Seneca Police Chief Refuses To Name Officer Who Killed 19 year-old


Seneca police Chief John Covington said that he will not release the name of the officer who gunned down 19 year-old Zachary Hammond, claiming the officer did so in ‘self-defense.’ In a written statement released to the media, Chief Covington states: “We feel that releasing his name may possibly subject the officer and family to […]

Call Flood: Court Support for Amy Bramuchi – Shot by Alpharetta Police

Amy Bramuchin Shot 6x Alpharretta Police

Jonathan Beavers, the founder of Georgia Cop Block, has requested a call flood in support of Amy Bramuchi, an Atlanta woman who was recently shot six times by the Alpharetta Police (see video at the bottom of the post). Amy has faced harassment over her involvement with Georgia Cop Block, as well as her involvement […]

Stockholm Syndrome Sufferers Take Up Defense Of Police


An image of Baltimore citizens forming a defensive line in front of Baltimore police has gone viral and the sheeple of the world are gushing with utterly misguided and misplaced feelings of positivity and inspiration. The photograph depicts what probably are a bunch of really nice men standing in solidarity with police. People are practically melting […]

Did Virgin Islands Police Employees Murder Shakira Gautier?


This content was shared by Geormi Gautier. It is 4 years on July 25 that Shakira Gautier was found dead inside the Virgin Islands Police Department. Discrepancies exist between the police report and the autopsy. The new camera surveillance system inside the police department was claimed to be offline. The police employees did not involve […]

Keene Bailiff Pete Macy Typifies Bureaucrat Unaccountability

Keene Bailiff Pete Macy Typifies Bureaucrat Unaccountability

On July 24th I was thrown to the ground and arrested after questioning Keene District Court bailiff Pete Macy’s demand to remove my hat. Two months later I finally received Macy’s incident report in the mail. It was chock-full of inaccuracies.