Las Vegas Lawsuit Aims to Curb Courts’ Revenue Generation Focus (Update)

Supreme Court Revenue Generation

It’s no secret that revenue generation is the name of the game for law enforcement and the courts these days. However, as has been pointed out previously on, Las Vegas and the State of Nevada are particularly prone to such piracy. Now a lawsuit filed in Las Vegas aims to put an end to […]

CopBlocking Parma (OH) Cop with “F the Police Sign” (Video)


On July 10th, DEO and I were out and about in Cleveland getting a few CopBlocking tasks done. First we headed down to the Cleveland Police Headquarters and recorded a promotional video for National Chalk the Police State Day. After that we stopped at the Independence Police Department to create a satire video for our friends […]

WARNING!!! Cops Impersonating Panhandlers in Massive Revenue Generation Scheme


Well well, it seems the bangers in blue have a new twist on an old tactic. The next time you come up to a stop light, and panhandlers are around, you might want to double-check your seatbelt and put your phone down. Cops are impersonating homeless people, to entrap you, and extort money from you […]

Reliance on Traffic Ticket Revenue Has Left Nevada Supreme Court Broke


Back in March, Nevada Supreme Court Justice James Hardesty warned state legislators that the NV Supreme Court coffers were bare, due to a drop in revenue from traffic tickets. A decrease in the amount of tickets being issued by law enforcement state-wide had left the courts $700k over budget this year and facing another $700k […]

Cops: Eating Out The Substance Of Their Own Countrymen

jefferson on cops

Every government employee is morally suspect, this is true. Funded by violent expropriation (taxation), government workers add no net gain to society as they simply confiscate resources from one group to give to another. In fact they provide a net lose as their prima facie existence is dependent on still more tax dollars. State enforcers, […]

Unapproved Radar Guns Could Mean Ticket Refunds For Thousands Of Florida Drivers

Python II beam-width

Some drivers ticketed for speeding in Florida may be able to have their tickets refunded or dismissed after a local news investigation revealed that a number of sheriff’s departments and police stations across the state are using a radar gun not approved because of its inaccuracy. In Orlando, police officials confirmed that the department has […]

Jaywalking Tickets; Keeping You Safe After You Safely Cross the Road (VIDEO)


The video above was taken while I was out CopBlocking a checkpoint in Columbus, OH a few weeks ago. While getting some footage at the actual checkpoint, I was notified that my car would be towed from the Speedway parking lot I had parked in. I assume that the police, who were shadowing us that […]

Colorado Cop Earns 93 Percent of Towns Budget Writing Tickets

Cops Generate Revenue

We have claimed on many occasions that the duty of police is rarely to serve and protect average citizens as much as it is to create fear, protect the rich and collect revenue. The going-ons of one small town in Colorado, where a single cop has written tickets earning 93% of the towns revenue, illustrate […]

Canadian Cops Dressed as Homeless People to Catch Texting Drivers


A story out of Montreal Canada has two interesting angles. First being, that police officers decided to dress up like homeless people in order to catch people, who were texting while driving, not wearing seat belts, or committing other minor vehicle infractions (basically revenue generation at its finest). The second part, is that people started […]

Black People Must Be Really Bad Bicycle Riders


The disproportionate targeting of African Americans by police has been a controversial issue for decades. While primarily relegated to the black community itself, the issue has been projected into the mainstream consciousness over the last year as more and more questionable police killings gain national attention. Now, I am certainly no ‘social-justice crusader’ and obviously […]