The Law Versus Children – Stop Harming Our Kids With Ridiculous Rules!

cops hate kids

Is it any wonder why children are bouncing off the walls? Cant pay attention? Have become nihilistic and uninterested? – They cant do shit! Ayn Rand said, “the smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” I would add “the smallest minority on earth is […]

Innocent Man Says Cops Suffocated, Beat Him Unconscious During Burglar Hunt


A Texas man is alleging in a excessive force lawsuit filed in Houston federal court, that Houston police officers assualted him during a search for a burglary suspect in 2013. 36-year-old Nicolas Watson says two officers jumped out of an unmarked vehicle with their guns drawn in his southeast Houston driveway at around 2 a.m.. […]

Video Shows Cop Assault Homeowner – “It’s My Property Right Now”


Body-cam footage has emerged showing a southeast Texas police officer assault a homeowner like a feudal serf after being asked what he was doing on his property. Orange, Texas Police Officer Dylan Mulhollan pulled over a man on a bicycle for “riding without a reflector” on Ronald Warnell’s property on February 2nd of this year. […]

Cop to Teen: “Shut the F**k Up…I Will Break Your F**king Neck!”

dallas swat team rossi threats

After a public records request, a video has emerged of Dallas Swat Team Officer Terigi Rossi cursing maniacally and making threats against a teenager. Rossi, who was a regular on the television show Dallas Swat Team, told the 14 y/o boy- “If I were you, son, I would shut the fuck up, because I will break […]

Texas Blocks Biker Request For Twin Peaks Police Shooting Video

waco shooting

In what has been labeled by Texas officials as a “fishing expedition,” the state has rejected a biker’s subpoena and imposed a gag order prohibiting the release of surveillance footage recorded during the Waco shooting that left nine dead and 18 injured six weeks ago. Despite the immediate and sweeping characterization by media and police […]

The Law on Cursing at Cops (Repost)

fuck the police-b

*This post about cursing at cops was originally post at “The Marshall Project” by Ken Armstrong on June 26, 2015* Yesterday the Washington State Supreme Court threw out an obstruction conviction against a juvenile who had insulted police and refused to go away when they were detaining his younger sister. The juvenile, with the initials […]

No Charges Against Cops That Killed 17-year-old Kristiana Coignard

no charges against cop who killed 17 year old

According to information released Friday, there will be no charges brought against the cops  in the Longview Police Department that shot and killed a 17 year old girl in January. Here is the press release from the office of Gregg County District Attorney, Carl Dorrough: The investigation into the use of deadly force by Longview officers […]

Does Jeff Ross Roast Inmates or the Justice System? You Decide


Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at Brazos County Jail Get More: Watch More Stand-Up. Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at Brazos County Jail Get More: Watch More Stand-Up. (YOUTUBE KEEPS PULLING THE VIDEO; YOU CAN SEE IT HERE ON COMEDY CENTRAL WITH CABLE ACCESS) Jeff Ross, master roaster, tried to find a jail in the […]

Lubbock,TX Mayor Under Investigation Over Incident with Gun


On Monday, June 1st, the Lubbock, Texas police were called to a residence about a disturbance in which we now know Lubbock Mayor, Glen Robertson, was involved. The Texas Rangers have subsequently said they are investigating the Mayor. However, it has now been nearly one week since that announcement and no updated reports have been […]

Brothers Mow Lawn for 75-Year-Old Woman Facing Arrest Over Grass

brothers mow lawn for old lady facing arrest -b

Riesel, Texas- When four brothers saw news that 75-year-old Gerry Suttle faced arrest for her lawn being too tall, they responded by loading up their lawn mowers, going to her house, and mowing her lawn.  The Reynolds brothers didn’t know Gerry, but they decided to help her anyway. “We haven’t met her yet but she’s […]