Scientism and the Police State

Scientism and Police

Scientism is another contentious topic that I think can shed some light on the emergence of the police state. It is one of the many angles from which we can explore the problem of police corruption, abuse and violence in order to gather a bigger picture of issues so complex that they cannot be explained […]

Philadelphia Drug Unit Corruption Case Began Today (Monday, March 30)

Six Cops Arrested, Facing Life In Prison

On Monday, March 30th, a Philadelphia court will hear a case involving corruption of six drug unit officers. The charges stem from numerous incidents between 2006 and 2012 in which officers used violence and other forms of aggression in order to steal a half-million dollars and several kilos of cocaine from local drug dealers. This […]

Salina Kansas K-9 Officer Carswell and The Doggie Treat Deceit

The Doggy Treat Deceit

Department: Salina Kansas Police Department Employee: K-9 Officer Carswell Contact: (785) 826-6515 Address: 255 N 10th, Salina, Ks. 67401 On Sept. 9th 2014, Salina Kansas Police employee Tyler Golsby pulled over Troy Dejulio for a non-working tag light. While reviewing the lapel cams to point out the deceitful and dirty coercive tactics these officers were […]

SFPD Texts Expose Pig Family Values: Hatred and Bigotry? (Video) [UPDATED]


Last year six San Francisco Police Department officers were found guilty on charges of corruption by a federal court. The scandal that proceeded the hearings rocked the entire community, as the charges included behavior that sounded like something from a Quentin Tarantino movie. Now federal prosecutors are attempting to prevent Ian Furminger’s appeals process with allegations […]

Weare Nh police chief velleca resigns amid investigation


The information below was shared by John Brady. Date of Incident: spring-October, 16,14 Individuals Involved: John Velleca (chief), Jennifer Posteraro (assistant) Outfit: Weare, NH Police Department Phone: (603) 529-7755 John Velleca became chief of police of Weare, NH in October, 2013 – within a year he resigned, after his inconsistencies about treatment of a female […]

William Grimmich, 25-Year Police Sgt., Arrested for Trafficking Drugs


The information below was shared via by someone who wished to remain anonymous. Date of Incident: 09/14/2014 Individual Responsible: William Grimmich Outfit: Sebastian Police Department Phone: (772) 589-5233 I saw this story online, and it’s a good story of police arresting one of their own. Sebastian Police (Florida) Sgt. William Grimmich arrested and charged […]

Brady Lists – Another Injustice System Failure

Brady Lists - Another Injustice System Failure

In 1963, the murder conviction of John Brady was overturned by the United States Supreme Court, which ruled that that prosecutors had not disclosed all known facts pertinent to the case. Specifically – that Brady didn’t commit murder. Prosecutors – eager to get yet another conviction – had decided not to share with Brady and […]

Call the Cops – Rob Hustle ft Liv


Rob Hustle shared this post via’s submit page. Police Employees Involved: Corrupt Cops from Around the World I’m a hip hop artist, and I wanted to share my latest track, Call the Cops. Increasing militarization of police in our country is becoming a threat to life and liberty. Laws are supposed to help and protect […]

B.A.D. Biker Rights Joins Forces With CopBlock.Org and FilmingCops.Com


The post below, authored by VOP People, was originally posted to on March 06, 2014. This post, and the efforts and collaboration outlined, is exactly what is needed to really bring about a positive change – people with similar goals connecting to make that happen. Much love to active with Bikers Against Discrimination, American […]

Woodstock, IL Cop Solicits “Sexy Pictures” From 12 Year-Old Girl & Pretends to be Teen Online


This post was shared anonymously via’s submit page. In Woodstock, Illinois, a 24 year veteran of the police force has been given a slap on the wrist for texting a 12 year old girl asking for “sexy pictures.” According to copies of the messages obtained by the Tribune from the 12 year old daughter […]