Private Prisons Rebrand Themselves As Real Estate Investment Trusts To Avoid Taxes


This post, Private Prisons Rebrand Themselves As Real Estate Investment Trusts To Avoid Taxes, by Shannon Argueta at, makes clear the subpar conditions many now caged are subjected to, yet she seems to miss the point in how to rectify the situation. The practices Argueta rightly vilifies will continue whether done by GEO Group, […]

Florida Teen Facing Criminal Charges For Relationship With Female Student


An 18-year-old Sebastian River High School senior is reportedly being charged with a felony and expelled from high school as a result of a consensual relationship with another female student. Kaitlyn Hunt started dating a 15-year-old student from her high school basketball team when she herself was 17. Kaitlyn’s father, Steven R. Hunt Jr., claims […]

What Is Jury Nullification?

Submitted by Captain Six From Station.6.Underground What is Jury Nullification? You won’t find it defined in your dictionary or described in your encyclopedia. You weren’t taught about it in school, and indeed it is even considered a crime to tell other people about it in some circumstances. Imagine that for a moment – it is […]

Get Cops Out of Schools Before It’s Too Late


The following story caught my attention because I went to jail for highlighting something similar – police abuse (or interactions) with kids in school. This story comes from Akron, Ohio where it seems a Middle School Police Relations (funny, relations) Officer fractured the arm of a (then) 13 year old girl because she was swearing. […]

Convicted Felon and Former Greece, NY Police Chief Merritt Rahn Released from Prison


By Davy V. Convicted felon and former Greece, NY Police Chief Merritt Rahn was released from the Hudson, N.Y. Correctional facility Wednesday morning. In 2010, Rahn was convicted of several felonies in connection with covering up for two of his officers, including former Greece, NY Police Sgt. Nick Joseph’s hit and run accident in which […]

19 Crazy Things That School Children Are Being Arrested For in America


The American Dream Waking People Up And Getting Them To Realize That The American Dream Is Quickly Becoming The American Nightmare shared: With each passing year, the difference between America’s prisons and America’s public schools becomes smaller and smaller.  As you read the rest of this article, you will be absolutely amazed at some […]

Welcome to Copblock! (VIDEO)

(This video is from “thecopblock” youtube channel archives) Ademo Freeman (Adem Mueller) Hard at Work Welcome to! We, in the good old USA, possess 25% of Earth’s prisoners.  We have the highest incarceration rate the world has ever known. Yet, only 5% of Earth’s inhabitants live in the states. We simply hold folks in […]

Please Don’t Throw That Bomb At My Grandmother…

Swat at grandma's

  See The Video Here:   The expectation that our innocent veterans, children, and pets will be murdered by sub-machine gun toting police is common in The Land of The Free. You may simply be guilty of having an address similar to that on a piece of paper which claims to allow government agents […]

My Thoughts, While Incarcerated by Dan Abshear


The number of actions deemed “illegal” continues to grow. Seen through that arbitrary filter that means more individuals who were at one time “law-abiding” are now viewed as “criminals.” That makes it more and more likely that you will see the inside of a jail cell. (Such a trend will continue unless we each stop […]

Wisconsin Standoff Society

Waukesha police burning through tax dollars on another standoff...

In 1993, I watched the Waco, “Standoff” live on the NBC Nightly News as a young man while eating meatloaf in front of the TV with my family. What exactly is a, “Standoff?” In my early years, I understood a standoff  as an incident which one party was wrong and the State comes in to […]