“Non-Lethal Force” by Rad Geek

[The following post was written by Charles “Rad Geek” Johnson with reference to an article I published last month titled “Burning down the house.” It was originally published at Rad Geek People’s Daily on January 28th. Rad Geek is a Las Vegas-based software developer and libertarian activist who frequently comments about police brutality and cop […]

Rad Geek: “Quick quiz”

Q.: When does a government police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man actually get arrested and promptly charged with first-degree murder, within a week of the shooting? Stumped? Click here for the answer.

Thugs look out for thugs

Two American soldiers beat a gay man unconscious for winking at them. The police decided to charge them with a misdemeanor instead of a felony. I guess tax-subsidized thugs look out for tax-subsidized thugs. Get more info and some spot-on analysis from Rad Geek here.

Domestic Soldiers

Here’s an excerpt from an interesting USA TODAY article discussing the dangers of high-speed police chases: Innocent bystanders account for one-third of those who are killed in high-speed police chases, a USA TODAY review has found. The deaths have several communities around the USA wrestling with whether to restrict pursuits only to suspects in violent […]