Jaywalking Tickets; Keeping You Safe After You Safely Cross the Road (VIDEO)


The video above was taken while I was out CopBlocking a checkpoint in Columbus, OH a few weeks ago. While getting some footage at the actual checkpoint, I was notified that my car would be towed from the Speedway parking lot I had parked in. I assume that the police, who were shadowing us that […]

An Open Letter To Baltimore & The World: How To End Police Brutality Forever


[The following article was sent to me via Jeff Berwick, Chief Editor of The Dollar Vigilante, and was originally posted there] I am going to make this as short and simple as possible because I know 99% of people are too busy to put much thought into solutions. However, if you read this, you will have an answer […]

Better Than A Cop: The Carjacking (VIDEO)


In last week’s “Better Than A Cop” story I highlighted Kentrell Ferguson who stopped a sexual assault in progress with nothing more than a stick and brick. In this week’s edition our hero has no name – or its yet to be made public. In the video below, taken from security cameras on site, a man […]

Private Policing, Law Enforcement, and Adjudication in a Stateless Society


*This post was taken from “The Art of NOT being Governed.”* The following is from guest-author Rand Eastwood. You can read more from Rand on his blog. Private Security When discussing the idea of a free society—meaning a stateless society—I often use Las Vegas casinos as an example of how market-provided police forces would be much more […]

Arrested for a Pocket Knife in New York City


This post was shared via CopBlock.org’s submit page. Not too long ago, I was waiting for the subway, about to head up to see my girlfriend in uptown New York. I’d just recently moved to the city and I was used to carrying my pocket knife with me – a 2-inch assisted-open karambit that I […]

Call the Cops at Your Own Risk


By Jeff Berwick at LewRockwell.com Would you dial up a known criminal, like a murderer or rapist, to come help you after you’ve been the victim of a crime? No? Then why in the world would you call the police after you’ve been assaulted, robbed or otherwise violated? The police do not consider their job to […]

Pushed by Cop, Sent to Jail

Going to Jail for WHAT?

Someone passed this video along via the submission tab (the email was a dud), so I added a intro/outro and posted it to CopBlock.org’s YouTube. I found the text below by clicking the link in the original video, posted here. There’s some that would pat the cops on the back for being over dramatic assholes. They […]

Better Than A Cop – Saved By A Deer


A 20 year old student of Miami University learned the hard way that police protection is nothing more than a fallacy. While stepping away from a party Friday night, the unidentified woman was attacked from behind, choked with her own purse, punched in face and dragged to a near by field. We all know the police […]

American Democracy On Life Support

Video thumbnail for youtube video American Democracy On Life Support | Cop Block

American democracy is on life support as the Super Police state adds another law (Bill H.R. 347 – ‘Trespass Bill”) that attacks your First Amendment right to protest. The line that separates democracy versus Police state seems to be invisible and unnoticed by most people and even mainstream media that totally fail to report on […]