Why Government Policing Monopolies Can Neither Serve Nor Protect You


In 1920, the great Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises expanded on what is known as the “economic” or “socialist calculation problem” in his work, Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth. Mises describes the nature of the price system under capitalism and describes how individual subjective values are translated into the objective information(prices) necessary for rational […]

New York Holds Real Guns To Retailers Heads For Selling Toy Ones


Ironically, the state of New York is holding the very real guns of government against the heads of retailers like Walmart and Amazon – and forcing them to pay over $300,000 – for the “crime” of selling toy ones. The judgement, which is being referred to as a “settlement” by the mainstream media, results from […]

Cops: Eating Out The Substance Of Their Own Countrymen

jefferson on cops

Every government employee is morally suspect, this is true. Funded by violent expropriation (taxation), government workers add no net gain to society as they simply confiscate resources from one group to give to another. In fact they provide a net lose as their prima facie existence is dependent on still more tax dollars. State enforcers, […]