Corrupt Police Officers Thrive with Impunity in South Texas

A Little South Texas INjustice: RIO GRANDE VALLEY, TEXAS

*The following post was submitted via’s submission tab by, Vanessa Tijerina.* Date of Incident: August 16, 2014 Officers Involved: Deputy J.R. Villarreal Officer Felix Tamez Jr. Officer Rudolfo Tamez Uvaldo Zamora (Mentioned as “Unit 1″ that was notified that Roman would be arrested.) Contact the Raymondville Police Department: 956.689.2441 On August 16, 2014, my […]

TX Cops, Who Punched Handcuffed Pregnant Woman, Also Caught Beating Shackled Man (Video)

Hunt County Sheriffs Deputies Beating Handcuffed Man

Just two weeks ago, a sheriff’s deputy from Hunt County, Texas (just outside of Dallas) was caught on video punching a pregnant woman in the back while she was handcuffed. Now another video (embedded below) shows two more deputies beating a handcuffed man for the horrible crime of talking to another prisoner at the county […]

Texas Officer Slams Woman Knocking Her Unconscious (VIDEO)


A story breaking right now out of Texas shows a police officer slamming a woman to the ground for “resisting.” The video above claims that the officer was trying to force the woman onto the car and when she resisted he slammed her to the ground. She was knocked unconscious from this action. The woman […]

Texas State Trooper Shoots at Motorcyclist on Busy Highway, Then Kicks Him as He’s Surrendering


Earlier this week, video was released of a 2012 high-speed chase involving a motorcyclist that had run a a stop sign and then refused to stop, when a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper, who was camped at that stop sign waiting to generate some revenue for the state, tried to pull him over. The […]

Man Dead After Officers Fire 10+ Shots Into Car They Thought Had Child Inside


A police chase in Harris County, Texas ended with the fatal shooting of the suspect, Wednesday. Police say the chase began about 10:40 a.m. in the Crosstimbers area of US-59 when Houston officers tried to pull over 41 year old Frank Ernest ‘Trey’ Shephard, III for “suspicious activity,” including two unsafe lane changes. As officers […]

Copblocker arrested for denying cops access to question minor child

Power Tripping Cop2

I caught Texas copblocker, Kenny Lovett, on facebook, trying to find help for his friend, Amy Hedtke. Amy has been arrested for refusing to force her minor son to submit to questioning by police in a traffic stop in which Amy was driving. She repeatedly requested the officers to cite the laws they were attempting […]

CopBlock Week In Review: April 4th – April 11th


Keeping up with all the police related stories, events and more can be a difficult tasks. Therefore, with the intention of keeping the readers of informed about the most recent stories, videos and happenings – not only at but the extended CopBlock offshoots as well – we’ve decided to start a “CopBlock Week in Review” […]

Campus Police Officer Harasses Teens (VIDEO)


On March 25th, 2015 the video above was posted to the YouTube channel, “Socially Diphunksional” with the following description: Four teens on March 25th 2015, around 8:30am assaulted and abused by El Centro College Campus Police in Downtown Dallas,Tx. Treated as criminals while they were waiting for their bus when this lady walks up and tells […]

Timeline of Corruption in Swisher County, Texas


I was recently contacted by former and current employees of the Swisher County legal system, including deputies, secretaries and other functionaries regarding over a decade of corruption. This corruption seemingly centers around a single individual, Judge Harold Keeter, who has used his position of authority and influence to protect abusive and neglectful law enforcement officers and […]

NFL Star – Nate Allen – Sues Fort Myers Police Department

download (8)

Nate Allen, formerly with the Philadelphia Eagles until free agency brought him to the Oakland Raiders this winter, was detained by police in February of this year. A 16 year old girl had called police and stated she saw a person in a black truck driving and masterbating. The police found Allen in his black truck […]