Speeding Praetorians

This post was sent into us by Joe Via our submit a post tab By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist If “speeding” — defined as driving faster than the legally posted maximum velocity — is necessarily “unsafe,” why do cops do so routinely? The answer, of course, is: Because they can. More precisely, they can do […]

The worst racism is always perpetrated by the police

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Contrary to what Conservatives want you to believe, racism is not a thing of the past, nor merely some phantom phenomenon pesky minorities whine about to get attention and handouts from politicians. Let’s take a look at the current situation, shall we? New York City, like many others, has for years enforced a marijuana policy […]

Police are just doing their jobs…parenting your kids with boots, fists, and tasers


Increasingly, the news reports incidents of severe abuse of youth by adults. For instance, a 9-year-old was tasered for refusing to take a bath a few years ago. About 2 and a half years ago, several middle school students were forcibly restrained and  locked in cold, dark rooms for throwing food. Another 14-year-old epileptic girl […]

My Cheshire County Jail Experience

========= Multi-Author AdSense ========= Skipped due to there being 3 AdSense ads on this page already ======================================== [This post was published as part of a meta-post to tie all related content together so that a more-informed conclusion about the incident and its handling can be reached.] I was arrested on January 24th, 2011 and held […]