How to Deal with Police Questioning: What Are Your Rights?


Submitted by Guest Contributor Alfredo Acosta It is not a pleasant feeling to get pulled over by a police officer for questioning. A million thoughts may race through your head and you might even worry about being shot. There are many cops out there who are on a heady power trip. If you Google “police brutality,” the search […]

Did The Police Call Kyle Hammond a Terrorist? Did They Tamper with Body Camera Footage Too?


On July 13th I blogged about Kyle Hammond, who was arrested by Henrico Police officer Hughson for remaining silent. As I stated in that post: Kyle Hammond was conducting a First Amendment audit of an FBI building in Henrico County, VA when Officer Hughson approached with a line of questions. Choosing to exercise his right to remain silent, […]

Video Shows Cops Attack Teen For Refusing To Give Name


A short video has surfaced showing officers in West Deptford, New Jersey, attack a teenager for refusing to state his name. The footage shows one officer ask the boy, identified as 18-year-old Chris James Cuneo, “Whats your first name?” “I’m not telling you,” the teen responds. “OK then, you’re going to get arrested for obstruction,” […]

(VIDEO) “I Have the Right to Remain Silent” – Memorial Day Checkpoint Owned by Cop Blocker

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.26.37 PM

The video above that was recorded at a Memorial Day checkpoint in Murfreesboro, TN this past weekend shows just how quickly you can get through a DUI checkpoint without giving up any of your rights. As the driver slows down and comes to a stop with the driver’s side window open just an inch or two, an officer approaches the car and […]

Former Judge Charged with Assault Against Cop Credits Video for Favorable Outcome


The content below was shared by Eric Peloquin via the form at It’s unique in that it involves a charge against a former judge, though perhaps not too rare in that the charges stem from a police employee – Andrew Kohl – who claimed he had been wronged. Ultimately, video of the exchange was […]

Know Your Rights – an Infographic


Yesterday Jason Howerton at shared this infographic created by the folks at Online Paralegal Programs The infographic is admittedly pretty through. I’m glad it was created as it presents a lot of primer information on how to handle police interactions in an easy-to-consume form, which means more people will be aware and able to […]

Right to Remain – Educational Original Song by Tush


This post was submitted by Nancy Rose. This was my first serious original song and was inspired by the bravely honest Dr. James Duane and Judge Robert Jackson and is about why nobody should ever speak to LEOs. This is a song about knowing your rights Keep on listening, take my advice Don’t say a […]

Alyona Show: How to cop proof your cell phone

Video thumbnail for youtube video Alyona Show: How to cop proof your cell phone | Cop Block

This video gives some helpful tips for keeping personal information stored on your cell phone private in the event that it is seized by the police.

Jerome Vorus harassed for photography

Back in August, I wrote a lengthy post about a YouTube video by Jerome Vorus which depicts him being detained by an FBI police officer for public photography. As I noted, the video was an excellent demonstration of how people can assert their legal rights when confronted by the police. Throughout the video, Vorus remained […]