NFL Star – Nate Allen – Sues Fort Myers Police Department

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Nate Allen, formerly with the Philadelphia Eagles until free agency brought him to the Oakland Raiders this winter, was detained by police in February of this year. A 16 year old girl had called police and stated she saw a person in a black truck driving and masterbating. The police found Allen in his black truck […]

Liberty Activists Harassed, Cited for Walking on the Side of a Road


*This post was originally posted at* QUINLAN TX – When walking along the side of a road is against the law, you might not live in a free country.  This prophecy proven true by two prominent liberty activists in the Dallas-Fort Worth area when they were walking along the side of a road with […]

El Paso TX Police Detective Choked Out Step Daughter in Drunken Rage

This was submitted via the CopBlock submissions page on March 5, 2015 Department: El Paso (TX) Police Department Address: 9011 Escobar Dr. El Paso, TX 79907 Phone: (915) 872-3600,  (915) 564-7000 Officer Involved: Jessica Martinez Date of Incident: March 5, 2015 A female police detective from the El Paso Police Department has been accused of choking out her step daughter, […]

“Bum Rolling Cop” Submits Her Side of Story to (Update)


*This post, which is a follow up (or rebuttal) to a previous story about her posted back on Feb. 23, 2011, was submitted via’s submission tab* I was an outstanding officer for over 6 years, I had over 800 arrests under my belt, 23 commendations, 3 certificates of merit. I did receive one citizen […]

Investigation Reveals Forth Worth PD Fraud

This was submitted via the  submissions page by Texas CopBlock Fort Worth resident reveals, “My investigators did it, stumbled onto the multi-million dollar fraud- FW PD Fraud”. This may have been one of three tipping points forming an excuse for former Chief Jeffrey Halstead to abandon ship…what are the other two excuses? In the summer […]

Houston, TX. Cop: No Constitutional Bullshit Allowed Here!


This article was originally posted at Counter Current News with the help of Brett Sanders and was shared, via the Cop Block Submissions page. Cop Pulls Assault Rifle, Threatens Protesters For Their ‘Constitutional Bullsh**’ A Houston, Texas cop was recently caught on video illegally detaining protesters and threatening them with his department-issued assault rifle. His reason? […]

Free Roamer vs Texas Border Patrol


I hope everyone is aware of the 100 mile, constitution free zone within the US borders. I am and it pisses me off cause I live within it technically! What this means is that 100 miles INSIDE the United States border. The constitution doesn’t apply. Now some people don’t think the constitution and the bill […]

Arrested for Driving Without a License While Walking

Hamlin TX Police Vehicle

A reader, named Wendy Robins, shared the content below, regarding the service several employees of the Hamlin, TX Police Dept. provided to her, via the Cop Block Submissions page. Date of Incident: November 2, 2014 Individuals Involved: Officer Chad Boyett, Chief of Police Bobby Evans, Judge Fenner Outfit Involved: Hamlin (TX) Police Department Phone: (325) […]

Road Pirates Plunder $1400 in 2 Days from Hard-Working Citizen!


A reader, named M. Skyy, shared the content below, regarding the service two employees of the Arlington, TX Police Dept. provided for him and his employees. As well as the impact that the revenue generation initiated by these road pirates had on his business and the low income customers he performs an actual service for, […]

Free Travis Magill: Arrested for Self Defense vs. Police Brutality

Out of control Cop. Again

An anonymous reader shared the content below, regarding a case in which a man was involved in an altercation between himself and two employees of the Corpus Christi Police Dept., via the Cop Block Submissions page. Although, Travis Magill was subsequently charged with two counts of attempted murder as a result, a dashcam video that […]