Former Jacksonville, Arkansas DARE Officer Just Says “Yes” to Drugs

Former DARE Officer Arrested for Drugs

In what has become somewhat of a trend recently, yet another cop has been busted in a drug sting, this time in Jacksonville, Arkansas. The extra bit of irony in this particular instance involves the fact that Donald Bredenberg was actually a former D.A.R.E. officer. So, in case you’re the one person on this continent that […]

Narco-Tyranny in a Tiny Town: Covington, Texas Police Chief Arrested


According to William Grigg, Wade Laurence – “chief” of police in a small north-central Texas town – has engaged in actions that those he purports to serve and his own colleagues liken to a a reign of terror.” The post below – was authored by Grigg and posted to Republic Magazine. For more from Grigg, […]