Stockholm Syndrome Sufferers Take Up Defense Of Police


An image of Baltimore citizens forming a defensive line in front of Baltimore police has gone viral and the sheeple of the world are gushing with utterly misguided and misplaced feelings of positivity and inspiration. The photograph depicts what probably are a bunch of really nice men standing in solidarity with police. People are practically melting […]

Scientism and the Police State

Scientism and Police

Scientism is another contentious topic that I think can shed some light on the emergence of the police state. It is one of the many angles from which we can explore the problem of police corruption, abuse and violence in order to gather a bigger picture of issues so complex that they cannot be explained […]

Fatal Encounters Tracks Killings by Police Employees


It is telling that all sorts of documentation and statistics are kept about police employees who are killed by non-police employees, but the inverse – non-police employees killed by police employees – is not similarly tracked. That’s why I was so excited to learn of Fatal Encounters, which seeks to create an exhaustive database of […] Website Additions


Over the last month we’ve made some changes here at The most-visible and biggest undertaking was the a site revamp. Thanks to some good planning ahead of time and the involvement of the good folks at Liberty Web Alliance it went off without a hitch. While the last iteration of was functional and […]

Infographic: A Neutral Look at Police Brutality

Screen shot 2012-07-03 at 5.20.23 PM

A Neutral Look at Police Brutality, shared with by Matthew Pelletier of cites outlets such as DOJ’s National Criminal Justice Reference Service for a somewhat inside look behind the thin blue line. I love these infographics – they take seemingly-dry statistics and make them visually appealing, which helps in their overall objective of […]

Media Only Tells Half the Story

The headline “Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers Up Sharply” was recently featured on Drudge Report.  Once again the media gets it wrong and only tells half the story.  MyFox out of New York recently reported that: The number of law enforcement officers who were killed nationwide has jumped nearly 17 percent. Newly released statistics from […]

Making the Case for More Police Accountability


One of the many great things that David Packman does with his National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project is put the data that he collects into perspective so that we statistical laypeople can make sense of what the data means. His Quarterly and Yearly Police Misconduct Statistic Reports are invaluable in the fight for […]