For Attempting To Photograph National Park

travis sanders

A Hawaiian man was shot with a taser and arrested after attempting to fly a toy drone over the summit of Kilauea volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in order to take pictures. 35-year-old Pahoa resident, Travis Ray Sanders was using the small unmanned device to film rising lava levels Saturday night when he was […]

Video Shows U.S. Marshal Smash Woman’s Cellphone For Recording

cellphone grab

Video has emerged showing a U.S. Marshal in California armed with an assault rifle, violently grab a woman’s video recording device, smash it on the ground, then stomp and kick it, Sunday. The footage shows the bystander attempting to speak with officers standing in front of a home while filming with a small camera or […]

Killer Cops: How To Cover Up A Murder On Duty, As Presented By Michael Slager


In a surprising turn of events, North Charleston police officer Michael T. Slager has has been charged with murder for the homicide of a suspect while on duty. A video filmed by an anonymous bystander depicts an interaction between Slager and the victim, Walter Scott. The video depicts Mr. Scott struggling briefly to free himself […]

Wrongfully arrested motorcyclist sues Dallas County Sheriff’s deputy for $1 million


Catfish shared the content below – an update to an incident many of us are aware of – a demanding, lying, and outright thuggish James Westbrook, who wears a Dallas Co. Sheriff’s Department badge, toward a motorcyclist who had not harmed person or property. Date of Incident: 5/27/12 Individual Responsible: Deputy James Westbrook Outfit: Dallas […]

Local Montana Newspaper Editor Arrested for Photographing Crash Scene


Roger Roots shared this content via, to help get more eyes on an unjust situation in Montana – the censorship and harassment of a man who’s been a journalist for over three-decades, by Anthony Isabell, who wears a Montana Highway Patrol badge. Date of Incident: October 1, 2014 Individuals Responsible: Anthony Isbell Outfit: Montana […]