NYPD Ticketing Bicyclists For Speeding?


Just when I thought I’d seen it all, the NYPD managed to surprise me once again. If you would like to ride your bike in Central Park, but were unsure what the speed limit is, you can easily find it on the Official Central Park website where it clearly states, “Cyclists are required to obey all […]

Cops trying to incite a riot

Does this look like acceptable and proper police procedure? Liveleak Link According to Liveleak The Chicago Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division is investigating the video, which you can see in its entirety above. In the footage, the doors of a Chicago Police Department vehicle are open and a young man in the back seat is […]

Who Received the Lighter Jail Sentence, Cop or Citizen?


When you have two people that commit crimes while driving a car, but one is a cop and the other is a mere mundane, who do you think will get the better deal? To make it even tougher, let’s say the cop was drunk and killed four people, while the citizen was high and only […]

Patrol car illegally parked in no parking zone

Hallandale police officer illegally parked

Yesterday while leaving GulfStream race track I watched a Hallandale police officer pull up and park in a no parking zone right under a big no parking sign. Wanting to know if he was there on an emergency I followed him for a minute or two. After first watching him try and walk up the escalator stairs […]

Police Brutality?

I wasn’t sure whether to post this one after reading the article but once I watched the video I have a feeling that the news story is one sided towards the officers and doesn’t give the whole truth. Even the video seems shady, as Joseph Florence starts to tell his story of how the police […]

Drunk Cops of the Week

I compiled this list from the information that Injustice Everywhere collects everyday and posts to his site regarding police misconduct. It’s a great site that I highly recommended taking a look it.  Now to the drunk cops of the week. A Shawnee OK police officer was arrested on drunk driving charges after stopped for speeding while off […]

Prosecutors to drop 3 dozen cases due to police corruption

According to the article Eight more cases were dropped Tuesday in the widening scandal surrounding plainclothes police officers, as San Francisco’s public defender sought years of arrest reports involving members of the implicated unit. Seven officers and a sergeant are being investigated in the scandal, involving what Public Defender Jeff Adachi calls “police, lies and videotape.” […]

Oakland police justified in killing unarmed man

Actually it turns out that Derrick Jones wasn’t totally unarmed: he did have marijuana and a scale in his hand. This goes to show that the failed war on drugs is dangerous to police who execute drug raids and to citizens who are murdered for ingesting a substance of their choice. (Full article) Something about the […]

Lady Lawyer Educates Bensalem (PA) Cop

This video shows the exact reason why you should always have camera ready to document any and all encounters with police. I think she did a great job standing up for her rights while educating the police on their ignorance of the law. I especially like how the questions kept going challenging the officer while on […]