Dustin McCaskill’s Arrest Shows Value of True Accountability at Cop Block

Dustin Mccaskill

Note: This was originally posted at the Nevada Cop Block website by Kelly W. Patterson. Also, since this was written it was revealed that Dustin’s mother was actually the one that turned him into the police in an email, in which she stated, “I’m not sure if he’s safe to ever be in the general […]

Admin at Colorado Cop Block Strays from Non-Aggressive Mission


Eleven months ago, in the post Just Like Police Employees, We Each Speak For Ourselves, I wrote: Since the launching of CopBlock.org four years ago, some have expressed concern about having such an “open” policy. “What if,” they noted, “someone claims themselves as ‘Cop Block’ and goes out and damages property or physically hurts others? […]

Oklahoma Deputy Executes Family Pet on Private Property


Dustin McCaskill writes: PUPPYCIDE IN OKLAHOMA Carter County Deputy Daniel King Executes Family Pet on Private Property A Carter County Deputy was looking for a person of interest in an unrelated case at the Nipp residence. The Sheriff’s Department received misinformation that the person of interest was located at the residence. Erica Nipp says she […]

Ardmore Oklahoma Police Chief, Deputy Chief on Leave Pending Investigation


This post was submitted by Dustin McCaskill. Ardmore, Oklahoma Police Chief Keith Mann and Deputy Chief, Eric Hamblin have been placed on leave pending the completion of an “on-going administrative review of various operational aspects of the Ardmore police department.” City Manager J.D. Spohn said he believes his action is the “appropriate” decision and the City […]

Oklahoma Deputy Who Took Plea “Never Work in Law Enforcement Again” Back in Uniform


Submitted by Southern Oklahoma Cop Block Southern Oklahoma Cop Block received information about an excessive force case involving Johnston County Deputy Kelby Hughes and a local female senior citizen. After further research into Deputy Hughes, we have come across some interesting information. In 2003 Former Carter County Deputy, Kelby Hughes (currently working for Johnston County) […]

Former Oklahoma Undersheriff Jason Bone Pocketed Thousands in Drug Money


Former Love County Oklahoma undersheriff Jason Bone was recently arrested and charged on 4 felony counts of embezzlement. Jason Bone resigned amid an O.S.B.I. investigation into missing funds. Jason Bone Seized $73,000 dollars in currency from suspected drug traffickers on Interstate 35. Jason Bone allegedly helped himself to $23,000 dollars of the currency. Former Undersheriff […]

Randy White, chief of police in Achille, OK, Threatens Copblockers For Inquiring About His Criminal Past

Achille Okla. Police Chief Threatens Cop Block With Charges for Inquiring About Criminal Past

From the video description: Achille Police Chief, Randy White Threatens Southern Oklahoma Cop Block with Charges for Asking Questions About his Criminal past. He has been convicted of D.U.I.D and Driving Without a License. He has a number of charges that were dismissed including, Possession of Marijuana, Impersonating a police officer, Possession of a firearm […]

Coverage of Southern Oklahoma Cop Block & Checkpoint Contest via OKC News9


Thousands of individuals in and around Oklahoma City are now aware of Southern Oklahoma Cop Block and the Checkpoint Contest CopBlock.org is co-sponsoring with CheckpointUSA.org and LRN.FM thanks to coverage by KWTV. Checkpoint Contest: http://CopBlock.org/CheckpointContest (deadline April 8th, 2013) Much love to Dustin McCaskill who’s been instrumental in growing Southern Oklahoma CB from zero people […]

Nick Juarez, Alice (TX) PD Employee, Cages Man for Filming

Nick Juarez, Alice (TX) PD Employee, Cages Man for Filming

Take a few minutes to let Alice police employees know that filming is not a crime. Alice (TX) Police Department  (361) 664-0186 Only bullies want to censor the free flow of information. Nick Juarez was in the wrong and the inaction of his colleagues to speak out only makes more blatant their claimed double-standards. Yet […]